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The first thing anyone tells upon meeting me in person, be it in a conference or a seminar on astrology would be that, “Sir, I have been overwhelmed reading your articles on “Chhaya grahangalin sookshma nilaigal” (Intricate statuses of Shadow Planets). I have collected and preserved them safely”.

The eleven articles I wrote on the shadow planets like Rahu and Kethu in an astrological monthly about five years ago, are being revered by my students and others spread across the globe till this day, thanks to the internet and keep reminding about me.

Present articles on Rahu would only be extensions to those articles.

In my astrological research spanning more than 30 years, I have spent almost 15 years only in understanding Rahu. Rahu is a planet that is equally difficult and interesting to interpret.

It requires immense expertise to guess what it would do. There are not many details in the scriptures too on these planets.  Brief descriptions have been given in the explanatory books that were brought out later.

Most of the astrologers have a bit of hesitation in making predictions on Rahu. Further, if these shadow planets are placed in their own star, all the more confusion.

I would consider the understanding of Rahu and Kethu to be  the highest echelon in astrology.

An astrologer, who understands Rahu as the one who does not own any house, invades into the house that he is placed, snatches the functionalities of the owner and gets transformed entirely to give results of the owner, would be able to make a reasonably accurate prediction.

Even a waste material found in the garbage could reach the heights of a temple tower only through Rahu. Those luminaries who have gained statures , have come to limelight only during the dasa (major period) of Rahu.

Rahu, the dark planet, has only ignited the progress in the lives of many VIPs.

The making of Mahatma Gandhi from an ordinary Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, making of an actor, who was not interested in governance, to rule for 10 long years to being revered even today as an immortal with all the name and fame, is because of Rahu.

In my experience, I have clearly seen natives even with all the planets weakened, but with a strong placement of Rahu to get beneficial results and when the Rahu dasa(major period) is also operational, then he would rise to great heights.

Though Surya has been crowned as the leader of Vedic astrology, the significance of Rahu could be understood from the fact  that our sages have given the first position in strength to Rahu and Kethu over and above Surya.

A very superior concept of Indian Astrology is also embedded into Rahu.

Amongst the astrological philosophies practised worldwide, Rahu and Kethu have been given prominence only in Indian Astrology. In the methodologies adopted worldwide, these shadow planets do not have so much of an importance.

Sage Parashara’s research on the subtleties of Rahu to give it the status of a planet with the allocation of 18 dasa(major period) years and introduction of Rahu to astrology is indeed a striking proof on the astronomical capabilities of our Indian sages.

The Navagrahas or the nine planets have been classified into 3 groups on the basis of their nature by our great sages. Nine planets are divided into three groups as luminous planets, five elemental planets or the fivesome beginning with Mangal and the shadow planets.

Fundamental planets like Surya and Chandra that provide radiance and impact the world directly during day and night respectively, have been grouped as luminous planets.

Amongst the fivesome that reflect the rays from Surya including Guru, Sukra, Budha, Sani and Mangal, planets Sukra, Budha and Mangal are made up of solid materials like stone, mud and rocks, while Guru and Sani are made of gaseous materials.

These five planets are visible in the night sky, but Rahu and Kethu, the planets we term as shadow planets, are not made of either solid substances like stone or mud or of any liquids. The shadows of earth and moon are called as Rahu and Kethu.

The word “chhaya” in Sanskrit refers to shadow. Hence, these planets depicting the shadows of earth and moon are referred to as shadow planets. We would not be able to visualise them like we are able to do for other planets. We can feel their presence that too only at the time of eclipses.

Our sages have realised that Rahu and Kethu cover Surya and Chandra during an eclipse and have further interpreted their total magnitude, considering their ability to cover even the principal sources of illumination to earth and the impact of these shadows on earth and the living beings thriving on this earth.

The expertise of Indian Vedic astrology has been proven to the world several centuries before by way of precisely decoding the orbit of Rahu-Kethu and in exactly calculating the time and duration of eclipses much ahead of their occurence.

