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Great Poet Kalidasa in his book “Uttarakalamirtha” has spelt out that when Rahu is seated in any of  the four dual signs like Mithuna, Kanya, Dhanu or Meena and associated with the owners of Angular and Trinal houses to the ascendant, then the native would enjoy authority and great wealth during their dasa.

It is a concealed secret that if in this configuration, the ascendant lord and Guru or Budha, the owner of the house that is occupied by Rahu is powerful, then the native would be bestowed with authority to wield power.

When Rahu is seated in Dhanu, he is termed as “Kothanda Rahu”.  This is because it has been told that in the horoscope of lord SriRama, Rahu is supposedly placed in the house of Dhanu and in order to remind us of the bow belonging to SriRam that was  called as “Kothanda” and since the symbol of Dhanu is also a bow, this name to denote the placement of Rahu in Dhanu came into being.

When Rahu in this configuration is conjoined or aspected by the lords of 6 or 8 or 12 then the beneficial results would decrease. Kalidasa indicates in the same sloka that the mother’s death or death of  a close maternal relative could be expected during the dasa of the Rahu, in such a configuration.

Kalidasa also adds that when Rahu and Kethu are seated in the evil houses like 6 or 8 or 12 and also are aspected or associated with their lords, then predominantly evil effects could only be expected during their dasa.

The intricacy to be understood here is that even if Rahu or Kethu happen to be placed in the evil houses like 6 or 8 or 12, they should not be aspected or associated by their lords.

As per the astrological saying, “Kettavan kettidil kittidum Rajayogam(when the malefic planet is weakened it gives rise to favours equivalent to that of being a king)”, if Rahu-Kethu that are placed in evil houses are giving negative results then they should have come in contact with the lords of those evil houses.

Rahu and Kethu never give bad effects when placed all alone in the evil houses, without the association of the lords of such houses.

Kalidasa adds that, when Rahu-Kethu placed in 6th or 8th or 12th houses and are conjoined with the owners of the houses or the maraka (death-inflicting) planets to the ascendant, then death could also be expected during their dasa-bhukti .

To the ascendants in moveable signs like Mesha, Kataka, Tula and Makara, the owners of 2nd and 7th houses, the owners of 3rd and 8th houses for fixed signs like Rishaba, Simha, Vrishcika and Kumba and similarly for the dual signs like Mithuna, Kanya, Dhanu and Meena, the owners of 7th and 12th houses are marakas or death-inflicting planets.

To explain this aspect further, whenever Rahu-Kethu are placed in 6th or 8th or 12th houses and also conjoin with the owners of Angular and Trinal houses, though gives happiness initially but later on leads to death  through accidents, weapons, diseases, water tragedy or suicide according to the great man, Kalidasa.

Rahu does not give such evil effects or death by mere placement in the abovesaid arrangement. It requires exceeding experience, predictive and calculation skills and more than anything the permission from divinity or in other words, the divine grace, for anyone to accurately time the death.

Five years back, while responding to a question from a reader from Sivakasi born in Mithuna ascendant, it could be predicted that he could not stay with his wife during the dasa of Guru and Bhukti of Rahu, though Guru was  in exaltation with Rahu placed  in the 7th house.

As the horoscope of the wife was not available, it was not possible to predict exactly whether his wife detested him or died, hence responded that “you would have been either separated from your wife or lost her during Guru dasa  and Rahu Bhukti.

Two days after the publication, the reader responded through a letter that, as you have rightly predicted my wife had passed away due to Tuberculosis(T.B.), during Guru dasa and Rahu Bhukti 15 years ago.

Similarly, more recently one senior citizen above eighty years, also knowledgeable in astrology had posed  a question in the “Maalaimalar Question Answer” Section as, “In my horoscope, owner of 8th house being  Guru, is placed in the 7th house and also since Rahu is placed in the ascendant, I am predicting that my end would come in the antara dasa(sub sub period) of Guru. Is this correct?”

I had replied, as Rahu would bestow the effects of the planets that glance him and also due to some other combinations in your horoscope that you would see the end  during the antara of Rahu,  about four months earlier to your prediction.

As he was born in a Simha ascendant with Marakadhipathi (lord of death) Guru, that had the aspect of Rahu and hence,  I had invoked the rule as given by Kalidasa here.

That old gentleman had cut and pasted this response from the article on to his diary, a made a note  to his family to meet me in person and convey his thanks and blessings in case his end happened as predicted by me.

After his demise during Rahu antara,  the family has accidentally seen the note and then visited me as a group.

Amongst them when one person narrated, “as the noon time of Tuesdays’ approach , my grandfather would become restless and trouble everyone seeking for “Maalaimalar”(newspaper). “Aditya Guruji..” was the name he often took during his last days. We are grateful to you for keeping our grandfather happy in his last days” , I was overwhelmed at the grace of the almighty.

An incident or an event does not happen due to a single planet. As I have written earlier,  it should not be construed that Rahu is the cause for the death rather as a combined effect of planets.

The rule of death infliction by Rahu as proposed by Mahapurusha Kalidasa is very generic. There are thousands of rules to predict the ultimate end of our lives in this great philosophy.

There are innumerable aspects in astrology like the strengths of ascendant, lord of the ascendant, 8th house, the lord of the 8th house, beneficence and maleficence of the significator of longevity, status of Sani to be considered  carefully for making a precise assessment of death. Hence, death should not be predicted based just on the basis of one single planet or maleficence of Rahu. Death would also not occur.

The saying of Kalidasa as above is only one of the rules for predicting death in astrology.

What is the opinion of Kalidasa on the exaltation and debilitation of Rahu and Kethu?

Kalidasa also adds to the diverse opinions on the exaltation and debilitation of Rahu and Kethu as indicated in all the scriptures.

Kalidasa indicates that Rahu and Kethu would have exaltation and debilitation at the same time with Rishaba, the house of exaltation of Rahu and Vrischika of that of Kethu and further adds that these planets become very powerful when they are exalted.

The ancient divine sages who preached astrology also are divided on this aspect. Specifically, even between a Guru (Teacher) and Sishya(Student) there are differences of opinion on the houses of exaltation, debilitation and ownership of Rahu and Kethu. When there are further advancements in astrology based on research, the differences on the houses of exaltation and debilitation of Rahu and Kethu would be quashed.

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