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In general, the naturally malefic planets Saturn and Mars should not attain “only” a straight positional value such as getting placed in their own house (domicile) or exaltation, if they do so, they generally don’t provide positive benefits rather they do what their natural characteristics are.

Escipecally, malefic planets getting strong positional value, considered as highest in Shatbala (six different types of strength of a planet) is not good. Even if the malefic planet is the lord of the ascendant (Lagna) still they should not get positional value including Kendra and Kona. Without attaining Subhathuvam or Sootchama Strength (Intricacy of nullifying the negative aspect), if a naturally malefic planet gets positional value, then it’ll not do good deeds.

Both Saturn and Mars should lose the positional value and should get Dhikbal (directional strength) or visions/conjugations of benefic planets (referred as Subhathuva) will do positive effects. If they get positional value then should be placed in hidden places (3, 6, 8, 12 houses from ascendant) or conjunction with Kethu (one of the intricacies) will do good benefits and provide a positive outlook.

With my 40 years of experience in astrology, I refer to the above-mentioned concepts as Intricacies of malefic planets.

In general, Saturn and Mars usually stand for deviated characteristics. An individual Mars with good positional value leads to a short tempered, character and a Saturn of such stature leads to foolish headstrong one.

Why are planets divided into Malefic and Benefic?

The planets that provide good aspects (Karakas) for us which would help us to lead a good life are categorised as Benefic and the planets provide the opposite aspects including sadism are categorised as Malefic. In this, both Malefic and Benefic when they get a strong positional value, they tend to do their general character benefits to the person.

In the sense, in a horoscope if Jupiter gets good positional value and gets related to ascendant, the person will be having good moral, humbleness and all positive characters, likewise, Mercury defines to wisdom, Mars defines to angerly piked, Saturn refers to self-loathing.

In a good horoscope the benefic planets should get positional value and not for malefic planets.

After reading more than tens of thousands of horoscope in my long research, malefic planets such as Saturn and Mars getting only positional value, like exaltation have not done good deeds to anyone.

Saturn with defective exaltation or receiving/conjunction with Jupiter or any other benefic planets and it’s vision or receiving some other intricacy benefits then only Saturn will be providing good benefits. So will be Mars. Like natural benefic planets, Saturn and Mars does not have the ability to do good deeds when they’re alone.

For the ascendant Libra if Saturn is placed alone on the ascendant (exalting) without any Subhathuvam or Sootchama Strength, will provide a normal and usual life in its dasa. This sort Saturn will reflect the characteristics with qualities like short height, adamant, and thinking big of themselves.

Likewise if Mars gets exalted or domiciled and gets related with ascendant the person will be performing activities that might not be legal or ethical in the name of bravery. The person would also be showing interests in handling weapons, doing daring and adrenaline pumping activities and short tempered. If Mars gets any Subhathuvam or Sootchama Strength will change this attitude.

It is not necessary that any exalted planets will do only good deeds, if so, there would be no need for the sages to divide the planets as benefic and malefic.

If a planet gets positional value such as exaltation or domicile, which refers that the planet’s aspects (karakas) are getting strengthened. In that, Saturn which has no good aspects for human life but has poverty, sickness, debt, low level labour, physical limitations as its aspects will provide only those and nothing else.

The same is the case with Mars. Mars getting a strong positional value with relation to the Ascendant or Lunar Ascendant (Rasi), the person would reflect the characters of rude force, interests in violence, sadism, and doing without thinking.

For Aries, if Mars is placed in 10th house (having its vision in the ascendant) with both exaltation and Dhikbal without any Subhathuvam or Sootchama Strength,  the personal will stone hearted. Might not understand between roughness and strictness. Will possess inhuman, ill temper. These characteristics will change if the Mars is in retrograde or defected by any other things.

To reflect this, even the ancient scripts refers to the person with strong Mars as General of the army, highly valour and not as soft spoken or the one who enjoys a luxurious life.

Saturn alone getting a strong positional value (exaltation or domicile), will give a rough time to the person. Will provide all of its true aspects such as poverty, sickness, physical uncomfortable, working in unclean environments to the person.

Retrograding in exaltation, getting any Subhathuvam or Sootchama Strength will change the above-mentioned scenario. Retrograding in exaltation refers to a strengthless position, hence Saturn will not be able to do its real aspects rather opposite will happen.

A debilitated Saturn in Aries, losing all its power will provide a debt free, sick free and poverty less life. If gets any Subhathuvam will provide a luxurious life.

Are there no good benefits on Saturn or Mars getting a good positional value? There certainly is, their primitives (Adhipathyam) will get strengthen. Even though their malefic aspects will happen during their dasas, but their primitives will grow.

For example, For Aries, a lone exalted Mars although will not do any good benefits during its dasa, still works as the lord of the ascendant and 8th house, the health and longevity of the person will increase. There might not be any luck during the Mars dasa but the person will take good care of their health.

For Libra, a lone exalted Saturn in ascendant will not provide any luck, however since it still is the lord of 4th and 5th house, during its dasa the person will get good support from his children and mother.

In traditional astrology, if a planet must do good benefits in its dasa then the dispositor of that planet should be in strong position. Inferring, if a planet placed in Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Aquarius should do favourable benefits means the ruler of these houses the naturally malefic planets Mars and Saturn should get strengthened. This in turn acts as one of the major intricacies of malefic planets getting strengthened.

For example, if Rahu placed in Sara houses (Aries and Capricorn) which comes as 3rd and 11th house from ascendant, if the Rahu should do extreme monetary gains then the dispositors Mars and Saturn should get strong positional value like exaltation. In this scenario too, as per my intricacy protocols Mars and Saturn will be exalted in 8th and 12th houses respectively which is hidden places. I’ve seen this combination a lot of times in politicians or someone who lives through a politician.

For the ascendant Scorpio, if Rahu is placed in Capricorn (11th house from ascendant) and the dispositor Saturn is exalted in Libra (12th house from ascendant) and for Gemini, if Rahu is placed in Aries (11th house from ascendant) and the dispositor Mars is exalted in Capricorn (8th house from ascendant), this Rahu dasa will do indirect monetary benefits.

Additionally, In these scenarios, for Scorpio ascendant Rahu will be placed in Moon’s starship, one of the benefactors of Scorpio and for Gemini ascendant Rahu will be placed in Venus’ starship, one of the benefactors of Gemini. Also validates our ancient scripture which says Rahu will be doing good benefits if placed in Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn.

Malefic planets getting strengthened will do indirect benefits like this, there is no direct favourable benefits from them.

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