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I believe that the readers, who are following me in this series of articles on the shadow planets, Rahu and Kethu, from the beginning would have noticed one thing.

I appreciate the keen observation of the retired engineering college professor from Salem and readers from Udumalpet and Tuticorin, for pointing out this aspect.

That is, while most of our scriptures claim 3,6,11 houses to be favourable for the placement of Rahu and expect good results in such placements, in this series I have been insisting on only 3 and 11 houses to be the favourable placements for Rahu.

Our scriptures generally reveal the intricacies through veiled and pointed references.

I have highlighted this aspect in my article on “Badhakadhipathi patriya rahasiyangal (secrets about the lord of obstruction) that “Our sages are not teachers of mathematics to screw the ears and teach astrology”..

The art of astrology has to be preceded with abundant experience gained one step after the other. This is not a lesson in school to be memorised by thumping the chest. Here, only the basics would be explained. Only when the rest of the castle has to built,  over that with your experience would that be retained.

Just as a subject in M.A. cannot be taught to an LKG student, the intricacies cannot be understood by the beginners in astrology and hence our sages have configured them so well  that they could be understood one step after the other with growing experience.

Further, if it could be understood that whatever be the bhava(house), Rahu, when placed in Mesha, Rishaba, Kataka, Kanya or Makara would do good, then the fact that Rahu would give bad results if it is seated in the 6th house in  the signs as mentioned above, could also be deduced.

Kalidasa, who spelt out that the placement of Rahu in 3,6,11 gives favourable results in his book “Uttarakalamirtha”, further adds in another sloka that Rahu or Kethu placed in 6, 8,12 would initially give favours but later lead to extreme grief almost equivalent to death.

As the 6th house is indicative of litigation, gossip, accident, disease, debt, opponents etc., when a malefic like Rahu, with the character of spoiling a house that he is placed in, is occupying the house, then it was presumed to give benefits.

But, as per the rule that a benefic would strengthen the house he is placed in, when Rahu is placed with the aspect of a benefic, he is bound to become a total benefic and would strengthen the house in turn promote all the evils like litigation, accident, debt and disease.

If Rahu is seated in the 6th house, that too in a good sign like Mithuna, Tula, Dhanu or Meena with their owners Guru, Sukra and Budha also being powerful by way of exaltation and with the house also getting strengthened, then it is impossible to expect favourable results during the dasa of Rahu.

Frequently, Rahu seated in the 6th house would destroy the significations of the planets conjoined with him during his dasa/bhukti depending upon the closeness with the planet and the proximity of the association.

For example, if Mithuna is the 6th house with Budha attaining subathuva (beneficence) and Rahu is conjoined with Sukra, then during the dasa/bhukti of Rahu harmful effects to spouse could be expected. Similarly, if the 6th house is owned by a benefic, that is also associated with a powerful Mangal, then it would affect the brother and if in case with Sani, it would affect his longevity.

At the same time, if Rahu is placed solitarily in the house of a benefic and the owner of the house is powerful, then too Rahu would give unfavourable results of the 6th house. Good results cannot be expected.

Rahu is a natural malefic with a fraudulent nature, with the capability of pouring in the wealth through some means. If he is in a bad state, then he would deliver promising results. If he attains complete subathuva (beneficence), then there would be a confusion in his behaviour between being unable to give as per his natural instincts and results as per the characteristics of the house.

Also, if he has to give results as per his significations like earning money through dubious means, quick money, smart cheating etc. without the support or interference of anyone else, then he should necessarily be in the houses of Mesha or Rishaba or Kataka or Kanya or Makara.

Only if Rahu placed in the above houses, either solitarily or in association of anybody else, does he have the exclusive authority without being controlled by anybody.

At the same time, the intricacy in the placement of Rahu-Kethu in 3,11 houses, that have been especially highlighted by me in the beginning of this series, could be recapitulated.

That is, when Rahu or Kethu is placed in one of the two houses as indicated above, the other node would be seated in the beneficial trine, 5th or 9th house to ascendant and would be in a position to give away the functionalities of the houses generously, hence, the placement of Rahu and Kethu in 3 or 11 houses is well-acclaimed.

Intricacies of Rahu in Mesha and Makara

For the Rahu dasa to give extremely favourable results to anyone, it is important for thte owner of the house where Rahu is seated, to be in exaltation.

As per one’s horoscope,  if Mesha and Makara happen to be the 3 and 11 houses, supposedly special and favourable houses for Rahu in bestowing wealth surreptitiously and if the owner of these houses Mangal and Sani respectively get exalted, only then favourable results could be expected out of the dasa of Rahu.

At the same time, as I have explained earlier in “Papa grahangalin sookshma valu theory( intricate strength of malefic planets)”, that none of the malefic planets like Sani or Mangal should attain strength directly and if they happen to become powerful then they should occupy evil houses or should get weakened by some other means.

Accordingly, when Rahu is seated in the 11th house of Mesha to the Mithuna ascendants, then for Rahu to give favourable results during his dasa, Mangal needs to get exalted but that would be only in an evil house to the ascendant.

Similarly, to the Vrischika ascendant, Rahu’s placement in the 3rd house in Makara, its owner Sani would attain exaltation only by being in the  12th evil house. When Rahu is seated in the 3rd house to natives of Kumbha, its owner, Mangal would be exalted only in the 12th evil house to the ascendant.

Similarly, when Rahu is placed in the 11th hous e(Makara) to natives born in Meena, for Rahu dasa to bestow favourable effects, it is imperative for Sani to be in exaltation, which could happen only in the evil 8th house. These configurations of Rahu would clearly validate the facts in my treatise on “Papa grahangalin sookshma valu( intricate strength of malefic planets)” that the exaltation strengths of malefic planets are alone useful towards strengthening the dasas of planets seated in the houses owned by them.

Apart from these places, if we consider the favourable placement of Rahu in the 6th house, Makara is in the sixth  to Simha and so is Mesha to Vrischika. When Rahu is placed in this bhava(house), then the owners of the houses Sani and Mangal respectively, would attain exaltation only in yet another evil house(3rd house).

Also, in configurations when Rahu is seated in the houses of the malefic planets that attain exaltation in the houses evil to the ascendant, he would ensure amassing crores of rupees through hideous means.

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