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Anyone who is interested in astrology would like to wear a gemstone based on their Lunar ascendant (Rasi) and it is booming with the ads. The concept of those ads will be you should wear a gemstone based either your Rasi or ongoing dasa.

A recent ad caught my attention in which an astrologer is saying the Sun placed in Leo receives vision from Mercury then the person will be working in government department! I’ve no idea on how that would be possible, this is the status of astrologers and ads these days.


Is it correct to wear a gemstone based on my Rasi? Or should I wear one based on the dasa? Will it provide benefits once I worn?

The following the gemstones for the planets advocated by astrology.

Sun – Ruby

Moon – Pearl.

Mars – Coral

Mercury – Emerald

Jupiter – Yellow Sapphire

Venus – Diamond

Saturn – Blue Sapphire

Rahu – Hessonite

Ketu – Cat’s eye

If lord of the 8th house (malefic to anyone) is the Lord of the Rasi, should the person be wearing the gemstone of its? Will it act as Lord of the Rasi and do benefits or Lord of the 8th house and cause malefic effects?

For example, a person with Scorpio as ascendant and Gemini as Rasi, can wear Emerald? Likewise the one with Virgo ascendant and Aries Rasi can wear Coral?

I happen to check the horoscope of a person who is a self-made millionaire, Cancer ascendant with Saturn placed in 8th house, once Saturn dasa is started downfall in business started, wife and kids left him. He was wearing a blue sapphire ring, upon asking he said a jeweler suggested to wear for Saturn’s dasa to do good benefits!? We should not strengthen the lord of the 8th house, this is basic and most of the people is not having this basic sense.

What Gemstones should one be wearing and not?

·        One should not wear any gemstone based on their Rasi, the lord of the Rasi is malefic or enemy to the lord of the ascendant then ill effects will start to happen.

·        An horoscope should be thoroughly analysed and if the ascendant or its lord is weak, then to strengthen the same one should wear the gemstone of the lord of the ascendant in the ring finger of the right hand.

·        One should never wear any stones without proper consultation from a credible astrologer.

·        If the lord of the ascendant is also playing the role of lord of the 6th or 8th house then position of the placement of the planet, it’s kenda, kona and primitives should be considered before finalising the gemstone.

·        If a benefic planet for the ascendant is weak and their dasa is ongoing to improve the strength of those planets we can wear their gemstones on the index finger of the right hand.

·        Gemstones of the malefic planets should never be worn. Gemstone should only be used to strengthen the respective planet. By wearing a malefic planet’s gemstone, the planet will get more power and more ill effects will happen. We cannot change the outcome of the planet by wearing the gemstone.

·        The gemstones are only 9 types but there are a lot of diversifications in them, for example in Sapphire, there is yellow, blue, lotus sapphire, white and Indigo blue. The astrologer should be knowing these nuances and analyse the horoscope before suggesting.

·        We should never wear the gemstones of the lord of the 6th and 8th houses, so is the case for destroyer, even if the destroyer is the lord of the lunar ascendant (Rasi).

·        During the dasas of Rahu and Ketu, if their dispositors are a friendly planet to the ascendant and if they are weak then the dispositors gemstones can be worn only during the respective dasa.

·        Only if Rahu and Ketu placed in 3rd and 11th house we can wear their gemstones in left hand or they should be in the houses of benefic planet for the ascendant.

·        If Jupiter or Mercury placed with exaltation or domicile in kendra or kona without any conjunction or vision of malefic planets then we should not wear their gemstones.  Ascendant is common for both kendra and Kona, if these planets are placed in ascendant, then there is no harm.

·        Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius these ascendants should wear the gemstones in Silver, for cancer ascendants they can wear gemstones in Panchalog (an alloy of five different metals). For ascendants Sagittarius, Pisces, Aries, Scorpio, and Leo can wear gemstones in Gold or Panchalog.

Some inexperienced astrologers are suggesting wearing hessonite and cat’s eye in one single ring, this is entirely wrong. Rahu and Ketu are opposites with exact 180 degrees away from each other. In any given situation they cannot be together, trying to mingle their characters in one ring will cause negative effects.

Most importantly, we should not buy these gemstones from stores and wear them just like it.

We need make sure the gemstones has enough positive vibrations before wearing them, With the Name, Rasi of the one who is going wear it and the purpose of wearing it should be ensured first and recited as a ritual to bring in the vibration in the ring and gemstone.

Hinduism is such which has the capability of adding divinity into stones and make them as deities.

In our temples, the stone carved as steps and the stone carved as the deity might be from the same rock, but once carved, the stone would be going through multiple religious rituals including reciting the name, birth star, and rasi of the deity more than 10 million times, to bring in the positive vibrations and divinity into it, followed by anointing with the water gathered from all the holy rivers and other religious practices.

Likewise, we need to ensure the stones that we wear should also be properly cleansed and added with positive vibrations to get the complete benefits.

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