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Further to my explanations in the previous chapter on the upliftment and downsizing of an individual as bestowed by Rahu dasa, now in this chapter we can see about the elevations that Rahu as the Rajayogadhipathi( provider of bliss equivalent to making of a king) can take the native to.

For Rahu to give a favour to one equivalent to making of a king during Rahu dasa, the important criterion is that he should be placed in one of the five houses of either Mesha or Rishaba or Kataka or Kanya or Makara.

Our scriptures further stress the need for these houses to be the upachaya houses like 3,6, 10 or 11 with respect to ascendant or moon sign.

My principal teacher and the one who had created thousands of astrologers like me, the greatest and incomparable jewel bequeathed to the tamil astrology in this century, Jothisha Vachaspati, Deivagna Sironmani, Athur Shri Mu. Madheswaran sir has also indicated  in his premier book on astrological findings that in addition to the upachaya houses, placement of Rahu in 12th house also gives rise to Raja yoga( configuration leading to making of a king).

Hence, as indicated earlier, Rahu would bestow the Rajayoga when placed in the houses of Mesha, Rishaba, Kataka, Kanya or Makara and if they happen to be 3,6,10,11 or 12 houses from either the ascendant or the moon sign.

If Rahu is placed in anyone of the houses as indicated above and the owner of the house attains subathuva(beneficence), Rahu also being associated with a benefic within a certain degree, aspected by a benefic, seated on a good star and further placed with a beneficial strength in the navamasa would elevate the native to almost become a king.

Also, since it is true that Rahu would grab the strength of the planets he is associated with and bestow their functionalities during his dasa,   if he is associated with benefics then he would himself bestow their beneficial results fully by virtue  of ownership and functional aspects.

During the period of a powerful Rahu one would gain strength equivalent to that of one thousand elephants. The native would be placed in an unchallengeable and unconquerable state. Such a dasa of a powerful Rahu would make the native very popular in the society and elevate him to great heights.

Keeping these facts in mind that I had indicated in the first chapter on Rahu that he is the bestower of unfathomable fame as like for an ordinary Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi to become Mahatma Gandhi and for the one who was totally disinterested in politics to gain the leadership of the masses and to rule for ten continuous years, whose glory refuses to die down even till date.

I have given a supreme rajayoga horoscope here.

This is the true horoscope of a  native with a “Ponmanam”(golden heart)  who was born in a simple poverty stricken family, grown with excruciating hunger pangs and who later on ensured that everyone entering his home would not leave without having a morsel.

He is indeed the greatest king of kings, once during his regime, when was travelling from home to his official palace, ordered the convoy to return back  to home realising that one of the press persons in one of the following cars had not had his food.

This handsome man, leading a nomadic life in the early years and becoming a ruler of the hearts of Tamilians in the later part of his life, would have been worshipped as one of the deities had he been born 500 years ago.

Though his birthdate is known to be January 17 of 1917 to the outside world, persons close to him were aware that his true birthdate is January 11 of 1916.

According to the horoscope of this king, he is born in a Kanya ascendant  with Revati as the star and Meena as the moon sign. The ascendant lord Budha and Sukra are powerfully placed in “Dharma karmadhipathi yoga” (beneficial combination of the lords of 9th and 10th houses) with a friendly composure in the 5th house. Rahu is also conjoined with them.

As per the rule that for one to shine gloriously in the tinsel world and to attract the masses, an association of Sukra with Rahu is necessary, in his horoscope too Sukra and Rahu are conjoined not too closely and are separated by 8 degrees.

Though he was born with a balance of 9 years of Budha dasa with the ascendant lord Budha placed favourably in the 5th house, since Budha is associated with Rahu within about 3 degrees, he could not even complete school education and also his childhood was poverty stricken.

At the same, even though Budha is weakened due to association of Rahu, since he is in mutual exchange with Sani placed in 10th house, he gained the strength of ownership and since the ascendant is aspected by natural benefics like Guru with ownership status along with waxing Chandra, the ascendant and its lord were strengthened to give rise to the  Raja yoga.

In the series on “Jothidamenum Deva Rahasiyam”(Astrology-the Divine Secret) while describing the intricacies of Surya in the earlier articles, I had written that for one to be a part of government, Surya should be connected to the 10th house of either ascendant or moon sign and also be placed at an angle from Chandra.

