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When Einstein, considered to be one of the world’s greatest scientists’ born so far, was questioned on whether, “god is present”.. he replied that “God is necessary”.

Some of the theories put forth by Einstein have made the human beings realize the god or take them closer to the god.

I have repeated time and again that astrology is a horological science. Those who do not believe in astrology would also accept that something about the future lies embedded in this magnificent art.

This truthful scientific art has been passed on by the great saints, who are also in a way the greatest scientists, who could connect to the almighty or the greatest energy in this universe, to pass on this great knowledge to us.

Modern day science believes that mankind is moving in the right direction towards decoding the birth of the universe.

Mankind that believes that we are progressing well towards proving the theory of “Big Bang”, wherein the universe is believed to be created from a massive explosive energy that erupted from almost an insignificant spot, is unable to explain the happenings in the first three minutes after the massive explosion. There is still a glitch in realising what could have happened initially in the beginning of the “Big Bang”.

If mankind could only decipher and understand what had happened in the first second then it means that he has identified the god. In one such interview on god that did Einstein spell out that, “Whether he is present or not, he is required”..

During the age of Einstein, that is until the last century, it was believed that the universe has three dimensions, namely, length, breadth and height.

That is, a living object can traverse in 3 directions, left-right, up-down and forward-backward. To explain it further, a human being could move leftwards, rightwards, upwards, downwards, forwards and backwards in all directions. These are the 3-dimensional coordinates defined as length, breadth and height.

Einstein, Scientist in Physics, who diverted the attention of human beings, indicated that when a human being travels with an unimaginable speed, then depending on the speed, the time within the vehicle he travels would shrink. This is his famous theory of relativity.

If we need to summarise this, apart from the three dimensions of length, breadth and height, he indicated “time” to be a 4th dimension.

Einstein has proved that if a human being could travel at very high speeds, almost matching the speed of light, nearing 3,00,000 kilometre per second, then his one hour would shrink to one minute.

This concept of shrinkage of one hour of time to a minute when a person travels at very high speed, has been realised and spelt out by our great sages (ancient scientists) in my most ancient and revered Hinduism.

In our Vedas, it has been indicated that our one year is equivalent to one day of Devas (celestial beings), our six months are equivalent to their one day and the other six months equivalent to one night.

Modern day science has also accepted the fact that to one who is travelling very fast in space, or to one in another dimension, there is a possibility of shrinkage of one year into a day.

Einstein, who propounded the theory of relativity, also indicated that light when it comes closer to a heavy object would not pass through and would  bend due to the inherent magnetic force in  the object.  This rule has certainly questioned our assumptions on the placement of some of the stars we are seeing. But, this fact could not be proved until his lifetime.

A few years after the demise of Einstein, during a solar eclipse, when the stars behind the Surya changed their positions, then the theory of bending of light could be proved and the world praised him posthumously.

His another “Theory of Everything” is also aimed at resolving the understanding on god. This theory says that “the basis of this enormous universe and that of the smallest atom” could be connected through a simple mathematical equation.

This is the same as what our great religion professes, “God is present within you too”. To explain it differently, it is the same as Atma (soul) as indicated in our Vedas.

Amongst the scientists who have tried to validate the “Theory of Everything” that was proposed by Einstein, Edward Witten has been successful towards validating this and publishing his results as “M theory”  about twenty years before.

The summary of this proposition is that while we have known that universe has three dimensions, we have also accepted the time to be the fourth dimension, as propounded by Einstein. Results from recent research conclude that there are totally eleven proven dimensions.

To explain the connection between understanding of the god and these dimensions through science, we need to understand the types of dimensions in the first place.

To understand a single-dimensional life from a two-dimensional life, imagine a vertical straight line and a line that cuts horizontally forming the shape of a “plus”.

In this straight line, a tortoise that is capable of moving only in the forward and backward direction slowly and can survive, see and feel. It cannot do anything else. It cannot believe even if you say that there is one more line beyond.

The hare, placed in the vertical line is a little more intelligent and faster than the tortoise. This two-dimensional hare could see the tortoise but the tortoise would be unable to see the hare. Only when the hare comes to the central point of intersection of both the lines, would the tortoise be able to see the hare.

Let us place a pencil at the central point of intersection of the lines connected in the shape of a “plus”. Let us assume that on top of the pencil is seated a three-dimensional eagle, that is faster than these two owing to its ability to fly.

Both the hare and tortoise would be unable to realise the presence of the eagle. Why this is present there is beyond the imagination of these animals. But the eagle could see both. Only when it flies down to the point of intersection of the two -dimensional lives that it could be seen by both of them.

We are in the same configuration as that of the eagle.

Cover the “plus” sign including the upward placed pencil, with a box. The fourth dimensional life would be enclosed within the box. The fact that souls of dead persons are presumed to be present  in this configuration is gaining acceptance.

In this dimension, souls of our ancestors would be taking invisible(intricate) body form and would be able to watch us as indicated by our religion.

At the same time, very rarely when they happen to cross the central point of the dimensional form, would they be visible to our eyes.

As indicated by me in the earlier paragraph, just like how the hare would not believe the presence of eagle and that tortoise would not believe the presence of either the hare or the eagle, it would be a little difficult for you to comprehend this aspect.

On top of this box keep placing the eleven “boxes” as indicated by modern science as dimensions.

Our religion, that is also the world’s greatest, has perfect clarity on what would happen to us after death with notions on twice the seven or fourteen lokas(worlds) like Vaikunta, Shivaloka etc. and their lords as our gods would start becoming visible to you. The subtlety in the ancestral worship could also be realised.

Kethu is the significator of such thoughts about god and the scientific knowledge.

Whatever has been indicated in this article do not belong to me. These are theories widely accepted by modern day scientists as scientific truths in this Century. What I have done is to only link this scientific truth with philosophy.

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