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This article was originally written in Tamil in 2011 by Jyotish Guru Adithya Guruji and Translated to English in 2022.

This is Guruji’s first article.

In Indian Vedic Astrology, one of the most debatable and often misunderstood concepts is Rahu and Ketu.

To start with, these two are not planets at all. They are not made from any solid materials neither they have any force (energy). The two meeting points (nodes) of Sun’s pathway and Moon’s extended pathway are called as Rahu and Ketu, these are shadows, which does not possess any light on their own. They can only be felt while they cover Sun and Moon during eclipses.

Some argue that Rahu and Ketu do have 3-7-11 visions (i.e., they’re able to see 3rd, 7th, and 11th houses in the astrological chart from where they present). A Planet’s vision is the light it possesses and the light it reflects. Since Rahu and Ketu are shadows which does not possess any light on their own and neither can reflect any light, since they are mere shadows. So, in my opinion, Rahu and Ketu don’t have any visions.

However, Rahu and Ketu are positioned exactly 180 degrees opposite from one another, hence there will be some impacts on the 7th Bhava (direct opposition) from where they stand but coining it as their 7th vision is not very accurate.

Since these two shadow planets are formed by Moon, it is considerable that Rahu debilitates in Rishabam (Taurus) and exalts in Viruchigam (Scorpio), based on this Rahu in Rishabam (Taurus) gives positive results and in Viruchigam (Scorpio)gives negative impacts. Unless the Rahu in Rishabam (Taurus) is heavily impacted by other negative aspects it provides positive results.

Perfectly calculating the impact of Rahu and Ketu dasa is an astonishing task to any astrologer and provided if they are placed in their own stars then it is next to impossible.

For Lagnas Rishabam (Taurus), Mithunam (Gemini), Kanni (Virgo), Thulam (Libra), Makram (Capricorn), Kumabam (Aquarius) even if Rahu is in malefic position, it will not be doing much negative effects. Likewise, for Lagnas Mesham (Aries), Viruchigam (Scorpio), Dhanusu (Sagittarius), Meenam (Pisces) Ketu will not be doing much negative effects.

During their dasas Rahu and Ketu will do the strong positive and negative effects by absorbing the powers of planets, 1) of the house they’re placed, 2) which sees them, 3) which conjuncts with them. The stars in which Rahu and Ketu are placed is secondary when we calculate the effects of them.

There is a popular opinion that for Mithuna (Gemini) lagna Rahu is the most benefic planet (Yogi) and in my experience it matches too. Rahu and Ketu usually will not be doing any negative effects if they don’t relate with any lagna malefic planets. For Kadagam (Cancer) and Simmam (Leo) lagnas, Rahu and Ketu give positive effects only if placed in 3, 6 and in 11th position.

Karaho Bhava Nasthi” – if the doer (karagan) placed in the own position (karagam) then it destroys the benefits of the position. This mostly gets done through Rahu and Ketu.

 Please have a look on the below Horoscope

Lagna – Ascendant, Suriyan – Sun, Chandran – Moon, Sevvai – Mars, Budhan – Mercury, Guru – Jupiter, Sukran – Venus, Sani - Saturn

In this, the karaga for younger brother Sevvai is placed in 3rd house which is the house for younger brother additionally with its 4th vision sees over Kethu, meaning Kethu gets the power of Sevvai.

During Sevvai dasa kethu Bhukti, the guy to whom this horoscope belongs to, lost his beloved younger brother in an accident.

In my wider experience to predict Rahu dasa or bhukti, it should be calculated in kethu’s vision and vice versa for Kethu dasa or bhukti.

If a planet is placed in Rahu’s star, then the benefits of that planet is based on the position of Kethu. The house in which Kethu is placed and the karaga of that house will be happening and vice versa for the planets placed in Ketu’s star. Rahu and Ketu are the two ends of a line placed in opposite ends, so the effects will be based on the opposite bhavas.

In the fundamental rules of Indian Vedic Astrology, many of the planetary traits are given in backhanded manner. When said Rahu and Ketu placed in 3rd and 11th house will do good benefits, represents the opposite node of Rahu and Ketu will be positioned in 5th and in 9th house which are Tirikonas. In reality, most of the good benefits are given by the planets placed in Tirikonas than of the planets placed in 3rd or 11th. While predicting a horoscope, Rahu and Ketu must be considered as one and the differences between these two is very thin and should calculated very precisely in careful manner.

In female horoscopes, if Rahu and Ketu relates with eighth house or with the lord of the 8th house and if their dasa, bhukti is happening, then they need to be very careful, as this Rahu and Ketu will be leading to relationship troubles which will lead to physical (sexual) issues/losses.

It is not mandatory that Rahu and Ketu placed in 8th house will lead to relationship issues but if placed with the lord of the 8th house in malefic positions then it is going to be troublesome.

One of the main reasons for woman to choose adamantly someone as a life partner who is not up to their mark is because of this Rahu and Ketu’s placements.

Please have a look on the below horoscope

Once Rahu dasa started this girl got into a relationship. This girl being an engineering graduate fell in love and wants to get married to someone who has not even completed primary school.

With the conjunction of Mars (lord of 8th house) in 6th house, the Malefic Rahu which has both the negative impacts of Mars and Saturn occupied this girl’s mind completely and one would be able to stop her also.

Apart from the lord Almighty none would be able to save the person whose Rahu and Ketu are in malefic positions. At the same time if Rahu and Ketu alone benefic and all the other planets are malefic, during Rahu and Ketu dasa the individual will get all the benefits and live a very good life.

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