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Some Truths about Mangal Dosha(malefic combination) (EC-013)

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The word Mangal Dosha(malefic combination of Mangal) brings sleepless nights to parents of young girls and boys at the marriageable age, in Tamil Nadu.

The word dosha in Sanskrit can mean offence or mistake in English.

Mangal dosha(malefic combination) is the foremost gibberish put forth by some inexperienced people calling themselves as astrologers, who have  misinterpreted some very important concepts professed by our sages.

Mangal gives enough fodder to those people, who vouch astrology to be a myth.

In India, geographically bifurcated as North India and South India, Mangal is complimented as “Mangalakarakan” or as the significator of good fortune. There too Mangal’s status is noted at the time of marriage. But, beyond Tamil Nadu, in no other state is this Mangal Dosha(malefic combination) is given so much prominence.

Our fundamental astrological scriptures have not indicated specific rules on this Mangal Dosha(malefic combination), that has been judged on the basis of personal opinions and perspectives of each astrologer. None of the major writings have frightened us about Mangal and ever considered this to be a very serious Dosha(malefic combination).

In this major doctrine, wherein what each planet is destined to offer to the native would be based on several rules and exceptions requiring precise judgements, Mangal Dosha(malefic  combination) being explained as due to Mangal being placed in this house resulting in that effect is due to gross inaccurate predictions reeled out by incompetent astrologers.

First of all, I would like to remark on this  remorseful attitude of the astrologers…

Like in all  other  fields, there are two categories like, experienced, inexperienced, talented and  not so talented,  in this world’s most oldest discipline, astrology.

I am aware of an astrologer, who scared the innocent parents,  who came to check about their lone son’s marriage prospects, that you are seeking alliance for a person destined to die next month!!!

An astrologer is a normal human being and can never ever become the god. He can only predict what could happen, but almighty decides and executes whatever could happen.

Our divine sages have never mentioned to utilize this skill of astrology to scare anyone, but in the changing times this divine knowledge has got transformed  into a  money making career in the hands of a few people.

One of the greatest treasure in the world of tamil astrology in this century, Jyothisha Vachaspathi Athur Shri Mu.Madheswaran Ayya, who is also the gurunath, great teacher who taught many nuances to younger generation astrologers like me, has elaborated on the correct interpretation of  Mangal Dosha(malefic combination) in several places in his highly accomplished research publications.

Similarly, the replies on subtleties of  Mangal-Sani by Gurunath, Editor of Balajothidam, Jyothidabhanu Athirshtam Shri C. Subramaniam Ayya, have to be studied by each and every scholar pursuing astrology.

I will equate astrology to this Universe. As the Universe will appear the same to anybody observing from any angle, similarly jyothisham(astrology) will also be in the eyes and attention of the seeker.

A person retiring as a teacher or as a government servant after  sixty years,  studies astrology from a private institute for three months and gets a degree like , “Jyothidamani(Astrogem)”, “Jyothida oli(Astrolight)” and hangs a board outside his house, ”Jyothidavelicham(Astrolight)” Kuppusami not forgetting to write, “Retired Headmaster” in brackets beneath.

People will also consider him to be very experienced considering the greying of his eyebrows and approach me with questions based on several  of his predictions on Mangal Dosha(malefic combination). No one questions whether, “Retired Headmaster” is a  necessary or unnecessary qualification to be an astrologer.

Such people who learn astrology at fag end of their lives and pretending to be experienced by virtue of age are also referred to as astrologers only. People, not knowing anything other than astrology, not doing anything else other than research in astrology in their lifetime,  including my aforementioned Gurus are also referred to as astrologers.

Astrology  is not a study. It is a kind of knowledge. Inspite of putting in serious efforts, it becomes accessible only when it is destined to.

Let us move to the subject…

When Mangal is placed at second, fourth, seventh or eighth positions from ascendant or rasi(moon sign), it is termed as Mangal Dosha(malefic combination).

Some term that when Mangal is placed at second, fourth, seventh or eighth positions to Sukra to also be Mangal Dosha(malefic combination). This has been mentioned in  some texts. But, practically this does not happen. Similarly, the North Indian astrology considers even placement of Mangal in ascendant also as Mangal Dosha(malefic combination).

This was told because as Mangal is considered a papa(malefic) planet, the place he occupies and the houses  aspected by him will get weakened.

This predictions were based on the fact that Mangal  will not give good results with respect to placements in , 2nd bhava denoting family, 4th bhava indicating chastity, 7th bhava indicating the spouse, 8th bhava indicating husband’s life expectancy or 12th bhava indicating sexual pleasures.

Also, Mangal, when in the 7th house, would aspect the 2nd house with his deadly 8th aspect. When in 4th, 4th aspect on 7th house, when in 12th , 8th aspect on 7th house and when in 8th house will directly aspect 2nd house denoting family and when in 2nd house will aspect 8th house which would weaken and this was termed as Mangal Dosha(malefic combination).

However, the Mangal Dosha(malefic combination) can be quantified only after assessing, the status of Mangal in the aforesaid placements, whether he is a malefic to the ascendant or is he placed in a combination to give bad results, whether he is  strong or weak, with whom is he associated, whether he has attained subathuva(beneficience), whether he has attained Sookshma(intricate) strength, who is aspecting him? If he were to give bad effects, then at what age will he give? When is his Dasa(major period) expected?

Beyond all this, whether Sani, who is a greater malefic is also placed in the horoscope in a manner, “Ottakoothan paatukku rettai thaalpal”(meaning: Bad effect getting further complicated), towards spoiling their marital relationship or delaying the marriage , needs to be assessed before concluding on what  Mangal would do.

There can be no greater ethical sin by an astrologer, than to indicate Mangal Dosha(malefic combination) by merely looking at the placement of Mangal in 7th or 8th house without assessing or not being able to assess these points.

This is what is being done by an inexperienced, incompetent and incapable astrologer.

As it was foreseen that such things could occur, there has been a huge listing of general exceptions to this Mangal Dosha(malefic combination) in our scriptures. If one goes by them, not even one in a lakh would have Mangal Dosha(malefic combination). But even that will not be acceptable to these astrologers.

I have given the exceptions to Mangal Dosha(malefic combination) as a separate addendum.

Exceptions to Mangal Dosha(malefic combination)

1.    When Mangal is placed in own house, exaltation or debilitation in 2,4,7, 8, 12 houses then there is no dosha(maleficience).

2.    When Mangal is placed in the house owned by Guru, conjoined with Guru or aspected by Guru then there is no dosha.

3.    When Mangal is placed in the houses of Sukra, (viz.) Rishaba and Thula, then no dosha.

4.    When Mangal is placed in Kendra(angular) houses to Sukra like 4, 7 or 10, then too no dosha.

5.    If conjoined with Chandra or Budha or both in the aforementioned houses,  no dosha.

6.    If weakened due to close proximity with Rahu or Kethu, then too there is no dosha.

7.    To the natives born in the ascendants of Mesha, Vrischik, Kataka and Simha, Mangal does not give any dosha, irrespective of where he is placed.

8.    If Mangal is in Simha, then no dosha.

9.    If Mangal is conjoined with Sani then no dosha.

10. Mangal that is in  setting phase does not give a dosha.

11.Mangal in parivartana(mutual exchange) does not give dosha.

There are contradictions in these too. We will see what they are in the next Chapter.

will continue next week...(Published on 07/01/2021)

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