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Generally, Kethu does not give favourable results to the natives of Tula ascendant. He would give favourable results, when placed either in the ascendant or 5th or 9th or 10th or 12th Bhavas (houses) with sookshma (intricate)strength.

Kethu seated in the 5th house (Kumbha) or 12th house (Kanya) without the aspect of Guru, will be favourable to the Tula ascendant.

At the same time, if Guru placed in Makara with “Neecha banga”(Cancellation of debilitation) aspects the Kethu placed in Kanya, then the natives would have religious inclinations and gain cognitive abilities.

His placement in the 9th house (Mithuna) with the association of Chandra or in the 10th house (Kataka) with the association of Budha, would give immense benefits to the native.

The association of Kethu with the 6th lord, Guru, is not beneficial to the Tula ascendant. Though it is true that the aspect of Guru to Rahu-Kethu gives favourable results, the same is not true for Rishaba and Tula ascendants.

Although for Rishaba, Guru owns the 8th house and in certain dispositions, he could attribute stay and earnings from abroad and the dasa(major period)/bhukti(sub period) of Rahu-Kethu would give good results only through foreign and other state related matters.

To the natives with Tula ascendant, as Guru is a total malefic owning the 6th house, if he is powerful and is also associated with Rahu-Kethu through aspect, association or star lordship, then Rahu-Kethu would transform to become the 6th lord, to bestow all the evil effects of 6th house like debt, disease, enemy, dispute, quarrel, disgraceful and despicable results during their dasa.

Rahu-Kethu, the shadow planets that bestow the effects of planets that aspect or associate with them should never get associated with Guru to the natives with Rishaba or Tula ascendants. But, if Guru is in a weakened state, then association of Kethu,  would cause the glorification of Kethu and thereby give spiritual thoughts and inflow of wealth to the native.

Similarly, the placement of Rahu-Kethu in the 6th house is not favourable to Tula ascendants. But, placement in the other house of Guru( 3rd house), would bestow the favourable functionalities of the house like courage, fame, musical skill, writing skill, younger sibling, help, jewellery etc.

Kethu ’s placement in the ascendant does not cause unfavourable results to the natives with Tula ascendant. Other favourable aspects would depend on the strength of Sukra, the ascendant lord.  Kethu in 4th house gives favourable results. He would not give good results when placed in 7th or 8th or 11th houses.

To the natives with Vrischika ascendant, Kethu is destined to give favourable results. When seated in the ascendant or in the 11th house, with the aspect of Guru placed in the 5th house would give good results, provided Guru is seated about 8 degrees away from Rahu.

In a similar configuration, Kethu aspected by Guru and placed in 3rd or 4th(Makara or Kumbha) houses would give favourable results. When associated with the Guru, Chandra or Mangal in the 5th or 9th houses or with Surya in the 10th house, Kethu would behave as the benefic to the Vrischika ascendants.

Association here means, Kethu being aspected by Surya, Chandra, Mangal or Guru or Kethu being seated in one of their stars or Kethu conjoining them or Kethu being placed at angles from these planets.

Kethu being placed in any other houses other than those indicated above would give ordinary results to the Vrischika ascendants. Unless and until he comes in contact with the deadly malefics of the ascendant, he does not give unfavourable results to the Vrischika ascendants.

Further, to the natives of Dhanu ascendant, Kethu would only give his favourable results as a benefic of the ascendant. Kethu placed with subathuva(beneficence) and sookshma(intricate) strength in the 12th house (Vrischika) would give wealth, intellect and lead to salvation making this to be his  last birth.

With such a placement of Kethu, aspected by Guru, the lord of the ascendant,  placed  powerfully with exaltation in the 8th house would give rise to very special beneficial yogas (favours). Also, the association of Kethu with Guru in the 8th house is also a favourable disposition.

This would give rise to “Kela” yoga(favourable combination) leading to configurations  that are favourable for flowing in of wealth and would give rise to hidden gains in wealth during Kethu dasa by providing opportunities outside the country/state etc. Aspect of Guru without undergoing weakening from the 4th house onto Kethu placed solitarily in the 8th house is also considered favourable.

Similarly, aspect of a strong Guru from Simha onto Kethu seated in the 3rd house (Kumbha) is also a favourable disposition. In such configurations, Kethu would pour in intellect, wealth, good sense and spiritual inclination to uplift the native during his dasa.

Kethu when seated in the 4th house (Meena) or 10th house(Kanya) with the association of Surya, Mangal or Guru with the attainment of sookshma(intricate) strength, would give favourable results to the natives born with Dhanu ascendant. As indicated earlier, as Kethu is indebted to giving favourable results to the ascendants of Surya, Chandra, Mangal and Guru, he would give favourable results when associated with these planets to the natives born with Dhanu ascendant.

When he gets connected with the 8th lord, Chandra, then the benefits to the native would be through activities overseas and in other states.

Generally, the beginning of Kethu bhukti would indicate movement from the present place to farther regions and this attribute could well be realised as an economic upgradation to the natives born in the ascendants of Surya, Chandra, Mangal and Guru.

Kethu’s placement in the ascendant and also considering the strength of Guru would decide the benefits to be accrued by Dhanu natives. Kethu would give ordinary results when placed in houses other than these.

Is the association of Kethu and Guru always beneficial?

While it has been often told that association or aspect of Kethu with Guru is favourable, my utterances of contradictory results to the Tula ascendants may be confusing.

Our scriptures always teach only the general rules. The expertise of an astrologer lies in application of appropriate rules at relevant situations to decipher the truth.

It is a rule that aspect of Guru onto Kethu is favourable. There is also another rule that Rahu-Kethu should never get the association of the lords of 6th and 8th houses. Also, there are rules like, Rahu-Kethu would give results of the owners of the houses they are placed in and the lord of the 6th house should never get strengthened.

The expertise of anyone lies in assimilating all these and combining them together to realise the predictions. Also at the same time, understanding the differences between functionalities and significations would elevate one to the next level of deducing predictions in astrology.

For example, to the natives of Tula ascendant, Kethu when connected to Guru,  would bestow the negative results as per the functionality the 6th lord, but would give the significations of Guru like wealth, spirituality and children alongside. To predict as to how and in what way would he give depends on one’s experience.

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