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A subtle point is that when Rahu is placed along with the planet owning the house good results cannot be expected, even if it happens to be the 3rd or 11th houses.

That is because, if you are residing in your own house strongly and you have an aggressor in the same house. What will you do…?

Would you also not resist the aggression ….?

What if the enemy is also powerful…? Both of you would be tiring with war, with he unable to win over you, you unable to chase him out and stay in the same house exchanging stiff glances at each other…

It is something similar to that….

As the owner of the house occupied by Rahu is powerfully seated in the same house and is resisting his presence, Rahu would be unable to deliver favourable results. Due to the invasion of the shadow planets the owner of the house would also be restrained from giving good results.

But, when a debilitated planet gets associated with Rahu, as he is already fragile, he would surrender completely to Rahu, who would grab the functionalities of the planet, without having anyone to resist and bestow the effects as per the house in which they are placed.

Amongst the nine planets, Rahu alone poses extreme difficulties to astrologers in judging and assessing his status.

When placed in certain configurations, it would be really challenging for astrologers to predict whether the dasa of Rahu would be beneficial or not. It adds up further, when Rahu and Kethu are placed in their own star.  Prediction becomes next to impossible. We could see further in the forthcoming Chapters, on how to predict the significations of Rahu and Kethu, when they are seated in their own stars.

Another significant aspect of Rahu is that if in a family more than one person is running the dasa of Rahu, then separation, sorrow, death and poverty would be inevitable in the family.

Since Rahu is darkness, when a majority of the family members are running the dasa of Rahu, it means that the family by itself is in the darkness. The exceptions to this theory are when Rahu is placed in Mesha, Rishaba, Kataka, Kanya and Makara.

If Rahu or Kethu dasa runs concurrently for more than one in the family and they are not placed in one of the houses as mentioned above, then there would be more misfortunes in the family.

If any native is suffering in Rahu dasa, inspite of Rahu being placed in favourable positions as indicated in our scriptures, then an analysis of the horoscopes of the other members of the family would reveal one of them also undergoing the same Rahu dasa concurrently…

In my experience I have seen the entire family disintegrating due to poverty and other issues, when Rahu dasa or bhukti is operational to mother, father and children.

In match making, I am particular that Rahu dasa is never operational at the same time to both of them in the future.

The other subtlety indicated in our scriptures is that most often it is Rahu and Kethu that functionalise the theory of significator when occupying the functional house, “Karako Bhava Nasti (significator placed in the functional house would destroy the functionality)” .

For example, Mangal is the significator of siblings. When he is placed powerfully in the 3rd house devoid of aspect of a benefic, then during his dasa separation or loss of siblings and problems from siblings could be resulted.

As Mangal dasa is operational for 7 years, it is very difficult to estimate the exact time period wherein he would give the negative results with respect to siblings, during these 7 years.

In such situations, if Rahu or Kethu occupies the house of Mangal or is aspected by Mangal or associated with Mangal in any form, then severe effects like loss of siblings could happen during their bhuktis.

Additionally, if Rahu or Kethu are connected to 6th or 8th houses, then they would cause the demise of siblings and would facilitate the “Karako Bhava Nasti((significator placed in the functional house would destroy the functionality)” with full vigour.

It must also be noted that just like Sukra dasa,  Rahu dasa too  does not give favourable results when operational at a very young age. That too, Rahu dasa in school going age would remove the desire for learning in the youngster.

With this configuration, the student is likely to skip education and show more interest in sports and entertainment. In certain situations, Rahu dasa operating at a younger age would cause obstacles to education.

You must have heard of the proverbs like, “Kutty Sukran kudiyai kedukkum”(Sukra(dasa) at an young age would ruin the family) and “Kutty Sukran kotti kavizhkkum”(Sukra(dasa) at an young age would spoil)…

Why means….

Sukra is responsible for lust.  Sukra dasa at an age that is not physically conducive enough for lust/love, would only lead to mental disturbances through unexplainable sexual drives.

As Sukra dasa that is operational at a very young age, when the body is not ready to cope up the lust and the mind is also immature, would constantly keep triggering the native with thoughts of lust and love and force him seek through illegitimate means, our scriptures strongly advocate the running  of Sukra dasa only at around the middle age when one can really enjoy the lust and love.

In the same context, Rahu is a planet for indulgence in one sense and a smart thief in another perspective. Rahu would give the capability to cheat people, who would voluntarily get trapped and return happily without realising that they have got cheated.

As the two states as mentioned above, indulgence and cheating is not possible for anyone in  their young ages, Rahu dasa that is operational at an young age is useless.

As in the young age, we do not have any other challenge other than schooling, operation of a contradicting dasa of Rahu, the bestower of indulgence, would lead to effects like hurdles in education, lack of education etc..

Another important contribution of Rahu and Kethu is towards introduction of romance at a very young age to the extent of driving her to lose her chastity in the name of love.

Parents of children in the final school leaving or college going ages, with Rahu or Kethu seated in the houses of Sukra with Rahu or Kethu dasa or bhukti operational or the dasas or bhuktis of 6th or 8th house lords associated with Sukra should be extremely careful.

In such configurations, the serpentine planets would divert the girls towards adolescent emotions. It is during this period that a man is understood. Also, the dasa or bhukti of Rahu or Kethu seated in the 6th or 8th house or the dasa or bhukti of Rahu or Kethu that gets associated with the 8th lord would certainly lead to cheating of a girl during romantic encounters.

It is the evil game of Rahu and Kethu for a young girl to choose an inappropriate partner, who is not suitable and is inferior in all possible ways only to offer her body, soul to him  and to elope with him to ultimately lose her life.

Is a very well-educated girl in love with a poorly educated mechanic or auto driver or a vagabond …? Seek the horoscope of the girl. It would certainly have Rahu and Kethu connected to the 8th house or its lord.

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