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It is a general rule that Rahu-Kethu, that have been construed to be bitter enemies to Surya and Chandra, would not give good favours to their ascendants, (viz.) Simha and Kataka.

I have indicated earlier that in order to clearly explain the good and bad effects to be bestowed by planets in a horoscope, did the theories on human relationship and friendship/enmities have been spelt out in astrology.

For example, I have explained earlier that behind all the unreasonable stories indicated in our scriptures, there would either be some deep drawn philosophical truth or a new dimension that is realizable after thinking in depth  or an astrological subtlety that is embedded in them.

If we could realise the efforts of our divine sages in simplifying the astrological principles for better comprehension, through humanisation of planets by giving relationships like wife, son etc., their greatness would be easily understood.

For example, the relationship between Chandra and Budha is a little complicated.  Budha is friendly planet to Chandra, but Chandra is an enemy to Budha. This concept is a bit difficult to understand.

If both of them are mutually friends or mutually inimical, there would be no difficulty in understanding. One treats the other person as his friend, but that  person treats him as his enemy is a little complicated to understand.

The real principle behind the relationship between Chandra and Budha, is that while Chandra would be favourable to the Mithuna and Kanya ascendants of Budha, no favours can be expected by the Kataka ascendant of Chandra, from Budha.

But, for us to understand this difficult astrological phenomenon, our sages taught us the concepts of friendship and enmity here. That too, in order to explain the fact that one is a friend of the other, while the other treats the first planet as its enemy, did our great sages metaphorise Chandra to be the mother and also added that Budha was born out of an illicit relationship.

Superficially, though this story may appear to be  stupid and vulgar, it must be noted that a child born out of an illicit relationship, who has all the skills and talents, would feel the humiliation in public on the basis of its birth. It would dread its’ mother, who has been the cause of humiliation.

At the same, in whatever way the child is born, the mother never disowns her child. This story has been narrated for us to imbibe the concept towards understanding the astrological truth between Chandra and Budha.

After knowing this story, one can never forget the relationship between Chandra and Budh and words fail to describe the unparalleled abilities of our great sages in explaining the intricacies in astrology through such stories.

Similarly, Rahu and Kethu that have the ability even to cover up the Surya and Chandra are naturally inimical to them. In order to appreciate this relationship, the story of the churning of the milky ocean for obtaining nectar and pointing out of Rahu-Kethu , who stood stealthily amongst the Devas to have their share of nectar, by Surya and Chandra, thereby considering mutually each other as their enemies was told.

As a general rule, Rahu dasa (major period) would never do favours to the natives with Kataka or Simha ascendants. Inspite of this fact, if it has to do good, then it needs to be having all the sookshma (intricate) strengths.

At the same time, though Rahu-Kethu is depicted as single soul, with Rahu being the head and Kethu the tail, Kethu(tail portion) does not foster animosity to these ascendants.

Kethu seated in either the 2nd house (Kanya) or 4th house (Vrischika) or 5th or 9th or 11th with the association of Guru and Manga,l would do favours to the natives with Simha ascendant. His association with Sani (6th lord) and malefic to this ascendant,  would not give good results.

When the dasa (major period)/ bhukti(sub period) of Kethu that has been associated with Sani, is operational, then the natives would experience the effects of Sani like debt or disease during his dasa/bhukti. But, when Sani has attained beneficence through sookshma (intricate) strength and Kethu is associated with Sani either in Kumbha, Kanya or Makara, the native would be bestowed with excessive spiritual inclination.

If such a configuration of Sani and Kethu, has the association of Guru additionally, then the native would be a hermit. This configuration could be seen in the horoscopes of spiritualists.

To the natives with Kanya ascendant, the dasa (major period)/ bhukti(sub period) of Kethu, that is associated with the beneficiaries of the ascendant like Sani or Sukra or the ascendant lord, Budha, would be beneficial. Kethu placed either in the ascendant or 3rd or 5th or 6th or 9th or 10th or 12th would give favourable results.

Depending on the status of the lords of the 11th and 12th houses, Chandra and Surya respectively, when Kethu is placed in these houses, he would send the natives to other states or countries during his dasa/bhukti.

At the same, Kethu is an indicator of changes. Any significant change in your life would happen either during the dasa/bhukti or antara of Kethu or during the dasa/bhukti and antara of planets, associated or placed in the star governed by Kethu.

For one to gain a job, lose a job, complete upturn of good and evil changes, variations that affect the mind, change of residence etc. are all given only by Kethu.

When Kethu is seated in the moveable signs like Mesha, Kataka, Tula or Makara or is connected to 8th and 12th houses, then he would facilitate the native to permanently settle outside the country.

As indicated while elaborating the subtleties of Rahu, in line with the fact that since the dasa of Rahu-Kethu precedes that of the two principal benefics, they would tilt you towards the good or evil effects likely to be experienced during the following dasas of benefics, the  dasa of Kethu would be the turning point for inducing the necessary change to either  good  or bad, that you are likely to experience during the following dasa of Sukra.

What is the Specialty of Kanya Kethu?

The reason for my attributing more houses to be favourable for placement of Kethu, to the natives with Kanya ascendant is because our scriptures rate the placement of Kethu in Kanya very highly and also since Kethu has a good understanding with Budha, the ascendant lord of Kanya.

As Rahu-Kethu are considered to be the head and tail of the same soul, while Rahu is the only benefic of the Mithuna ascendant, that happens to be the head or first house of Budha, correspondingly, the tail or last house of Budha, (i.e) Kanya has been indicated to be a special house for Kethu.

Many astrological subtleties could be clearly understood, when one is able to appreciate the fact that Rahu-Kethu is a single soul, with an opposite character.

More specifically, as Kethu depicts the tail, the activity initiated by Rahu would be concluded by Kethu. The conclusion of all activities has connection to Kethu. He is a benefic in all the endings. The ending of any event would happen through Kethu.

Kethu is connected to the last part of the day,  that is night. Similarly, death or the end of life of any one and the status of anyone beyond death is also depicted by Kethu.

In this context only, has the placement of Kethu in the 12th house(last house in the horoscope) has been lauded by our sages  to indicate further that people with such a configuration, would be in their last birth.

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