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Kaala Sarpa Dosha (malefic combination of the snake planets) is one of the controversial topics amongst the very many in astrology.

 Astrologers consider the formation of Kaala Sarpa Dosha when all the remaining seven planets are engulfed within Rahu and Kethu.

It is said by different astrologers that the natives with such a configuration would suffer for the first 35 years of age and then would raise to very great levels and many more such contradicting predictions.

My conclusion on Kaala Sarpa dosha is based on the intricate analysis of over 10000 horoscopes spanning more than 30 years of my astrological research, is that it is not a dosha(malefic combination) at all.

The configuration of Kaala Sarpa Dosha is only an exaggeration in reality.

Is someone’s childhood not good? No reasons could be deduced? Are all planets engulfed within Rahu and Kethu?.. then blame them… is what is the conclusion..

This Kaala Sarpa dosha(malefic combination) is of two types, namely the one with Rahu on the lead with the seven planets following ending with Kethu and in the second with Kethu on the lead with seven planets following only to end with Rahu.

As I have taken it upon me to prove to you that astrology is not a mere predictive science but the one which has a profound scientific basis and that I would believe in every yoga (favourable combination) or dosha(malefic combination) after thoroughly analysing them to in order to understand their intricacies, firmly believe that this Kaala Sarpa dosha is an inclusion by subsequent practitioners of astrology.

To put it precisely, there is no such subject called as Kaala Sarpa Dosha. I can prove this point by taking plenty of horoscopes as examples.

Then how is this phrase being uttered by astrologers,  is possibly because this is considered as an extension to the “Grahamaalika yoga”(Favourable combination of planets arranged as a garland) as foretold by our sages  only  to be contained within Rahu-Kethu in a similar fashion and unmindfully attributing evil effects to such a combination without any research or analysis.

Why  is it that I am vehemently discarding this Kaala Sarpa yoga is because a few astrologers have written that a native with this dosha would suffer in extreme poverty upto 35 years of age after which the situation would take an diametrically opposite turn to elevate the native to great heights.

The point that has to noticed here is that, for a person to suffer during a particular phase and enjoy comforts after a certain age is all attributable only to the operational dasas and bhuktis(major and sub periods)  and has nothing to do with  the arrangement of planets in the horoscope.

For example, to a native born in Meena ascendant and also Meena  as the moon sign with Kaala Sarpa dosha in place, then at 35 years when the effects of the dosha would start fading  away, if the native would be running the dasha of 8th lord Sukra at that time, followed by the dasha of the 6th lord, Surya placed in his own house until  about 59 years, can anything favourable at all be expected after 35 years?

These effects could have been possibly written by someone without proper research merely based on the gains of an odd native with this Kaala Sarpa dosha, who suffered until 35 years due to some evil combinations or bad dasa and has become  successful subsequently. All the astrologers have accepted this example and are making a mountain out of a mole.

There are some astrologers who have written treatises challenging that this dosha is functional even if either the ascendant or moon sign or even one of the remaining planets are outside the Rahu-Kethu axis.

It is an aspect not stressed greatly by our sages in the scriptures, but has been greatly exaggerated by the astrologers subsequently,  who have misinterpreted their writings and a flock of unmindful followers adapting these explanations, awestruck by their great names without even attempting to analyse the truth.

To add further, the horoscope of Late Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru is being cited as an example of this dosha indicating that he suffered upto 35 years of age. There cannot be any further stupidity.

Nehru was born to one of the most affluent families of India in those days. He was brought up as a prince right from his childhood.

At times when there were only a few hundred cars in the whole of India, history says  that during his college days four cars would be parked at four gates as they were not aware through which gate he would exit.

It is very cruel to consider the man, who has grown up with such pomp, to be the example of sufferings of Kaala Sarpa Dosha until 35 years. It is only because of such exaggerated and unsubstantiated statements by a few that the genuineness of astrology becomes questionable.

A general theory in astrology is that any configuration could become a general rule that is acceptable to all either as a yoga(favourable) or dosha(unfavourable) combination, if only more than 80% of the population experienced and vouched for that.

For example, it is general rule in astrology that during the periods of Sade-sati(7.5 years Sani) or  Sani when placed in 8th house only conflicting results could be expected to the mankind. This rule is permanent and has been proposed by the sages. While reading this passage, you would recall the difficult experiences you underwent during the period of Sade-sati(7.5 years Sani).

But, Kaala Sarpa Dosha cannot be considered as a permanent rule similarly.   I would be able to produce the horoscopes of a number of natives with this configuration who have led a happy life until 35 years but suffered later due to the operational dasa(major period)/bhuki(sub-period) or lived an entire life satisfyingly or spent the whole life struggling.

At the same time even if such a configuration of Kaala Sarpa Dosha did not exist and all the planets were connected with Rahu, he would be solely responsible for all the favours and evil effects the natives would beget. But this cannot be termed as Kaala Sarpa Dosha.

For example, if in a horoscope all the planets or planets supposed to give beneficial results are seated in the stars owned by Rahu-Kethu and Rahu-Kethu do not attain subathuva(beneficence) or sookshma(intricate) strength and only have maleficence, then the native would never lead a peaceful life. Also, all the aspirations in his life would be delayed.

In such rare situations, I have been able to ascertain based on my analysis of several horoscopes that the natives have faced many hurdles when ascendant and most of planets were seated on Rahu’s Arudra, Swathi or Satabisha and Kethu’s Aswini, Magha or Moola stars.

In such situations, it is imperative for Rahu and Kethu to be placed in unfavourable positions in the horoscope to give such unsatisfactory results.

There can be some special configurations when all the seven planets are in contact with Rahu. In such situations when ascendant is also under aggression by Rahu, then the native would not be able to fulfil even routine aspirations like education, career, marriage, children birth at appropriate ages and sometimes would never  be able to accomplish them at all.

For example, the following horoscope may be considered:

The planetary configuration in the horoscope is as on 22 May 2012.

Here, the five planets namely, Surya, Chandra, Budha, Sukra and Guru are associated with Kethu, also aspecting  Rahu and Mangal, and Sani  glance Rahu with their 4th and 3rd aspects respectively. This means that all the seven planets are connected to Rahu in this configuration.

As Chandra happens to be in the star of Rohini that is  followed by Mrigasira, a child born in this configuration is bound to have Rahu dasa(major period) at an appropriate age.

In this horoscope, Rahu ‘s placement in Vrischik, does not make him benefic. Moreover, Rahu is seated in the house belonging to Mangal, aspected by Sani and is not expected to give favourable results.

Hence, in such configurations when Rahu is not seated in favourable houses to the ascendant and is aspected by almost all the planets, then he would be aggressive  and give utmost negative effects during his dasa(major period).

Only in such circumstances is that Rahu is expected to give unfavourable results during his dasa and it is grossly inappropriate to presume that in a horoscope  a mere placement of planets before and after Rahu or Kethu  to give unfavourable results until 35 years.  As indicated earlier, an odd person could have suffered due to certain other configurations also being present in the horoscope. This is not applicable to one and all.

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