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Amongst the nine planets, only Sani and Rahu have to be carefully analysed to make predictions, as these two malefic planets are primarily responsible for bringing in hurdles and blockages to the fortunes and well being of the native.

 If Sani and Rahu could be predicted correctly, it could be taken that one has mastered astrology.

Death or longevity, telling lies, elderly persons, night, anger, leather products, earning by physical labour, Law Department, illegal activities, Black colour, grief, servants, western direction, feeling inferior, agriculture, donkey, slave, bad behaviour, sudden decline, adamant nature, impotency, filthy places, illegitimate love, Lord Yama, theft..

Working in dirty places, addictions, lowly liquid materials, waste paper and waste materials, liquor, beer, petrol, tar, road making job, old torn clothes, oil, buffalo, cheating, iron, dilapidated building, small parapets, labourers  who carry stones and mud, mill worker, menial jobs, sanitary workers, firewood shop, adulteration, laundry blue, airport, carrying load, coolie workers, mines, quarries, plastic, job in prison, undergo punishment, public relations, association with criminals, nurse, smell of a hospital…

Swindling public money, town panchayat committee, physical disability, unable to walk, orphanages, black coloured items, kajal, job of cremator, chaplaincy, staying with the dead body, quest to understand what happens beyond death, magical state, spirituality, penance, metemopschycosis (transformation from one body to other), worship of small gods, attachment to Easwara(Shiva), doubt, roadside business, talking without any substance, short stature, stupidity, maintaining the toilets, debts, staying with hunger, poverty, chronic disease, cheating etc. are all the functionalities of Sani.

Sani attaining direct strength in any horoscope would give all the above significations strongly during his dasa(major period). When in subathuva(beneficence) along with sookshma(intricate) strength he would beneficial results with respect to the above-mentioned functionalities and results on the contrary when in papathuva (maleficence) along with direct strength.

When Sani is the lord of the ascendant or connected with the houses of profession or the lord of the tenth house or placed in the 10th or is connected with the lord of 10th house in any form, one would earn through the aforementioned functionalities.

When Sani has attained subathuva(beneficence) along with sookshma(intricate) strength, he would give immense earnings through his significations. Depending on the gradation of his strength his earnings  would be as a owner or an employee of the firm.

For example, when Sani has lost his strength totally, but attains subathuva(beneficence),is connected to the 10th house and if that house signifies liquids, then during his dasa(major period) he would make one become an industrialist to earn through liquor factories, production of lowly liquids like petrol, acid etc.

If the same arrangement happens with Sani gaining direct strength, devoid of subathuva (beneficence) then one would be engaged in collecting used glasses in a wine shop or filling up petrol in a bunk.

Plastic, a scientific achievement of recent times,  is  also in the purview of Sani. Hardware shops with plastic items and shops selling iron spares are also the significations of Sani. Whether one would earn or lose money in these avenues, depends on the sookshma(intricate)strength of Sani.

Most importantly, Sani is responsible for one to get addicted to liquor and other intoxicating drugs. A maleficent Sani connected to the ascendant would cause one to get addicted to liquor. During the dasa(major period) of the malefics to the ascendant or during that of Sani, he would make it impossible to quit the habit.

Sani, the ascendant lord of Makara,  when placed in an inimical sign Kataka as a malefic, devoid of any subathuva(beneficence) ,also glancing the ascendant(7th aspect) and the ascendant also not receiving favourable radiance in any form,  would turn the native to be a slave to liquor. He would take up to drinking habit during the dasa(major period) and bhukti(sub-period) of Sani. It is not correct to consider here that the ascendant lord is aspecting the ascendant.

Similarly, when the houses owned by Sani happen to be the house of profession or when the lord of profession gets associated with a powerful Sani, then the native would earn through waste materials like paper, toilets, selling of bathroom related items etc.

All items related to petroleum are signified by Sani and derivaties of petroleum also come are his significations. Tar, the final product of petroleum used in road making and the road tyres belong to Sani.

Sani  directly strong with maleficence would cause earnings through physical labour. Hand cart pullers, load lifters, petty labourers lifting bricks in construction industry etc. are all creations of Sani.

When Sani attains neechabhanga(cancellation of debilitation) and gets connected with the house of profession in association with Sukra, the native would be involved in doing menial jobs relating to women. At the same, if Sani is directly powerful in the horoscopes of females and is associated with Sukra or houses belonging to Sukra then he would decrease the moral integrity of the native.

How black colour has been attributed to Sani?

As Sani owns the black colour, natives with a powerful Sani, would take to liking black coloured objects. They would gain through black coloured things.

Black is not a colour. I have explained earlier that it is the absence of colour. When a place is devoid of light consisting of yellow and red shades, then the darkness prevalent there is termed as black.

The colours in the light reflected or revealed by the planets have been indicated by our sages to be the colours of the planets. The planetary colour, gemstone, metal etc. were assigned after considering the relative planetary dominance on these objects on the earth.

For example, our sages have assigned a fire colour to Surya that reveals a reddish orange radiance, green shade with Budha emitting green colour and emerald stone with the same colour. Depicting Mother Meenakshi with a greenish hue holding a green parrot in her hand to be the goddess of Budha is also for the same reason.

Similarly, Sukra that shines with a milky white brilliance in the eastern sky early in the morning was allotted a milky white colour and Chandra that glows with an off-white colour in the midnight was allotted an off-white colour by our sages.

Mangal that appears with a reddish colour, when seen from earth, was given a blood red colour, the colour it reflects. With the same logic, Guru appearing with a yellow colour was assigned yellow.

Colours were allotted to the planets that possessed an ability to reflect the solar radiation, but Sani that is placed very far off without any possibility of  to reflecting the radiance from Surya was allotted a black or dark blue colour that depicts a deep darkness.

Rahu and Kethu, also being dark planets like Sani were also assigned black and dark blue colours that depict darkness.

What would Sani in ashtama(eighth place) and Sade-sati (7½ Sani) do?

The daily planetary transit status with Sani in the ashtama(eighth) place from moon sign or placement  in the moon sign or in the signs just before and after the moon signs are very significant.

Our astrological principles indicate that the ashtama  Sani that occurs roughtly in the thirties  after birth and 7½ Sade-Sati Sani would give severely negative results to the native making him realise the dimensions of life.

The span of ashtama Sani  is roughly about 2.5 to 3 years. 7½ Sade-Sati Sani would be prevalent for about 7. 5 to 8 years.

During the period of Sani in ashtama, one would encounter the death of a close relative, loss of income, failures in everything, problems, altercations, conflicts in profession be it a job, or in industry or in business and  also earnings in a foreign land or different state.

During the period of 7½ Sade-Sati Sani, in addition to above, experiences could be felt relating to what is good or bad, who are friends and people in the vicinity. The effects of Sani would be relative to the age, lifestyle and place of stay of the native.

Specifically, for about an year or a few months before the commencement of 7½ Sade-Sati period, one would be lured take up a new profession and with the onset of the period of Sani problems would start creeping in losing money and be left with a state unable to either continue or leave the profession, similar to holding the “tail of a tiger” and would give very complicated experiences.

During the middle period of 7½ Sade-Sati,  or the period when it is “Janma Sani”(Sani placed in one’s moon-sign) one would face incidents that cause severe mental turmoil. When Sani transits one’s birth star, the native would be made to realise the other side of life through contradicting methods. Sani’s transit through one’s birth star would give situations for one to break down and cry out loudly.

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