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As Kanya sign, that is 9th house to the Makara ascendant happens to be a favourite of Kethu, whatever be the ascendant, Kethu placed in Kanya does not give bad results. That too to the natives with Makara ascendant, Kethu placed here would give good results like Budha.

 As Kethu placed here would behave like Budha, the effects due to the placement would be in accordance with the strength of Budha in the horoscope.

Next, Kethu seated in the 10th and 11th houses would give only favourable results to Makara. As this house belongs to Sukra, the principal beneficiary to this ascendant, Kethu placed in this house of profession would give good results.

As the dasa of Sukra,  who is the lord of profession to the natives with Makara ascendant, would follow the dasa of Kethu, the dasa or bhukti of Kethu would give a preliminary glimpse to the professional gains to be expected in the following Sukra dasa/bhukti.

To conclude, if Kethu placed in the last house (12th house) to the Makara ascendant also gains the association or aspect of Guru, it would then bestow emancipation from birth, apart from foreign land, spirituality, wisdom and wealth.

As Kethu placed in the 12th house would not give negative results to natives born in any ascendant, and since the 12th house (Dhanu) happens to be the Moolatrikon house of Guru, a natural benefic, the benefits would multiply. Here, when Kethu gets the association of the ascendant(Makara) lord Sani along with Budha and Sukra, the native would gain financially.

Kethu is not expected to give gains to the natives born with Kumbha ascendant, but since he likes Kumbha, his placement in the ascendant gives religious inclination and good nature to the natives.

As Kumbha, the fixed house of Sani, is responsible for intellectual thoughts, when Kethu is in the ascendant that also gains the association of Guru and Sukra, the native would be blessed with complete eternal wisdom.

As  native with any ascendant connected to Kethu, Guru and Sani is expected to be religiously inclined and if that ascendant happens to be Kumbha, the native would have extreme passion towards spirituality.

As the second house is owned by Guru, Kethu placed here would give favourable effects with respect to wealth, wisdom and gains during his dasa/bhukti. As the third house is a “upachaya” house, Kethu placed here would replicate the effects from Mangal, the lord of profession to the Kumbha natives. The effects would be favourable.

Kethu placed in the 4th house belonging to Sukra, would spoil the well-being of mother during his dasa and give further benefits, as this happens to be an angular house. Further the bad effects can only be estimated based on the strength of Sukra and Chandra.

Kethu placed in the 5th house belonging to Budha would delay the functionality of this house being child birth or negate the birth of a child altogether. Kethu placed here could result in failure of birthing a male progeny.

The extent of the dosha(bad effects) relating to child birth  with Kethu’s placement here would depend on the strengths of Guru and Budha. But, on the contrary if Kethu placed here gains the association of benefics, then he would bestow all favours including birth of a  male child during his dasa without any hardship.

Kethu’s placement in the 6th house does not give good results during his dasa/bhukti to Kumbha natives. As Kethu placed here is bound to give the effects of Chandra being debt, disease and enemy, favourable results cannot be expected from Kethu.

At the same time, if Kethu gains the association of benefics like Guru/Sukra then he would transform to become a benefic and give inflow of wealth during his dasa. As a special effect, Kethu placed here would send the natives to foreign countries or other states during his dasa/bhukti towards gainful employment.

Kethu placed in the 7th house (Simha) causes delays in marital life or an unsatisfactory married life to the Kumbha ascendant native. Depending on the subha/asubha (benefic/malefic) status of Surya, Kethu placed here would bless the native with one or more than one marriage.

Generally, while for any ascendant placement of Rahu-Kethu in the 7th house is considered unfavourable, moreso, Kethu placed in 7th for Simha natives bestows spouses from a different religions, castes or language backgrounds. To accurately predict the effects of Kethu here, one needs to ascertain the strength of the planets connecting with him.

As the 8th house (Kanya) is a most preferred house for Kethu and if the 8th house turns beneficial it would give gains with respect to other state or foreign land, Kethu seated here with subathuva (beneficence) would make one travel to far places away from his native.

If Budha, the lord of the house, is powerful and Kethu gets the association of Sani, Sukra and Guru, the dasa and bhukti of Kethu, would give favourable results.

When Kethu is seated in the 9th house (Tula) owned by Sukra, he would destroy the well-being of father, live functionality of the house, and then give favourable results during his dasa/bhukti similar to that indicated earlier with reference to placement of Kethu in the 5th house.

If Kethu that is  seated here gets the association of malefics, then it is difficult for the native to gain the affection and support from father. In some situations, native would have his father alive, but have to tread on without his support. That means, that though his father is alive, he would be reckless and be unable to discharge his duties as a father.

In some situations, with the start of the dasa of Kethu, father might face some setbacks. All the predictions indicated here are dependent on the strengths of Sukra, the lord of the house and Surya, the significator of father and the beneficial/malefic connections Kethu would receive here.

Would Kethu seated in Bhadakasthana (House of obstructions) give obstructions?

As the 11th house (Vrischika) for Makara ascendant happens to be a favourable place for Kethu and also since Rahu-Kethu are expected to give favourable results when placed in “upachaya” houses like the 3rd or 11th, Kethu seated here would give favourable results to natives born with Makara ascendant.

But, the degree of goodness or evilness of Kethu placed here would depend on the sookshma (intricate) strength and subathuva (beneficence) of Mangal, the lord of the house. But, Mangal is also the bhadakadhipathi (lord of obstructions) to this ascendant and also the 11th house is the bhadakasthana ( house of obstructions). As it has been indicated earlier that Kethu would give results similar to Mangal, then one should not question whether Kethu seated in the 11th house to Makara ascendant would give obstructions!!

Rahu-Kethu would only bestow the significations of the planets but not the position related functionalities of the houses owned by the planets. That means, Rahu-Kethu would only affect the living significations of a planet, but would not try to give the results based on the ownership of the houses of the planets.

If it is mentioned that Kethu would give the results like Mangal, it does not mean that he would give the results attributable to positional ownership of Mangal. Also, since the houses that are occupied by Rahu-Kethu would be spoilt, Kethu seated in the 11th house would destroy the bhadakadhipathiyam (obstructions) of the house.

Subtly, indication that Rahu-Kethu would bestow or destroy the significations of a planet would imply that they would try to uphold their authority only on the human living significations with respect to the planet.

For example, Mangal is the significator for land and siblings and when Rahu-Kethu are so placed in a horoscope in such a way so as to destroy the significations of Mangal, then primarily the brother of the native would only be greatly affected. The bad effects towards properties like land holdings is secondary.

At the same time, if Rahu-Kethu affects Guru, then the progeny, which is the signification of Guru would only be affected first and foremost. Wealth only later. In any situation the living signification would only be affected first, affliction to the non-living signification would only happen later.

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