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Dhasama bhavana natho kenda kona dhanasthe!

balavathi janayanam prasnaraja viseshdahe!!

The lord of the 10th house if placed in Kenda, Kona or in the second house, the person will be highly decorated in his profession.

What will be a person’s profession or in what expertise he will be earning?, the vedic astrology says the 10th house in the horoscope and the lord of the 10th house will decide this factor.

Our sages have taught us the ways to analyse a person characteristics and persona with various methodologies, however when it comes to profession, there is only limited information.

While understanding this, we need to consider the factor that these astrological methods were formed nearly 1500 years ago, when the population was far lesser and the number of professions can be listed out in a page, and most importantly the professions are decided by the caste in which the person was born hence the limited information on this subject was more than enough.

Most of the traditional astrology concepts refers to the professions of lord of the Navamsa house in which the lord of the 10th house from the rasi chart (either from ascendant or lunar ascendant) is placed. This concept is not working for more than 90% horoscopes now.

One of another concepts says even if the person is having Rajyog (a planet combination which would make a person ruler of the country), we should consider the caste he was born in and then only we should ascertain their profession. We all know this would not be relevant for these days.

The learning methodology diversification from 1500 years ago to till date has created too many different job portfolios and the business prospects are never ending ones. With IT, mass media, electronic era of current days how to judge someone’s profession?

Ascendant plays the vital role in here.

A person’s thought process, ability, persuasion, capability all this can be judged through the ascendant and lord of the ascendant with its Subhathuva and Sootchama Strength, post which we need to analyse lords of the 10th and 6th house respectively. Follows by and most importantly the ongoing dasa and bhukti.

As our scripture says, only a few people will have the lord of 10th house in a strong position like exaltation or domicile and the 10th house is having the vision of benefic planets even for them, if the lord of the ascendant and ascendant is not having Subhathuva or Sootchama Strength, the person will not be doing a permanent job or business. If the lord of the ascendant and ascendant is having Pabhathuva (Opposite of Subhathuva, malefic effect) the person will likely be doing whatever they get their hands on without any interest.

To accommodate the current era we are living in, astrology should also undergo a few upgrades, a rule, if defined, should be accurate. Based on my experience, with the theory of Subhathuva or Sootchama Strength, in analysing profession and career the first rule will be “A person will be having his thoughts and professional life surrounded of the planet with high Subhathuva and Sootchama Strength in their horoscope”, this is proven with tens of thousands of horoscopes.

A person will be learning or doing a job of the planet which has high Subhathuva such as receiving the vision of/conjunction with Jupiter, Venus, or Moon (travelling towards full moon), this might be contradicting if the malefic dasa is ongoing.

The high Subhathuva planet in an horoscope qualifies to give the person a job in its field and most of the financial incomes to the person, this can be seen in every horoscope. If a person is unable to follow the field (either studying or doing a job) of the high Subhathuva planet refers to ongoing malefic dasa bhukti to them.

The following are the various intricacies with relation to the 10th house.

·        If the lord of the 10th house is hidden in 6, 8, 12 houses and lord of the ascendant is strengthened, the person will do multiple different jobs based on the ongoing dasa bhukti. i.e., whenever there is a dasa change the person’s job/business will also change. There will not be a permanent work. The nature of the job will be decided by the character of the dasa planet, if benefic planets rule, then the person will be doing respectful work and vice versa for malefic planets.

·        If the lord of the 10th house is strengthened but the lord of the ascendant is weak, the person will not be able to do business. He might be working for someone, if the lord of the 6th house relates with 10th house or with its lord, we would be able to ascertain the type of profession the person will be doing.

·        If the lord of the 10th house relates with 10th house or lord of the 2nd house placed in 10th house the person will be doing jobs related to a lot of speaking, such as, Lawyer, teacher, or telephone operator this will be decided on the aspects of the planets of the respective houses and their Subhathuva, Pabhathuva and Sootchama Strength.

·        Even if the lord of the 10th house is weak, but the ongoing dasa is a friendly planet to the lord of the ascendant and related with 10th house, the person will be a doing job with the aspect of the dasa planet and will stop doing the same at the end of the dasa.

·        If the lord of the 10th house is hidden in 6, 8, 12 houses or in a weak position along with lord of the ascendant is also in the same condition, then the person will not be doing any work and remain a jobless.

·        If Rahu is placed in 10th house without any Subhathuva or vision of benefic planets, then during the Rahu dasa and bhukti the job of the person will be disturbed.

·        If the lord of the 6th house is placed in 10th house indicates a prospective position of getting employment, if the same is placed with good positional value during the planets dasa the person might be getting high position in his employment.

·        If the lord of the 10th house is weak, but the ascendant is receiving the vision of or relates with the ongoing dasa planet, the person will be a doing job with the aspect of the dasa planet.

·        If a debilitated planet is placed in 10th house, and the lord of the ascendant is relating to 10th house or if a debilitated planet is placed in the ascendant and lord of the 10th house relates to ascendant, the person will be doing a job which cannot be said out loud in public, will be doing a non-respectful work.

·        Lord of the 10th house conjuncting with Rahu is not a great prospect for business, but during Rahu dasa based on the aspects of Rahu the business will be doing exceptionally well. We should also consider other planetary combinations here.

·        If an exchange of houses (Parivarthana Yog) happens between lords of 10th and 12th houses, the person will get foreign job offers. If the lord of the 8th and 12 houses gets related to each other with Subhathuva, and Sootchama Strength during their dasas or dasas of planets placed in Sara houses or dasas of Rahu and Ketu a person will be working long time in foreign.

·        If Jupiter or Venus has its vision on or placed in 12th house, the person will become a foreign citizen. (In perspective the Rahu dasa before Jupiter and Ketu dasa before Venus will ensure a connection with foreign land).

·        If the lord of the 6th house is placed in 11th house, and the lord of the 11th house is placed in 10th house along with lord of the ascendant, during the dasa of the lord of the 6th house the person will gain a lot of financial wealth in speculations.

Following are the job/business primitives of the planets.

Sun – Business through father, government related works, medicine, management positions, Light and electronic related works.

Moon – Liquids, make up arts, vegetables, Rice, lentils, arts, milk, anything related with white colour, marine works.

Mars – Uniform services, fire related works, defence, agriculture, meat, engineering works, sports, gym, doctors, bakery, fast food services.

Mercury – IT, Mass media, accountancy, education, astrology, postal services, writers, brokers, acting, speakers, astronomy, photography.

Jupiter – Pawn brokers, gold, bank works, teaching professionals, Judge, religious works.

Venus – Cinema, Mass media, dance, singing, travels, cosmetics, silver works, anything involved with luxury, hotels and restaurants.

Saturn – Alcohol, tobacco, petroleum, liquids that’s not for consumption, tanneries, iron related works, cement, recycling, mortuary, domestic cleaning, black magic and adulteration.

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