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We have come to the concluding portion of the articles on “Jothidamenum Deva Rahasiyam..”(Astrology:  a divine secret), that was continuing for more than a year.

Many information shared in the previous articles are results of my time spent over many years of my life in astrology.

I do not know anything other than astrology. I am never ashamed to share this. The extreme love or craziness for astrology, made me unable to complete even the school education.

My blogs in the “facebook” are famous. There a question was raised on when I really felt as an astrologer for the “first time:”

It is a very significant event for every astrologer to “realise himself to be an astrologer”. As that moment would establish the “vaaku palitham”(occurences of events as per the pronouncements) and  prove the great astrologer in you. Hence, this question was interesting to me and hence was compelled to respond to the same.

My childhood days were spent in one of the suburbs of Chennai. Moving around everywhere always with an astrological book in hand those days was subject to ridicule by my friends. The trio, Babu, Soundar and Moorthy, who continue to be my friends till date, have tossed away my astrological books on several occasions, almost daily.

When the friends of my age group were busy chatting on youthful topics enthusiastically, I would be drowned in an astrological book even without realising the happenings around. Suddenly a kick on the head or knock with the tossing of book would follow to bring me back to my senses.

In my 21st year, on one such night when seated on a parapet wall discussing with friends, suddenly Moorthy, my opposite house neighbour, sprang up… “Dei Josiyare, Onakku ippo enna nadakkum? Solluda?”(Hi astrologer, tell us what would happen to you now. Tell us.) to which I said, a scorpion or a snake would bite me today or tomorrow. My friends laughed at me and dispersed.

My parents were out of the city and it was myself with my brother sleeping alone in our house. I suddenly realised something crawling under my dhoti and it(scorpion) bit me on my left hand when I shoved it aside, in a jerk of a moment.

I woke up my brother to call Moorthy brother from the opposite house (for medical help). When he entered the house, glanced at the scorpion moving under the television box and me languishing in pain, I realised myself to be an astrologer “for the first time.”

I can still feel the special excitement that I felt on that day, inspite of the pain. I cannot forget the glances of the friend, alternating between the scorpion and me, until my last breath.

My friends stopped making fun of me from that day.

Thanks to the internet, my students are spread all over the world. It could be possible that all of you may not end up as professional astrologers. Since you have learnt astrology to some extent you are also considered as astrologers.

I want to tell one important message to the present day researchers in astrology. It is better to analyse your horoscope than any one else’s in the early days of learning. This is because, your horoscope would never lie to you.

That too never try to analyse the horoscopes of lord SriRama, SriKrishna, Buddha, Hanuman or Ganesha. They are all incarnations. The factors for analysis are very minimal in these horoscopes. Astrology is meant for the common man. Hence, a commoner’s horoscope has lot more information than the horoscope of Ambani.

Analysing your horoscope is simpler than anything. The wonders enacted by planets like Hora in each hour, the events happening in that Hora, time when money flows in, love matters, quarrels, issues that disturb mind and intellect, could all be accurately assessed by you from your horoscope.

This can happen when you realise under which planet’s leadership you are presently in, which goes beyond dasa/bhukti/Antara (major/sub/sub sub periods) exploring to study the ninth divisional of Antara(sub-sub period) being Chitra, Sookshma and Prana dasas and getting  further  deep down dividing them by nine. When you would be able to realise as to what will happen to me? What is presently happening.. then astrology would teach you many more things.

For example, you would be excited to know that you were travelling by a train or bus in the hora of planet signifying travel and getting money in the hora at an expected time.

When trying to make such assessments, automatically you would get the habit of imbibing information like the star of the day, when it starts and ends and other almanac related information.

To conclude, the following significations have been indicated to be under the authority of Kethu, by our sages.

When Kethu attains subathuva (beneficence) and sookshma (intricate)strength in the horoscope, these significations would give positive results to the native and when otherwise, only negative results could be expected.

Contact with the downtrodden and lowest rung of people in the society, final stage in anything, living in slums, devotion to lord Shiva, Prison, incurable stomach ache, skin diseases like itch, boil or tumor, medical profession, grandparents, enemy, dog, sorcery including black magic, philosophical talk, complete spiritual wisdom, thriftyness, secret activities, thorny bushes, Vedic knowledge, birds like eagle, cock, deer, disease that destroys the bones, hunting, injury by hitting on to a rock, salvation, all the pains in the body, fever, pilgrimage, “ vaidooriyam”(Cat’s eye) stone, Christianity, living abroad, small snakes, electrical shop and things associated with electricity, running, marriage in other religion, accident, unnatural death, things associated with light red or maroon colours, hair, horse gram, construction labourer, roaming around, bad habits, relationship with a widow, staying near a gutter, cemetery, jobs done in the night, interest in scriptures, inquisitive in astrology, lord Brahma, eunuch-like, intermingling with lion and other animals, north-western direction, foreign languages etc. would happen through Kethu.

We would conclude on the results of research of planets with this.

I am the most astrologically satisfied person, through these articles continuing for a span of more than one and a half year. It is the mental satisfaction of passing on the knowledge that is known to the next generation.

We would get in touch on another topic soon. Vanakkam.

Remedial pilgrimage sites for Kethu…!

As Chitragupta has been indicated to be the lord of Kethu in Vedic astrology, native with an unfavourable disposition of Kethu could visit and pray at the temple built exclusively for Chitragupta situated at Kancheepuram, on the day of his  birth-star or on a Tuesday and perform “Abhishekam” (bathing ritual).

As the very first star of zodiacal signs is Aswini, belonging to Kethu, the first and foremost lord worshipped in our great religion, Hinduism, being Ganesha is considered as another deity for Kethu. Hence, people undergoing troubles in Kethu dasa could worship the elephant god and get freed from their difficulties.

As indicated earlier, Srikaalahasti, a very powerful, trouble relieving pilgrimage site indicated while describing the remedial measures for Rahu also happens to be a primary site for remedial activities for Kethu. Mother Srignanaprasunambikai (presiding goddess at Srikaalahasti) is showering grace as Kethu here.

In horoscopes if Kethu is placed in 2 or 7 or 8 from ascendant or moon-sign, so as to cause delay in marriage, one should visit the site on the  previous day of the occurrence of their monthly birth star and stay overnight at this great shrine. On the next day (day of the birthstar), depending on the degree of the dosha(evil effects) the ones with a drastic dosha could perform “Rudrabhishekam” (Bathing ritual with chanting of Sri Rudram) early in the morning or if the dosha is of a lesser grade then to participate in the “Sarpa santhi pooja”(Ritual to please the serpentine gods).

Kodumudi, Thirupamburam, Thirunageswaram, Snake temple in Seerkazhi, Self-existing snake pit temples and  the other temples with deities called as Naganatha swamy, Nageswaran, Nagavalli, Nagathamman are all the remedial sites for Kethu.

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