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Sukshmas(Intricacies) of Chandra (EC-006)


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The second glowing planet, Chandra,  is considered as mother in astrology.  He is denoted as signifactor  or karaka of mother in astrology. He is also referred to as signifactor of mind, in the perception that he steers the mind.

Amongst the planets, while Sani is known to  move slowly, Chandra on the contrary is known to have the tendency to  move  very fast. While Sani takes approximately 30 years to complete its orbit, Chandra will complete revolution around earth within 28 days. Hence,  this is known to be the quickest amongst the planets. This planet is only second to Surya in showering its glow to the earth.

There is a sukshma(intricacy) in depicting Chandra as the mother in Vedic Astrology, in a sense that Chandra creates the mother. In other words, all the necessary characteristics for a woman to turn to a mother are created by Chandra.

Ovaries are signified by Chandra. The average menstrual cycle of females being 28 days, explains easily  the relationship between Chandra and motherhood.  The menstrual days of females are linked to the Chandra’s revolution around earth. This fact also underlines the significance of effect of planets in human lives.

According to astrology, Chandra is termed as “Mano karak” or signifactor of mind in a sense that he rules and controls the human mind. The loss of balance and behavior of mentally challenged on Amavasya(New moon) and Purnima(Full moon) is well known to us.

While all the remaining 8 planets have been classified as Subha(Benefic) or Papa(Malefic) planets, Chandra is alone unique in that he oscillates equally between being a Subha(benefic) or Papa(Malefic).

Starting from Purnima(Full moon) reflecting the illumination from Surya in entirety to earth and  becoming a complete Subha graham(benefic) to gradually reducing  the reflection and thereby the glow  while moving towards Amavasya(New moon),  attains papthuvam (maleficence) and is considered Papa graha(Malefic) in-toto losing  all the luster  on the day of Amavasya(New moon).

My conjecture that the planets were designated as Subha graha(benefic) or Papa graha(malefic) only on the basis of quantum of light being reflected by them by our sages, gains further strength from this feature of waxing and waning of Chandra.

An important yoga bestowed by Chandra, termed as Adhiyoga, happens when Subha grahas(benefics) like  Guru, Sukra and Budha are placed in 6, 7 and 8  positions from it. This is a very special yoga.

The sukshma( intricacy)  in this is that when planets that are designated to give beneficiary results  are placed opposite to Chandra in the 7th house, gaining the illumination of Chandra, will get further strengthened to give absolute beneficial results to the native.

Our sages have emphasized that as the illumination of Chandra falling on 7th house also gets scattered to the nearby 6th and 8th houses, benefic planets in 6, 7 and 8 places with respect to position of Chandra, would lead to a very strong Adhiyoga.

One more important point to be noted here is that Adhiyoga does not always give the desired results. Chandra, the architect of this yoga, should be actually in a position to shower the illumination to the Subha grahas(benefics) placed in 6,7 and 8 places with respect to its position.

That is, Chandra or Mathi(another name for Chandra)  only when nearing Purnima(Full moon) or on Purnima,  when placed opposite to Surya or when placed in Rishaba(Taurus) or Kataka(Cancer) being in exalted or own houses respectively and becoming subha(benefic) Chandra, will have the ability to strengthen the planets placed in opposite with its illumination and facilitate the Adhiyoga.

On the contrary, when Adhiyoga occurs with  Chandra in waning phase or weakened and losing its glow, the yoga is not complete.

One more specialty of Chandra is in that amongst all the twelve ascendants, Chandra’s Kataka(Cancer) ascendant alone is considered to be very special and foremost as indicated in our scriptures.

Most of the distinguished reformers, who have tried to alter the history of the world in some form, have all been born in Kataka(Cancer). Why this uniqueness to Kataka(Cancer), is because the twelve signs of zodiac have been classified as Chara(Moveable), Sthira(Fixed) and Ubhaya(Dual) signs and amongst them the Chara or moveable signs have been considered to be exceptional by our sages.

Mesha(Aries), Kataka(Cancer), Thula(Libra) and Makara(Capricorn) are four Chara or moveable signs. Natives born with ascendants in these signs are considered to be exceptional achieving anything and amongst them significant achievers have been born with the ascendant as Kataka(Cancer) owned by Chandra.

The sukshma(intricacy) in this is that apart from Kataka(Cancer), the owners of the remaining signs like Mesha(Aries), Thula(Libra) and Makara(Capricorn) also hold the ownership of another inimical sign and do not fulfill their role as the owner of the ascendant.

To add further, since to the natives born in the Mesha(Aries) and Thula(Libra) ascendants, the owner of the ascendant also happens to own the eighth house from them and as regards to Makara(Capricorn) ascendant, the owner also owns the 2nd house which is the marakasthana(inauspicious house), Chandra uniquely owns the Chara(moveable) sign Kataka(Cancer) alone and bestows the native with complete goodness. Hence Kataka(Cancer) has attained a special significance.   

Who has identified Surya to be stationary? Indians  or  Europeans?

The real reason as to why astrology and astronomy are considered as conjoined twins is due to the fact that the  absolute scientific truths are embedded in astrology. For example, modern history claims that the discovery that Surya is stationary and earth revolves around it was made about 500 years ago. But it is heartening that some of the scientists of recent times have accepted the fact that this phenomenon has been indicated in the ancient Indian astrological scriptures almost 1500 years ago.

It is well known that our sages while characterizing the twelve signs of zodiac in groups of four as Fiery, Airy, Earthy and Watery, symbolized Mesha(Aries) as uncontrollable wild fire, Simha(Leo) was characterized to be a stable localized fire and Dhanus(Saggitarius) was considered to be a dynamic fire having the qualities of both.

Amongst the three, Simha(Leo)  the house identified to be of Surya, the way it is positioned in the middle with arrangement houses on both sides, conveys  with certainty that Surya is stationary and the other planets revolve around it and this is acceptable to anybody with reasonable knowledge of astronomy.

Now that it is known to them, why have they not attempted to announce in public like Europeans? Why did they not broadcast?

Good question…!!!

In the period, just between 2000 to 1500 years ago, there has not been any audience for this subject, even if it was told. Intellectuals did not constitute in majority in the then civilized society. When there has not been anyone to listen, to whom could it be told Sir…?

Hence, whatever was found and discovered was shared only with persons who could understand.

At times when a person was engaged in cutting down the forests to have a plowable land making it amenable for agriculture, inventing tools  for tilling and leveling the ground to meet the demand for food, our sages holding him near the beaches during sunrise to tell him, “Look, we are only revolving the Surya..” would have made him frown at them to shout , “ Get away… and mind your work…” and walk away without looking back.

Even today how many of us are conversant with Einstein’s  theory of relativity or Stephen Hawking’s definition of time?

Only when there have been necessities,  will truths emerge and be acknowledged. The discoveries before the need arises will be saleable only to people who have understood and felt for the same. It is unfortunate,  that such discoveries which are our intellectual wealth, have not been recognized by our own people and we simply play the second fiddle to Europeans.

 will continue next week...(Published on 19/11/2020)

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