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In transits, just as the placement of a malefic Sani in the moon sign and also a house before and after could affect any native, Rahu too affects the three consecutive signs of zodiac during his transitory placement.

Sani is a dark planet like Rahu. But it is a planet made of gaseous matter. That means that Sani is not made of solid materials like mud, rocks etc. Amongst the five elemental planets, he is weightless as he is composed of entirely of gaseous matter.

The density of Sani is lesser than that of water. If you happen to push it into an ocean bigger than its size, it would simply float. As being placed very much away from the Surya, he gets very less solar radiation and also since his reflective index is also very low, he happens to be a dark planet.

Just like the gloomy Sani impacts the zodiac sign wherever he is placed during transit including those signs before and after,  as the Sade-sati or 7.5 Sani, Rahu, the other gloomy planet, also affects the sign in which he is placed including the ones before and after during transit to give adverse results to the native.

But the severity of effects with Rahu would be much less than that could be expected from Sade-sati. One of the reasons for this is possibly because he  is a shadow planet, devoid of any matter.

As our scriptures have embedded concepts,  within the  writings of the sages that Rahu and Kethu are expected to give favourable results when placed in 3rd or 11th lies the hidden interpretation that  in such placements their counterparts(Rahu when it is Kethu and Kethu when it is Rahu) would occupy the diametrically opposite houses that are favourable houses to the ascendant, namely 9th or 5th and would shower beneficial aspects on to the 3rd and 11th houses respectively.

That means, when Rahu is placed in the 3rd house, Kethu would be seated in the 9th house of fortune and would try to derive the best results out of Rahu. When Rahu is placed in the 11th, Kethu would be placed in 5th , bestowing the favourable results of that house.

I will reveal another intricacy…

While predicting about Rahu, it is appropriate to assess the placement, nature and focus of the house occupied by Kethu and similarly while predicting about Kethu,  considering the place, nature and focus of the house occupied by Rahu to make accurate predictions.

Rahu and Kethu, do not give results based on the star lords in the first place, whereas the remaining seven planets would give the results primarily based on the star lord on which they are seated. Based on my long years of research, I can vouch on this with utmost certainty. This truth can be further ascertained by comparing several different types of horoscopes.

Rahu, Kethu primarily…..

Would give the results of planets associated with them, followed by the owner of the house in which they are placed, then the planet aspecting them followed by the star lord on which they are seated and finally on the planets seated in angular houses to them or the planets seated on the stars owned by them. The expected results in their dasa would be in the same sequence…

We are always able to feel the presence of other planets. We are able to visualise them with naked eye on the skies. But, Rahu and Kethu could be seen only during eclipses.

Strangely, the debate on whether the almanac casted by “thirukkanitha(Drik)” or that by Vakya method is correct, could be concluded in favour of “thirukkanitha(Drik)” only with the help of Rahu and Kethu.

There is a difference in the degrees of placement of planets as indicated in the Vakya and Thirukkanitha(Drik) almanacs. The placement of Rahu and Kethu would also be different in both the almanacs. This difference is due to arithmetic errors carried over from earlier days in the making of Vakya almanac. There is no absolutely no connection whatsoever to the ancient sages on such mistakes. It is purely and entirely upon the people who took to cast the almanac by the Vakya method.

It is impossible for any human being to verify of the degrees of planets as told by either Thirukkanitha(Drik) or Vakya and is perhaps only  possible by taking the viswaroopa(huge) incarnation of Maha Vishnu and measuring by exact placements by sitting on the sky. This is impossible.

But, eclipse is the only event that makes us realise the position of planets from the earth. It is true that if the positions of Rahu and Kethu are changed even slightly then the eclipsing of Surya and Chandra would not occur at the suggested time.

As the Vakya almanac is erroneous, there can never be any eclipse as per the calculations indicated in that almanac.  As they have realised that eclipses do not occur at the time they calculate, the exact time of eclipse is alone copied from thirukkanitha(drik) almanacs and published in theirs. Hence, in reality the period for eclipse as indicated in the Vakya almanac is based  entirely on Thirukkanitha(drik) calculations.

Rahu and Kethu with association or aspect of two malefic planets Sani and Mangal would give very severe results. But, when Rahu  is associated at a time when the duo are in debilitation, say in Mesha and Kataka respectively,  the results are unfavourable to a lesser extent.

Also, the two configurations, namely, when the shadow planets are associated with the malefic owners of 8th house or the Rahu-Kethu are themselves placed in the 8th house with the aspect of malefic planets give disastrous results.

The dasa of Rahu and Kethu in these configurations would give adverse results. These configurations are applicable not only by counting from ascendant but also from Chandra too.

Another subtle point is that when in a horoscope the lord of ascendant is totally decimated and Rahu and Kethu  are placed in the ascendant without any connection with the ascendant lord and their dasa is operational, then both the physical and mental health would be affected. The situation would further worsen if the lord of the ascendant is associated and controlled by malefic planets.

When Rahu is connected to the lord of the ascendant and that of the 8th house at the same time, then he pushes the native to commit suicide. When one decides to end his life through a suicide, his lord of 8th would have been closely associated and weakened by Rahu.

In the arrangement as mentioned above, when the lord of the 8th house is a malefic planet and is also connected with the lord of 6th house, then the suicide could well transform to a tragic accident.

When Rahu and Kethu get placed in any bhava(house) then they start taking charge or controlling the functionalities of the house, nature of the lord of the house and his functionalities.

In certain specific situations, the lord of the house occupied by Rahu would lose the ability to give away the functionalities of the house and also his own significations. At the same time, Rahu during his dasa would bestow the functionalities of that house and the significations of the lord of the house.

Also, if the dasa of the lord of the house occupied by Rahu is not expected to be operational in the lifetime of the native, then the functionalities of the house are entirely controlled by the shadow planets placed there.

The same is the case with the planet associated with Rahu….! The functionalities of the houses owned and the significations of the planets associated with Rahu are entirely given by Rahu during his dasa.

Another inference is that the lord of the house occupied by Rahu would give contradictory results during his dasa.  Rahu-Kethu are responsible for the confusion in the predictions of the astrologer that a certain dasa that is not expected to give good results giving benefits while the dasa that is expected to give bad results giving good results.

Before making predictions on the  effects of the dasa of a planet, it would be wise to assess whether Rahu and Kethu are seated in that house to spoil the house and then make a prediction on the dasa accordingly.

For example, Mangal dasa does not deliver favourable results to Mithuna ascendants. As Mangal is the owner of the  evil 6-11 houses and he is also not liked by the lord of the ascendant, Budha, the first 3.5 years of his dasa would give the results of 6th house which is expected to be extremely troublesome to the native.

But, if Rahu is seated along with Sani in the 6th house(Vrischik) and Mangal is placed anywhere in the horoscope, his dasa does not give adverse results of the 6th house.

That is because Rahu is influencing the evil effects of the 6th house and moreover the placement of two malefic planets spoils the 6th house. Hence, the dasa of Mangal would do good.

Unable to comprehend? Please read patiently once or twice, then it would be understood….!

At the same, the Rahu dasa that succeeds would give drastically bad results. It is not astonishing if the native is brought down to the streets in the dasa of Rahu.

This is because Rahu is placed in the house of Mangal. He gains exalted powers when in Vrischik. (According to my “Papa grahangalin sookshma valu( intricate strength of malefic planets) theory” if the malefic planets have to give beneficial results, then they should not attain sthanabala(positional strength). The association of the 8th lord Sani is an additional phenomenon. Hence, Rahu would totally give all the functionalities of 6th house during his dasa.

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