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In the previous chapters, I had indicated that for one to gain the ability to speak publicly on stage, succeed in cinema, become popular suddenly and to  rise to great heights  very quickly, starting from a simple lifestyle could all be attributed to Rahu dasa(major period).

Here, we would see further description on the main functionalities of Rahu, to be earnings through deceitful or dubious means, as indicated in our scriptures .

Our scriptures indicate that the most important functionality of Rahu is in earning money through dishonest means. He would aid one in amassing wealth such that the route of earnings cannot be frankly and boldly disclosed to anyone.

Rahu would aid one to misuse his authority or his post to earn money illegally. When Rahu is placed in an abundantly beneficial status, then the native would even escape the judicial proceedings and punishment.

As Rahu would reflect the sins and blessings carried forward from the previous birth, he would attribute luxurious living to the ones who have done good deeds in their previous birth and his placement in the horoscope would be in accordance to that.

This arrangement could be expected when Rahu is seated in Mesha or Rishaba or Kataka or Kanya or Makara and the owner of the house is placed very powerfully or when all the planets in the horoscope are connected to Rahu in some way.

At the same time it is indicated in our scriptures that though a person enjoys a luxurious life in this birth due to his providence,  he would have to suffer for the mistakes he commits in this life in his subsequent  birth.

In Kaliyuga, as it is Rahu who is responsible for anyone to amass wealth along with name and fame and possession of wealth  in enormity by illegal means can be expected only in the dasa(major period) of Rahu.

Also as Rahu would taken upon himself to bestow the significations of the owner of the house he is placed in, the significations of the planet that he is associated with, the significations of the planet that aspects him and the significations of the planets placed in 4th and 10th angular positions, when a majority of the planets are connected to Rahu then one can expect ” ups or downs” during his dasa.

It is also extremely difficult to predict the results from Rahu in such situations.

I have given a sample horoscope below. This is not a true horoscope. As my intention is to only explain about Rahu in a simplified manner, I have modified  the original horoscope accordingly.

In this horoscope,  Mesha being the ascendant with Rahu placed in the 1st house, Chandra in the 4th house, Surya, Sukra, Budha and Kethu  placed in the 7th house, Guru in the 9th house, Mangal in the 10th house and Sani is placed in the 11th house.

This horoscope has a special configuration that barring Chandra, all planets aspect the ascendant and thereby  glance the Rahu placed there.

I have indicated earlier that when malefic planets even if they become the lord of ascendants, their direct placement conferring full power onto them is always detrimental. Here, Mangal, the lord of the ascendant is placed in exaltation along with digbala (directional strength) making the native exhibit a  rough, hasty, arrogant and authoritative behaviour.

A horoscope with several positive combinations and having raja yoga(combination similar to that of making of a king) dasas operational, would be able to give results only when the leader or the lord of the ascendant takes the lead, else the combinations are rendered wasted.

Being born in a very simple family, until the malefic dasas of  Kethu followed by Sukra were operational, the native led a simple life almost upto graduation. The beginning of the dasa of Surya, who is a benefic with a neechabanga(cancellation of debilitation)status, at the age of 28, brought about a drastic change in his life that led to his acquaintance with a then powerful politician.

Placement of a malefic planet, Mangal, in 10th house to ascendant and  the placement of another malefic, Rahu, at 10th house from Chandra, a debilitated Surya and aspect of a malefic Sani onto the house of authority, Simha, could not reward him with an MP or MLA post. But,  as Surya has attained cancellation of debilitation being in the angular house to Chandra and also due to the aspect of a powerful Guru and Mangal onto Simha, he could gain authority surreptitiously.

The proximity to powerful authority, that began in the dasas of Surya and Chandra, led to gaining authority in the dasa of Mangal, ushering luck along with foreign connections in  an occupation related to Mangal.

Beginning from the Guru Bhukti of Rahu Dasa, wealth started raining in crores from all the directions and the native was flabbergasted at one point unable to comprehend and manage the money flow.

It is an important rule that if Rahu dasa should be favourable to a native, then the owner of the house occupied by Rahu should be quite strong. In the sample horoscope, Rahu is placed in Mesha and since its owner Mangal has attained exaltation, Rahu has to necessarily confer only favourable results.

Also, Rahu placed in Mesha has an independent identity. At the same time, it is an important corollary that if Rahu has to bestow favourable results then he should not be associated by aspect or conjunction either with Mangal or Sani. In this horoscope, the exalted Mangal, who is the lord of the house occupied by Rahu is aspected by the lord of obstruction, Sani, which is also powerful gaining a Moolatrikon strength.

At the same time, if Rahu is associated with benefics like Guru or Sukra or Budha or waxing Chandra, then he would bestow immensely beneficial results.

In this horoscope, Rahu is also aspected by a powerful Guru and Sukra. Since Guru is additionally the lord of fortune to this ascendant, the dasa of Rahu with bhukti of Guru, flooded him  with crores by deceitful means like commissions, contracts and through sand and gravel.

At the same time, here all the planets are associated with Rahu either by way of aspect or angular placement or association. This configuration is not expected to do good.

Just as the aspect of benefics would motivate Rahu to do good, the aspect of malefics would drive him to do otherwise.

With the ending of bhukti of Guru and commencement of the bhukti of Sani, he started getting into legal complications and opposition. In the bhukti of Budha, he had differences with the top brass of leadership and he also was sent to prison during this time.

If in a horoscope with Rahu placed in a way that is poised to give positive results, his association with Mangal or Sani is not favourable, even if they happen to be the benefics to the ascendant.

As Rahu is a planet devoid of own house and grabs the functionalities of planets he is conjoined with as a natural malefic, further association with other complete malefics like Mangal or Sani in aspect or conjunction would only give bad results during his dasa.

Even though Rahu sent to jail, there was no disturbance to the finances accumulated owing to aspect of benefics. Inspite of the legal proceedings in progress, this native continues to lead a very luxurious life.

Mesha Rahu and the placement of the lord of ascendant beneficially, are the primary reasons for this luxury. In the forthcoming dasa of Guru, this native and his successors would continue to lead a wonderful life. As Guru is the significator of children, during the dasa of Guru, the native is expected to be happy from the achievements of his children.

Rahu has indeed given the sound foundation along with enormous wealth for leading a very luxurious, comfortable and peaceful living during the dasa of Guru.

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