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One of the many secrets in astrology is the Destroyer “Padhakathipati”. "The bringer of extreme difficulties” hence the name Destroyer.

For Sara lagnas the lord of the 11th house, for Isthira lagnas the lord of the 9th house and For Upaya lagnas the lord of the 7th house are termed as destroyers.

The destroyers for Lagna wise are as follows,

Lagnas (Ascendant)Destroyer
Mesham (Aries), Rishabam (Taurus)Sani - Saturn
Mithunam (Gemini), Kanni (Virgo)Guru – Jupiter
Kadagam(Cancer), Kumabam (Aquarius)Sukran – Venus
Simmam(Leo), Makram (Capricorn)Sevvai – Mars
Dhanusu (Sagittarius), Meenam (Pisces)Budhan – Mercury
Thulam (Libra)Suriyan – Sun
Viruchigam (Scorpio)Chandran – Moon

For isthira lagnas (Rishabam, Simmam, Viruchigam and Kumbam) the benefactor (Lord of the 9th house) will play the dual role of destroyer as well, it is not an easy task to predict and calculate that the lord of the 9th house will act as a benefactor or a destroyer.

Having said that, the destroyer does not create extreme difficulties to all the people, hence predicting the behaviour of this planet would be complicated.

Destroyer should not get positional value, if the planet sits in a good house, gets more Subhathuvam (Highly positive effect) it will start to give all the positive impact during the starting stages of the dasa and will destroy everything at the end note. A highly positive destroyer will do negative impacts in the likeliness or equal to death.

Please note the word destroy in destroyer refers a much higher negative effect. A murder or a theft indicates a negative impact but that doesn’t itself gets counted as destroyed. The destroyer impact is such where murder, theft, physical abuse, loss of life everything will happen together. So not everyone will go through the vicious effects of a destroyer but the ones who have a high Subhathuva destroyer gets to face such impacts.

Please have a look on the below horoscope, the person got married at the start of destroyer dasa and in six months lost his life. A week seventh house in the wife’s horoscope indicates the loss of the marriage.

This person got married on the destroyer Chandran (Moon’s) dasa and on the bhukti of lord of the eighth house Budhan (Mercury) and in the same bhukti within six months he passed away.

For the Lagna Viruchigam (Scorpio) the destroyer Chandran (Moon) is moving towards full moon, placed in Dhanusu (Sagittarius) which also is second house (house of death or equal) and receiving the visions of both Guru (Jupiter) and Sukran (Venus), all these positive aspects made the destroyer to have high Subhathuvam. The Moon doesn’t have any negative shades or conjunction with of any the planets.

Right after the start of Chandra dasa this person got very positive benefits. Got placed in a good company with a decent package and received plenty of promotions. A skilful, knowledged and morally disciplined guy. Got married in Budhan bhukti, even though Budhan is the lord of eight house impacts negative effects he is still the lord of seventh house from Rasi (placement of Moon) hence qualified to give marriage during his ruling time.

After six months, during the destroyer dasa and lord of eighth house bhukti the death occurred, both the dasa planet and bhukti planet are defined to only negative impacts caused the death.

Below is the wife’s horoscope.

This girl is also hailing from a good background, placed in a corporate with decent package. She got married in her Rahu dasa Sevvai bhukti. Generally, Rahu  dasa doesn’t favour the last three bhukti’s especially if the initial 15 years went well. If Sun, Moon and Mars are lagna maleficent planets then the ill impacts will be more.

This girl has Makara (Capricorn) lagna, with the destroyer Sevvai (Mars) placed in the own house indicating more destroying ability. The Rahu dasa started in her school days did excellent benefits, Rahu placed in good position, Kadaga (Cancer) Rahu receiving the vision of the Moon who is travelling towards it’s full power. Got good education and upbringing. Since she was a single child got everything, she wanted and brought up with utmost luxury.

Rahu and Kethu placed in Kendras and Konas will destroy the house they are in during their dasa, the Rahu placed in seventh house (marriage) ensured the girl got married in the destroyer bhukti and in the same bhukti broke the marriage as well.

Whenever the house in which destroyer gets high Subhathuvam that house will be negatively impacted during their dasa or bhukti. Sukran (Venus) usually will do negative effects to Dhanusu (Sagittarius), Meenam (Pisces) as it is a opposite ascendant but then will do more negative effects to Kumba (Aquarius), even though it is a friendly ascendant, if Sukran (Venus) gets placed with high Subhathuva. Like high Subhathuva Guru (Jupiter) will incur more negative aspects to Mithun (Gemini) ascendant.

Please have a look on the below horoscope,

This girl got married in her Sani (Saturn) dasa Guru (Jupiter) bhukti and in the same bhukti lost her husband. Guru (Jupiter) the destroyer of Mithuna (Gemini) ascendant got exalted and conjucted with lone Bhudan (Mercury) got high Subhathuva and did the deed of destroying.

Please understand with care, the base of astrology teaches us to think, observe and learn. We should always keep in mind to read between the lines when we try to understand astrology using ancient scriptures. Things are not always as direct as they seem. If something says as do, which indicates what not be done too without saying.

For example, if a scripture says natural benefactors shouldn’t be lords of the kendra houses, it indirectly says the natural malefactors shouldn’t be the lords of Trikona houses. Likewise, if it says a horoscope should have Guru (Jupiter) and Sukran (Venus) strongly placed refers to malefactors like Sani (Saturn) and Sevvai (Mars) should not get high powers.

Our sages are not our schoolteachers to teach us the entire syllabus, they taught us to use our potential wisely to untie the secrets of the cosmos on our own. All they did is to underline the places where we need to tread with keen observation.

The concept of the destroyer is also one of such. This also implicates, that natural benefactors and malefactors shouldn’t be the lords of the kenda and kona houses respectively. For example, for the ascendants Kadagam (Cancer), Kumabam (Aquarius) the lord of the 4th Kendra house will be Sukran (Venus), likewise for Rishabam (Taurus) and Simmam (Leo) the lord of the 9th Kona house will be Sani (Saturn) and Sevvai (Mars) hence they are playing the destroyer role.

If a question raises as for Kadagam (Cancer), Sevvai (Mars) will also the lord of 5th house and for Mithuna (Gemini), Sani (Saturn) will also be the lord of 9th house, won’t they play as a destroyer?

Eventhough, for Kadagam (Cancer), Sevvai (Mars) is the lord of 5th house, if Sevvai (Mars) placed in the same house it’ll not do any benefits, rather negative impacts will occur. The aspects of the 5th house will be destroyed. Instead Sevvai (Mars) is natural malefactor if he placed in the 10th house of the horoscope, which 6th house of the 5th house (i.e., hidden to its own Trikona house) Sevvai (Mars) will do benefits.

For Mithuna (Gemini), Sani (Saturn) is the same. If Sani (Saturn) gets placed in the 9th house, we cannot expect good benefits, rather if placed on 8th house of the 9th house, 4th house of the horoscope (a friendly one for Sani (Saturn)) we can expect benefits.

This is the same reason we say for Upaya lagnas Guru (Jupiter) and Bhudan (Mercury) should not be highly powerful since they work as the lord of Kendra and Kona houses. They should lose the direct positional value and gain indirect ones, like gets placed in debilitation but in vargothama status (same house in Rasi and Navamsa chart), gets placed in 3rd, 6th or 11th place with friendly status, or hidden from the ascendant’s and gets mutual exchange of houses (Parivarthana yoga), then these planets will offer excellent benefits.

If the destroyer gets placed with high Subathuvam, the deeds are reflected through the name itself.

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