In  his horoscope too, the same configuration of Surya being placed in the 10th house from moon sign aspecting the 10th house from ascendant led to his connection to politics from very young age and ultimately reaching the throne in the dasa of Rahu, who Is associated with the “Dharma karmadhipathis”(lords of 9th and 10th houses).

Also, it is significant that this Rahu is placed in Makara, the 5th house from ascendant but 11th house from the moon sign, conforming to the strictures laid down by our learned sages.

Mangal, the owner of the 3rd house indicating fame, is placed in his favourite and very friendly Simha house, aspecting  his own (3rd) house  to strengthen it. Also, the aspect of a powerful Guru onto the 3rd house led to his gaining unfathomable fame.

In the 5th house of progeny, Rahu is seated in close association with the owner of the house, Sani, placed by mutual exchange and also since Kethu is placed in 5th house from the moon sign, he could not have children or successors. Also  the association of Guru, the significator of progeny along with another benefic, Chandra has given rise to Badhakadhipathya(ownership of evil house) and also the kendradhipathiya (negative effects due to seating of the lord of angular house in his house) leading to a configuration that gives negative results with respect to marriage and progeny.

Having experienced a very difficult living upto about 20 years,  he  got introduced in movies in 1936 after the completion of Sukra dasa(major period) and bhukti(sub-period). Though he made an entry to the tinsel world in the very beginning of Sukra dasa, he could not shine  for about 20 years until the Sukra dasa got over in 1952. This could be attributed to Sukra being in a debilitated state in the navamsa (9th divisional chart).

Only in the period of Surya, the best friend of his ascendant lord,   beyond 1952 could he take up the lead roles and establish himself.

As per the rule that if the lord of a dasa should be favourable, then the owner of the house in which he is placed has to be in his own house or in an exalted state, his fortunes began to rise from the period of a benefic Surya, who was placed in the house of Guru, who was also placed in his own house.

During the dasa of Chandra (1958-1968), which is seated in the house of Guru along with him and in the star of the ascendant lord, Budha, he did become an indomitable force in Cinema industry and Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu had totally surrendered to his charisma during the 10 years of the  glorious dasa of the blemishless Chandra associated with Guru, placed in his own house devoid of any maleficence and a highly benefic glorious waxing Chandra aspecting the ascendant. The entire Tamil Nadu longed to look at his face in the movie as well as in person.

It was during this time that the leader of the party he belonged to said, ”Brother, a mere display of your face to public is more rewarding to the party than the funds you are giving”.

During 1968 to 1975 in the dasa of Mangal, the events took a turn for the worst. Mangal being the lord of the 8th house started giving rise to problems. As the lord of the 8th was placed in the 12th house indicating foreign travel, he travelled world wide to earn the title of “Ulagam Chuttrum Valiban”(youngster going around the world).

As Mangal was placed in the 12th house indicating expenditure, he expended his properties for the sake of commencing a new party in politics. There were very serious difficulties till the dasa of Mangal got over.

By the end of 1974, with the commencement of the Raja yoga dasa of Rahu, a favourable breeze started blowing in. Rahu placed along with the Dharmakarmadhipathis (lords of 9th and 10th houses) also in the star of Chandra, began to elevate him much more than what could be done during the dasa of Chandra.

As the corollary that Rahu would grab the strength of planets he would be associated with and shower on to the native during his dasa, Rahu that eclipsed the ascendant lord within about 3 degrees, transformed himself to take up the roles of ascendant lord and the Dharmakarmadhipathis (lords of 9th and 10th houses) to lead him to the royal throne.

By the end of the own bhukti of Rahu in 1977, he became the king with the overwhelming mandate of the people. During the bhukti of Sani in 1980, there was a small slip but then he recovered only to be re-elected to form the government. During the bhukti of the ascendant lord that has been eclipsed within 3 degrees by Rahu, his health was affected and the entire world prayed for his well being.

During the bhukti of the ascendant lord placed along with Rahu in a moveable sign, he was flown to a foreign country for treatment and even being there he could win the throne once again due to the Rajayoga Rahu.

But, as per the rule that the Rahu and Kethu placed in Kendra(angular) and Kona(trinal) houses and not in upachaya houses are prone to giving death along with the Rajayoga, during the bhukti of Sukra  (debilitated in Navamsa), the significator of death, who owns the second house from ascendant and  3rd and 8th house from moon sign, this great king attained a glorified life.

This explanation is of the Rajayoga Rahu dasa of a leader of the masses, whose glory has not faded even after 30 years of his death and is bound to be alive for some more centuries.

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