The points of intersection of earth’s orbit around the Surya, the expanded pathway of Chandra around earth and the shadows of Chandra and earth are defined as Rahu and Kethu.

Sensing that the robustness of Rahu-Kethu to be in between that of Guru and Sani, it was suggested that Rahu would take 18 years to complete one orbit around Surya, which is in between 12 years taken by Guru and 30 years taken by Sani.

Though Rahu-Kethu have been indicated as two planets in astrology, the presence of an invisible connection between them led to their depiction as a thin long line akin to a snake, with the head being Rahu and the tail being Kethu.

The orbit of Chandra is slightly inclined in the path of rotation of earth around Surya. The shadow above is indicated as Rahu and that one below as Kethu.

To understand this better, if you imagine a straight line drawn horizontally and a slanting line cutting it up and down, then the top portion of the slanting line could be understood as Rahu and the bottom portion as Kethu.

Amongst the planets, Rahu behaves like a chameleon. He would adapt the nature and character of the house he occupies. If Rahu occupies any other sign than, Mesha, Rishaba, Kataka, Kanya and Makara, you would be able to realise the functionalities of the lord of the sign during the dasa(major period) of Rahu.

In these series of articles on Rahu, I would be explaining the facts relating to the “Kaala Sarpa Dosha”, wherein all the planets are contained within Rahu and Kethu, which has been a long pending demand from my students.

If one observes the birth months and stars of series of Azhwars and Naayanmaars captioned in the temples, it could be seen that most of them are born in the stars of Rahu-Kethu being Ashwini, Makha, Moola, Satabishta or Swathi.

The significance of Rahu could be simply highlighted from the fact that the supreme deity of Hinduism, the one who is revered as “ammaiyappan”(mother and father) none other than the Sarveswaran(the almighty) has incarnated in the Arudra star belonging to Rahu.

Yet another speciality of the shadow planets is that all the six stars owned by them occupy the zodiac signs in entirety, without being divided across signs as in the case of stars of other planets with parts occupying different zodiacal signs.

How should the predictions be..?

The greatness of astrology lies in perfection of prediction, by taking into account of all the rules and exceptions that cannot be comprehended by mind and intellect to tell what is in store.

This prediction would vary based on the strength of Budha in the individual horoscopes of the astrologers. An accurate prediction is the gift of providence to the astrologer by the almighty.

How much ever experienced the astrologer could be, there is still something more that he could learn from every horoscope he  analyses in his lifetime.

It has been indicated by our sages that it takes atleast 2.5 lifetimes for one to master Vedic astrology considering that all the facts cannot be comprehended even if one dedicates the entire life. This means that no one would be able to completely be a 100%  master of astrology .

Making a precise prediction is an art, that is embedded with innumerable subtleties and intricacies, requiring immense intellect and blessings from the almighty.  Considering this, it has been mentioned in our scriptures, to take the help of  Kaalam(period), neram(time) , yukthi(method) along with prayers to god while making predictions.

An astrological story on how to predict as I have heard in my young age…

When an astrologer was drawing well from water, a lady prostated with a dakshina(fees) and asked, “Sir, will my son lost 5 years ago return or not? Is he alive or not..?”

The moment she asked, the bucket snapped from the rope and fell into the well and the astrologer closed his eyes and calculated. He told, “Go back home, your son is eating in the kitchen..”

Lady went and returned back happily to praise him that, “It is true, my son is at home, you are certainly a true astrologer” and then returned back.

A disciple beside asked, “Swami, how did you predict?”, to which the Guru asked, “what would you have predicted…?”

The disciple told, “Since the snapping of the bucket is inauspicious omen at the time of the question, hence I would have told that your son would be dead..”

Guru said, “Why are you predicting that the bucket snapped and fell in the well, is it not that the water that came out of the well returned back to the well, similarly the boy who went away from the family, has returned back to the family….”

This is prediction. He is the astrologer.

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