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What is meant by a Pabha(Malefic) Planet? (EC-012)

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 Everything in this world, is an equilibrium between two contrasting or opposing states.

Without contradictions, nothing can exist in this word. This includes night-day, male-female, good-bad, Happiness-sorrow..

Only where there is darkness, will illumination have a role….?

When everyone in this world is upright, everything is positive and there are no problems….!

Just as “existence of two equivalent objects with contradicting natures ” has been the tenet of the Universe, our sages too have classified the nine planets into categories of being good and bad or in other words as benefic and malefic planets.

Our sages split the list of the planets into two,  to categorize as suba(benefic)planets, which give beneficial significations to the mankind and the other as papa(malefic) planets with destructive connotations.

I have described earlier, how our sages have classified the suba(benefic) and papa(malefic) amongst Guru, Sukra, Budha, waxing Chandra, Mangal and Sani,  based on scientific reasoning.

My research findings on this topic have been published in 2011 in the weekly magazine “Tirisakthi Jothidam” titled “Ungal jathagam yoga jathagama?(Is your horoscope a lucky horoscope)?, also in the “Bala Jothidam” weekly and further it has been published as a book owing to the overwhelming response.

To put it precisely, Guru and Sukra are termed suba(benefic) due to their capability in absorbing the radiance from Surya and reflecting an appropriate proportion backwards to mankind for creation of his soul, specific radiation for guiding his way forward even while providing a positive impact in his life.

The planets which are  unable to reflect the good radiation as indicated above are papa(malefic) planets like Sani and Mangal.

Our sages have classified the planets as suba(benefic) and papa(malefic) only on the basis of the light they receive from Surya and the amount they reflect. In that context, Sani , which is placed at quite a distance away from Surya and unable to receive his radiance was termed as the first and foremost papa(malefic) followed by Mangal, which reflects too much of unwanted red radiation, as the next papa(malefic) by our sages.

Proper Luck or yoga (favourable combinations) arise only from suba(benefic) planets. The providence received from the yoga (favourable combinations) of  suba(benefic) planets alone can be revealed honorably and can be retained by the individual without any fear.

Our sages have also defined certain conditions in which a papa(malefic)planet gets  purified, in a sense that he is in a state to deliver good things to mankind.  They have subtly hinted at certain other sookshmas(intricacies) too.

Only when a papa(malefic)planet  does not attain direct strength through sthana bala(positional strength) due to ownership or exaltation or even while attaining such a  power, if it is in the aspect of a suba(benefic) planet or lose its power by some other means or it attains subathuva(beneficiation) or sookshma(intricate) strength, it  will deliver favourable results to mankind.

Even then that planet would give the yoga (favourable) effects only through unconventional or indirect means. Not by direct methods. Scorpion in any state will only sting and not kiss.

I have elaborated these aspects in my “Papa grahangalin sookshma valu theory”(Doctrine of the intricate strength of malefic planets).

Many clients visiting me for astrological consultation repeatedly ask the same question, “I have Chandra-Mangala yoga(combination)in my horoscope but it has not given results”. “When will the Guru-Mangala yoga(combination) in my horoscope give results?”....

Though it has been explained in detail earlier, since it is necessary to describe about Mangal in this Chapter, I am repeating the same briefly here.

There are thousands of sookshmas(intricacies) in our holy sages personifying the planets and giving them a humanoid relationship like father and son. I have explained this in the first few Chapters in the current series.

Before concluding on whether a yoga( favourable combination) would be beneficial or not, it is important to clearly understand the  relationships of the planet, its permanent and temporary friendships and enmities.

For example, let us presume that you have a strong hostility with someone in your village that has been running through generations and if you happen do something good to him, would you be able to do it whole-heartedly?

Even if a senior person orders you to do good to this person, you would still keep grumbling,  be looking for loopholes and escape routes, and not be really willing to do all the good to that enemy….

Planets are also the same…

A planet will give all his yoga(favourable) results in entirety to natives born in the ascendants owned by his friend. Even if he happens to be in a position to bestow favourable results, he will not give the good results completely to natives born in the ascendants owned by his enemy. To put it more accurately, in some conditions he would not give any good results at all.

Chandra-Mangala yoga and Guru-Mangala yoga(combination) will yield good results only to those born in the ascendants of friends of Mangal, (i.e) in the signs of  Kataka, Simha, Dhanus and Meena owned by Chandra, Surya, Guru and also in the signs Mesha and Vrischik that are owned by Mangal.

Natives born in the ascendants of planets with a nature opposite to that of Mangal, like in Rishbha, Mithuna, Kanya, Tula, Makara and Kumba owned by Sukra, Budha and Sani, will not give any benefits.

Even if Mangal is a total beneficiary to these ascendants, he  would only give lesser benefit but will create some problems later on in the context of the yoga(combination).

As an exception, if it is observed that the natives born in aforesaid ascendants are receiving favourable results from yoga(combination) of Mangal , the horoscope upon careful scrutiny will reveal that the rasi(moon sign) lord would be giving the benefits, as elaborated by me earlier in “Chandranin Sookshmangal or Intricacies of Chandra”. This rasi(moon sign) lord would be a friend of Mangal.

Astrology is an ocean of sookshmas(intricacies). The deeper and deeper you go,  you keep  picking  more precious pearls. But to swim in this ocean happily and also pick up pearls, it is necessary to have the blessings of the almighty and  a strong distinctive Budha in the horoscope.

Sookshmas(intricacies) of Digbala(Directional Strength)

Amongst the six different strengths(Sthana bala(Positional), Dig bala(Directional), Drikbala(Aspectual),  Kala(Periodic), Ayana(Course or path) and Chesta(efforts)) perceived by sages to assess the power of a planet, the Digbala(Directional strength), is quite unique.

Digbala refers to the direction in which the planet is posited. The planets attaining this strength will give effects similar to that of being in their own house. Guru and Budha in lagna(ascendant), Sukra and Chandra in 4th house, Sani in 7th, Surya and Mangal in 10th houses are said to be in digbala(directional strength).

When the aforesaid planets are in 1st,4th,7th  an 10th house respectively, then they attain complete digbala(directional strength). Also any planet moving closer to the position of attainment of complete digbala(directional strength) is also considered to be powerful, the extent of strength will be as per its proximity.

In some situations, our sages consider Guru or Budha placed in the 12th house to be strong is only because of their proximity towards attaining digbala(directional strength). Also, the planets placed just in the opposite quadrant(1-7axis) from digbala(directional strength)will lose all their power or have almost no strength and hence indicated to be having nishbala(zero strength).

Digbala(directional strength) is only next to sthanabala(positional strength), signifying ownership or uccha(exaltation), is significant and exclusive to papa(malefic) planets. Papa(malefic)planets, would give beneficial results by attaining indirect strength through digbala(directional strength) rather than getting strengthened directly by way of ownership or exaltation.

Mangal attaining digbala(directional strength) in 10th house gives better results than he being in own house. This is eulogized in our scriptures as “Dasama Angaraka(10th Mangal)” as a special arrangement and even if he becomes neecha(debilitation) in the 10th house, Mangal would still do good because of attainment of digbala(directional strength).

But, Mangal attaining direct strength by way of ownership or exaltation in the 10th house and also getting digbala(directional strength) is not a favourable arrangement. When Mangal is placed thus, then aspect by Chandra or Guru is essential to yield good results.

will continue next week...(Published on 31/12/2020)

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