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Our scriptures denote Rahu as significator for luxuries and Kethu as significator for wisdom.

 If in a horoscope all the planets are weak and maleficent, with only Rahu being strengthened by benefics, then during the dasa(major period) of Rahu, the native would reach elevated status in life from however low he has been from.

 As Rahu and Kethu are non-materialistic, invisible, dark planets revolving hideously, they reflect our providence and sin that are carried forward from our previous birth and are hiding behind our present life.

To the one with a strong providence, that means to the one who is born with a virtuous disposition on account of good deeds in former births, Rahu would enable him to lead a pleasurable life in this birth during his dasa (major period).

As per our scriptures, Rahu when seated in one of the houses of Mesha, Rishaba, Kataka, Kanya or Makara, with the sign lord being powerful and Rahu dasa (major period) operating at an important phase in his life, would elevate the individual to achieve great success.

It has been clearly indicated in our scriptures that Rahu placed in one of the five house as mentioned above is alone capable of giving good results. Hence, before making predictions on whether Rahu dasa would give good results, it is necessary to find out if Rahu is seated in any of these houses.

I have realised with  long years of experience that Rahu  placed in one of these houses even if it happens to an evil house to the horoscope, does not give any harmful effects.

Rahu placed in the remaining seven signs, even if it happens to the sign owned by a natural benefic, the benefits that he gives are only secondary. In such situations, Rahu would reflect the ownership and significations of the  sign lord.

If Rahu placed in these five signs attains beneficial attributes, with the lord of the sign attaining exaltation and that house happens to be a 3,11 or 12th house, with aspect and association of benefics and is also devoid of aspect or association of Sani or Mangal, then he would give exemplary luxuries during his dasa.

To anyone born with this configuration, Rahu would bestow overwhelming comforts through land, gold and female without any shortcomings.

At the same time, if Rahu is seated in the static houses of Kumbha and Vrischik  belonging to Sani and Mangal respectively, with these houses being 6 or 8 and also gets associated or aspected with Sani or Mangal in their capacity as the 8th or 6th lords, then he would give very destructive results corresponding to the age of the native.

Another speciality of Rahu as indicated in our scriptures is the “different types of acting skills” attributed by him. This only means a variety of acting skills.

When Rahu is  the significator of luxuries and is associated with the 10th house of profession, he would make one indulge in fields wherein physical contact with women is easy  as like in cinema, television or media.

In those days when cinema was not known, actors enacted plays on stage. That too, one actor doning four different roles with the plays stretching the whole night, used to receive a lot of encouragement from the public.

For example, if a play on “Sampoorna Ramayanam” being enacted, the same actor who played the role of Bharatha would also act as Jatayu, as Kowsalya and also as indrajeet. Rahu is responsible for taking up such diverse roles while acting on stage.

In the present times when stage plays have disappeared paving way for cinema and stages are meant for politics, Rahu popularises a person as a politician on stage, an actor on television or cinema amongst the public.

As a politician on stage has to effectively draw the attention of public using gestures and body language and speak with lot of emotions, Rahu is responsible for his popularity in politics.

When Rahu is associated with a benefic, seated in the house of a benefic and the lord of his house is also powerful without the aspect or association of Sani and Mangal, he would bestow great benefits.

Specifically, the native would be enthused to engage in fields giving popularity like politics or cinema and take him to great heights in his life. It is essential for Sukra to be associated with Rahu or Rahu seated in the house owned by Sukra rather than the support of Sukra alone for one to shine in cinema.

If the horoscopes of prominent personalities, who have reached great heights either in cinema or television or politics, be analysed it would be obvious that they have received the attention of public only during the dasa (major period) of Rahu. Rahu would do all that is required to elevate the ones who are destined to become popular.

In another perspective, as the dasa of Guru that would attribute all the fortunes would follow that of the dasa of Rahu, the basis of such fortunes to be received would be created in Rahu dasa.

The reason for the dasa of the two dark planets, Rahu and Kethu, preceding the dasa of Guru and Sukra respectively, the supreme benefics responsible for giving all fortunes and pleasures to mankind and other intricacies in astrology could be understood with some perspective.

That means, please contemplate as to why Rahu dasa preceding Guru dasa, that is destined to do something favourable to each one born in this world and occurrence of dasa of Kethu, the opponent of Rahu, before that of Sukra dasa, destined to give favours to all those who are in the opposite team of Guru.

Rahu encouraging love…!

Rahu placed in the house of a benefic would ensure the native to enjoy pleasures beyond his age and dignity. Hence, in the sense that he would give pleasurable experiences, as he is denoted as significator of pleasure in Vedic astrology.

Just like Sukra, whose dasa at young schooling age does not give favourable results, the same is true with Rahu dasa, how much ever beneficial status he be placed in.

Rahu dasa that occurs in robust middle-ages, when one is physically and mentally fit to enjoy the pleasures fully, can give maximum realisable benefits.

Rahu dasa that operates during school going age, would either create a lack of interest or a break in education depending on his placement.

One more significant feature with Rahu is that he would introduce lust in youngsters in the name of romance. Specifically, when Rahu is associated with the lords of 6th or 8th and the Rahu placed in 6th or 8th houses that are devoid of subathuva (beneficence), during his dasa or bhukti, would drive a young girl into romantic encounters, lose her chastity very happily but later shed tears for having been cheated.

Malefic planets associated with the 6th and 8th houses are responsible for any girl to lose her chastity with her complete awareness. That too, Rahu associated with Sani or Mangal and being placed in the houses owned by Sukra would definitely give such experiences at a very young age.

In this configuration, the status of Rahu and his associations have to be assessed to predict more than one love or love with many men. As Rahu is known to exhibit the features of the lord of the house he is placed in, such results can be predicted well ahead.

When such a configuration occurs for a girl, then it would lead to change of place in lieu of education or career, to drive the girl away from her parents to a different state or to a different country and encourage her to boldly do the mistake without having anyone around to question.

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