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In the previous Chapter, I had concluded that we would see further on how to extract the differences in effects of three stars that are under the leadership of the same planet.

What are the differences between Aswini, Makha and Moola? Though Kethu is the star lord for all the three, aren’t they independent stars? If the three are different, isn’t their natures also different? How to differentiate and extract the predictions?

We have been taught to differentiate between the nature of zodiac signs as moveable, fixed, dual or as male, female or as fiery, earthen, watery or airy, only to answer such questions.

A subtle point to be noted here is that all the six stars, (viz) Arudra, Swathi, Satabisham, Aswini, Makha and Moola under the control of Rahu-Kethu would be found only in male zodiacal signs. Amongst these, the stars owned by Kethu would be placed in fiery male signs distinctly and those of Rahu in airy male signs only.

It is worth mentioning here that the famous remedial pilgrimage site for Rahu being Srikalahasti, has been identified to be a “Vayu sthalam”(airy site) amongst the Panchabootha (five elemental) sites as per our sages.

The hidden intricacy here is in that the darkness that engulfs the light is connected with air. I would divulge further details on this topic, while describing the principles of the twelve zodiacal signs and the methodologies of their organization.

Similarly, Aswini finds a place in Mesha, a moveable sign that is signified as an uncontrollable forest fire that is not useful to mankind, while Makha that is placed in Simha, which is a fixed sign represents the fire that glows in a controlled manner in the same place that is useful for good things like cooking.

Moola star that is placed in Dhanu, a dual fiery sign that has both moveable and fixed functionalities. That means, it has the nature of being useful at times and not being useful sometimes. To put it precisely, Dhanu is useful for not burning in the stove, but is a spiritual fiery sign that is useful in enlightening the inner wisdom.

Hence, when Kethu is seated in Aswini star or any planet seated in Aswini would reflect the nature of Kethu, like philosophy, wisdom etc. with the quickness of Mangal. The results of that quick deeds would also end very quickly.

When Kethu or any other planet is placed in Makha star, then Kethu would have the stability of Surya. The effects of Surya like leadership, authority could be obtained through one’s personality. Unlike Aswini, the effects would not vanish quickly and would be retained until the end.

If Kethu or any other planet is placed in Moola star, complete wisdom could be attained. As Guru, the sign lord, is the owner of tradition, wisdom and also since Kethu would give the same effects in a different manner, Kethu or any other planet placed here would give eternal wisdom.

Also, the effects similar to the combinatorial “Kela yoga”(favourable combination for showering of wealth)effect of Guru and Kethu, would also be given by the planets placed here. At the same time these effects would be giving out favours concealed at times and openly otherwise.

We can further look into the status of Kethu that would be favourable to the natives born with Makara ascendant.

Having analysed the results of Kethu being in the second position (Kumbha) earlier, when Kethu is placed in Meena sign, the 3rd house of Makara ascendant, he would give favourable results to some extent.

As the Kethu placed here gets connected to 3-11 houses, based on the rule that Rahu-Kethu would give only favourable results when connected to the “upachaya” houses, depending on the aspect and association he receives, Kethu  placed here would give benefits.

When Kethu is placed in the 4th house (Mesha), as he is expected to behave entirely as Mangal and since Mangal is not deemed to give good results to this ascendant, Mesha Kethu does not give favourable results to Makara.

Kethu in the 5th place would give the mixed results , as though of  a combination of Mangal and Sukra. Though it is not encouraging for malefic planets to occupy Kona(trinal) houses, as Sukra is the Rajayogadhipathi ( Principal benefic) for Makara, Kethu that gives results as per the lord of the house he is placed in, would bestow favours and evils as per the strength of Sukra, when seated here.

Kethu’s placement in the 6th house (Mithuna) is not favourable. Here Kethu, gives the results that are combined effects of Budha and Mangal and hence would give the 6th house results of Budha strongly. As the stellar configuration in Mithuna is also not favourably conducive to Makara, good results cannot be expected with Kethu’s placement here. If Kethu should give good results here then a powerful association with Sukra is essential.

Kethu’s placement in the 7th house (Kataka) and 8th house (Simha) is not favourable to the natives with Makara ascendant. Kethu placed in these houses would create problems in marital life.

As Sani, the lord of Makara, is inimical to Surya and Chandra, anything connected or associated to Surya and Chandra would not give rise to favourable results to this ascendant.

Indication in our scriptures that Surya and Chandra do not cause “Ashtamadhipathiya dosha”(evil results inlieu of being the lord of 8th house), does not mean that Surya would not give the results of 8th house to Makara, but it is that while he would not give all the evil effects connected to 8th house like other malefic planets, he would certainly do the damage, as the owner of the 8th house.

A special effect realisable when Kethu is placed in 7th or 8th places as indicated above, is the foreign connections he would bestow. As Kataka is a watery sign, Kethu placed in this sign would influence the native for travelling to  far off places like another country or another state towards earning money.

Generally, Rahu-Kethu placed in moveable signs like Mesha, Kataka, Tula or Makara would give the changes in lifestyle to the native when their dasa or bhukti becomes operational. The changes could be expected in all fronts like job, profession, life, living space etc.

That too, when Rahu-Kethu are in contact with Chandra, a superfast daily planet,that makes one cross waters, the results would be very swift changes in life style. This change would completely turn things upside down.

When Rahu-Kethu that denote foreign country, other state, Muslim and Christian countries, other languages, entirely new characters etc. get connected to Kataka, the watery sign owned by Chandra, then the natives would go abroad be it for education or marriage or to see their grand-children, depending on the age of the native.

As these shadow planets are capable of bestowing the functionalities of the house, they are placed in, Rahu-Kethu bestow foreign connections, when they get associated either with the 8th or 12th houses signifying living in a foreign country or moveable signs like Mesha, Kataka, Tula or Makara and come in contact with the lords of 8th and that of expenditure (12th lord) along with Chandra.

Rahu-Kethu placed in 7th or 8th houses to Makara with a beneficial composure, would give foreign connections.  Since the 7th house happens to be an angular house, as per the rule that the shadow planets would give benefits only after destroying the functionalities of the house, here a good status would be gained only after ruining the marital life.

When Rahu-Kethu are placed in the 7th house (Kataka) the native would be blessed with two marriages, delayed marriage or no marriage at all. But a good result or a bad outcome would happen during the dasa/bhukti of Rahu-Kethu.

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