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Kethu does not spoil the house it occupies, unlike Rahu. Kethu does not possess the extreme maleficence to weaken the house it occupies. Hence, Kethu does not give the evil effects with respect to marriage and childbirth, as that is attributable with the placement of Rahu in 2 or 5 or 7 or 8 houses.

But, since Kethu is basically a malefic planet, it is not favourable for him to occupy the above -mentioned houses either. This has been told only in the sense that Kethu does not give evil results as much that of Rahu.

Our scriptures indicate that Kethu gives results just like Mangal. Accordingly, when Kethu is beneficial, with sookshma (intricate) strength and aligned with favourable planets to the ascendants to which Mangal is expected to give favourable results like Kataka, Simha, Dhanu and Meena belonging to Chandra, Surya and Guru respectively, then he gives extremely favourable results.

Similarly, to the two ascendants of Mangal like Mesha or Vrischik, Kethu behaves like the lord of the ascendant and gives only favourable results. Only when Kethu is placed along with the lords of 6 or 8 houses to ascendant and in a very problematic situation, would his results be negative to the six ascendants as indicated above.

However, with my long experience, I have realised Kethu to only behave beneficially to the ascendants, Kataka, Simha, Mesha, Vrischika, Dhanu and Meena.

I have indicated earlier that Vrischika, Kanya and Kumbha to be beneficial for placement of Kethu. Some scriptures indicate that Rahu’s placement to be beneficial from Mesha to Kanya and placement of Kethu in the six bhavas starting from Tula to Meena to be beneficial.

The subtlety in this is that though Rahu and Kethu are depicted as two planets, basically they are one and the same. They have the same body and soul.

Created from the shadow of Chandra, with a circular orbit, divided into two as the northern half and the southern half, one has been indicated to us as Rahu and the other as Kethu.

Depending on the orbit of Chandra, this path is not in the same plane with that of the earth and is separated by about 4 degrees.

If the orbit of earth and that of Chandra were in the same plane, there would have been eclipses on all the new moon and full moon days. Just because they are not uniplanar, do we have the top and bottom portions for Chandra’s path, indicated as the northern and southern halves.

In this, as the top or the northern portion of the path is Rahu, the head of the snake, the six zodiacal signs from Mesha to Kanya, also being the head portion of Kaalapurusha, it has been suggested to be powerful for placement of Rahu and the lower portion or southern portion of the path depicted as Kethu, the tail of the snake, is presumably strong in the zodiacal signs from Meena to Tula, which happen to be the  tail portion of Kaalapurusha.

As per this intricacy, Kethu, when placed in any of the ascendants from Tula to Meena, does not give any negative result.

If we look into the effect that Kethu would attribute to each of the ascendants, Kethu would give beneficial results when placed in angular houses 4, 7 or 10 and is associated with the 9th lord Guru, giving rise to “Kela or Koteeswara yoga”(favourable combination) to the Mesha ascendant.

Specifically, placement of Kethu in the ascendant, 4th or 7th houses being Mesha, Kataka or Tula gives exemplary results. When placed in the 9th house, Dhanu, along with Chandra, Sukra and Sani with sookshma (intricate) strength and when in 11th house, Kumbha, he would give good results to Mesha.

Kethu is not destined to give good results to the Rishaba ascendant. But when he is placed in Kanya, Vrischika or Kumba, depending on the associations, he could do some favours.

His placement in the 6th house of Tula would not give good results. As  Sukra, the lord of the Rishaba ascendant, also owns that house and since that house also happens to be his moolatrikon house,  the evil effects due to the functionalities of 6th house would be substantial.

Though Kethu would be unable to give beneficial results to the Mithuna ascendant, when placed in 4th house (Kanya) with Sani or solitarily in the 6th house (Vrischika) or in the 9th house (Kumbha) along with Guru  or Budha, would yield good results when his dasa is operational.

As the placement in the 7th house (Dhanu) and in the 10th house (Meena) with Sani attaining sookshma (intricate) strength is beneficial, when Kethu is placed in such configurations for the Mithuna ascendant, then he would turn to be a benefic and give good results during his dasa/bhukti. When Kethu is poised to give beneficial results, it is necessary for Mangal, the 6th lord, to also attain beneficence or sookshma (intricate)strength.

Kethu gives favourable results to Kataka ascendant. When placed in 3rd house (Kanya) or 5th house(Vrischika) solitarily or in association or aspect of Guru, benefits from Kethu could be expected. He would not give unfavourable results in the 8th house(Kumbha) barring association with Sani.

Kethu’s placement all alone in the 6th house (Dhanu) does not give favourable results. As this house is the moolatrikon house of Guru (6th lord), Kethu placed here would give the attributes of 6th house like debt, disease and enemy.

When will Kethu placed in the 6th house give evil results?

Though it has been indicated in our scriptures that placement of Rahu-Kethu in “Upachaya” houses or 3, 6 or 11 is favourable, this rule is generic only. Rahu-Kethu placed in these three houses do not give good results always.

The expertise of an astrologer lies in making predictions on the planets, based on the generic rules and combining them with all the associated intricate nuances.

To the Kataka ascendant, Guru is not a benefactor, inspite of owning the  9th house of fortune. He is only a benefic. As the planets holding dual ownerships, would present the results of their moolatrikon house predominantly, Guru would primarily present the results of 6th house only.

Also, when Guru is in direct contact with the 6th house, then the evil effects would be more. Specifically, the configurations when Guru is placed in his own 6th house, aspects the 6th house with placement in 2nd or 10th houses or placement in the 12th house, are all unfavourable for Kataka.

Another subtle prediction is that when Guru is placed in the 2nd house (Simha) and is strengthened due to intimate friendship, he would be placed in the 6th to the favourable (amongst the dual ownerships) 9th house, he would be placed in the Trinal house to the already evil 6th house and also aspect his evil 6th house, thereby would give extremely tormenting results with respect to debt, disease and enemies during his dasa (major period).

In such situations when Guru attains beneficence and Kethu is placed in his house, then as Kethu would reflect the behaviour of Guru, the generic rule as indicated in our scriptures, to expect good results from Kethu placed in 6th house would not happen and instead opposite results could only be foreseen.

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