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The fact that the planets Rahu and Kethu are referred as shadow planets is only due to the fact that they are not made up any material.

That means, Rahu and Kethu are simply illusions. They do not have a proper form. Though they are denoted as shadows, actually they are present as moving darkness beyond the earth.

The  meeting or cross over points of the orbit of earth around Surya and that of the expanding path of Chandra around earth have been denoted as Rahu and Kethu.

These two points can be connected by a straight line. In that context, it could be presumed that both the planets are one and the same. They can be assumed to be taking the shape of a bangle that has been placed in a slanting fashion.

The differences between Rahu and Kethu should be understood intricately. Rahu, that is present in the upward orbit of Chandra, with some specific characteristics and Kethu, that is present in the downward path of Chandra, also has some distinctive characteristics.

It should be noted that these two dark planets are capable of completely weakening all the seven planets including the lord of our astrology, the Surya. Rahu has a very specific capability of completely transforming the behaviour of a planet to its opposite.

Our scriptures attribute different types of acting and smart cheating as the two important significations of Rahu.

In the modern times, Rahu is responsible for one to act in the movies or appear in visual media like television.

For anyone with Rahu associated with Sukra and Chandra or Rahu placed in one of his favourable houses, the native would make public appearances and become prominent during the dasa of Rahu.

Rahu also drives one to make “white-collared crimes” or crimes for gaining wealth. As lottery and other types of gambling can be classified as smart cheating, Rahu when placed in good houses would give enormous gain in money through these avenues during his dasa.

Rahu is responsible for one to gain through speculation or share trading. The shortcuts in earning money through the recent proposals like emu hatching, poultry, luring people with more interest, cheating by giving wrong promises of giving money through ladies self-help groups, teak plantation, herbal plantation etc. are all the result of Rahu.

At the same time, if Rahu that is giving such wrong ideas and stealthy programmes is aspected or associated with a benefic, then the native would escape with a small punishment from the clutches of law.

Also, during the dasa of Rahu, a person would be interested in astrology and spirituality. Some would gain the opportunity of learning astrology or some other language during the dasa or bhukti of Rahu.

Specifically, a powerful Rahu would drive the native to learn “black magic” like sorcery, witchcraft etc. Rahu placed in the house of a benefic and aspected by a benefic would lead the native to become a famous astrologer during his dasa.

When Rahu is placed in a moveable sign (Mesha, Kataka, Tula or Makara) with the house being the 3rd or 11th from the ascendant, with the owner of the house is exalted and Rahu being seated in the star of either the 5th or 9th lord, then during Rahu dasa, it is certain that the native would gain hundreds of crores during the dasa of Rahu, how much ever poor background he comes from.

I have analysed horoscopes right from the beginning with such configurations, wherein an ordinary worker gets introduced to the family of the top-level management and has amassed several crores of rupees as on date.

Also, Rahu would drive one to pursue at foreign countries or other states during his dasa and bhukti.

During the era when astrology was born, as India was split into 56 countries, places like Hyderabad, Mumbai or northern India like Delhi, are all foreign countries as per astrology.

Rahu and Kethu powerfully placed in moveable signs, would send the natives to outside areas during their dasa and bhukti. An important signification would be towards learning a different language like English or Hindi, getting attracted and becoming friendly to members of other religions could be expected. In some cases, Rahu would denote Islam and Kethu would denote Christianity.

Finally, I would share an important intricacy about Rahu dasa that has been permitted to be understood by the almighty, before concluding this article.

During Rahu dasa, there would be a “turning-point” after Sukra bhukti. If the native has been enjoying beneficial results until Sukra bhukti, then during the last three bhuktis of  Surya, Chandra and Mangal contradicting results could be expected.

If Rahu dasa was giving very bad results earlier, Rahu would give a slight breather and little comfort during the three bhuktis indicated above. This can also be felt in the antaras (minor sub-period) during the dasa of Rahu. This could be due to the fact that Surya, Chandra and Mangal are inimical to Rahu.

Rahu would always consider Surya and Chandra as bitter enemies. As during eclipse, only Rahu and Kethu possess the ability to cover the original illumination leading to darkness, it was made-up that Rahu and Kethu are inimical to Surya and Chandra.

Only to explain this did our sages, coined a story that Rahu and Kethu, while tasting the nectar generated from milky ocean, were pinpointed by Surya and Chandra and were then torn apart as head and tail.

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