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There is a sort of a deep understanding between Sani and Guru. An uncontrollable dark planet like Sani could only be tamed by the  aspect and association of Guru to attain subathuva(beneficence) to give good results.

Sani placed all alone in the houses of Guru like Dhanu and Meena does not give away his harmful functionalities. But if he is associated with Mangal or Rahu, then he would do the harm.

Though Sani’s placement in the ascendant is not considered a good disposition in general, but it does not do any harm to the Meena natives. At the same time, Guru aspecting from 5th or 9th positions  either in exaltation or from a friendly sign onto the Sani placed in the ascendant would give favourable results during the dasa(major period) of Sani. Sani placed in Meena connected to Guru would give rise to spiritual pursuit during his dasa.

If Sani attains subathuva(beneficence) along with sookshma(intricate) strength and is placed in the ascendant or moon sign with aspect or connection with Guru, then during his dasa or bhukti the native would exhibit extensive spiritual inclination and philosophical search.

The native would be a complete spiritualist in such an arrangement. At the same time, an arrangement of Sani in the ascendant or moon sign with the association of malefic planets and devoid of the grace from Guru, is not considered beneficial.

A maleficent Sani in the ascendant would be the reason for the bad behaviour of a native.  It is worth mentioning that a Sani with maleficence placed in the ascendant is responsible for a very adamant nature, unable to get along with people and also a short stature with a less than average height.

A special configuration for Meena ascendants would be the placement of Sani in the ascendant either in the stars of Poorvabhadra or Uttarabhadra and Guru attaining exaltation in the 5th house would give good results during his dasa. This double benefit is the result of the owner of the house where Sani is placed attaining exaltation and also the aspect of the exalted Guru onto this Sani.

Sani’s placement in debility in the second house does not give good results. If Mangal, the lord of the house is also placed here, then the presence of two malefics in the house denoting family would eventually destroy the wealth, speech and the family.

This configuration would result in a delayed marriage, more than one marriage, financial instability, problems with speech like stammering, speaking lies etc. As Sani and Mangal, when placed together in this house would cause the neecha banga (nullity of debilitation), this arrangement especially in the house indicating family does give good results.

At the same time as it is right for the lord of ascendant to be placed in a hidden house for a ubhaya (dual) ascendant, the aspect of a powerful Guru placed in the 6th house of Simha and aspecting this duo would rectify the malefic effects of such a placement.

Leaving out the sixth, with the placement of Guru in the eighth, in his inimical house of Tula and aspecting this malefic combination would not give good results.  As it is unfavourable for Guru, the lord of the  ascendant, to be placed in a evil house belonging to Sukra along with the aspect of a debilitated Sani, thereby causing a total loss of strength, this placement does not do any good to the native.

Guru’s placement in his own Dhanu, the 10th house  and aspecting the Sani placed in the second house is considered favourable.  Sani would attain  subathuva(beneficence) very effectively in this configuration. But, a solitary Guru placed in 10th house would give rise to kendradhipathiya dosha(malefic effects due to placement of an angular lord in his own house) and would give troubles with respect to profession.

Sani’s placement in a friendly 3rd house is good conforming to the rule that a malefic planet occupying an upachaya house is good. But as the Sani, so placed would affect the father with his aspect onto the 9th house and cause hurdles with respect to birth of progeny, his placement in the 3rd house would lead to favours followed by troubles.

His placement in the 4th house in a friendly composure would give good results. He would give good effects if placed in the stars of Mrigashira belonging to Mangal or Punarvasu belonging to Guru. His placement in the 4th house would eventually cause the destruction of the effects of 6th house leading to a disease and debt free living. The disposition of Surya is also important.

As the 5th and 6th houses, Kataka and Simha respectively, are inimical to Sani, his placement in these houses would cause troubles during his dasa(major period). Though it has been indicated in the scriptures that placement of Sani in the 6th house is favourable, his placement in the 6th house would not do good to the Meena ascendants, considering that the house-lord Surya is inimical to Sani.

But Sani placed in the 6th house with a mutual exchange with 11th house or association with Guru would not cause major difficulties.

As Sani’s placement in the 7th house would give  digbala(directional strength), does not give major hurdles with respect to issues related to wife other than giving a delayed or unconventional marriage, also since this house is owned by his friend, Budha.

Sani placed with Budha in his own 4th house or Budha in exaltation placed in this house along with Sani or with an association with Guru would give favourable results to the native during his dasa(major period).

As the Sani placed in the 8th house would gain strength due to exaltation, this placement is not favourable to Meena ascendants. Though the malefic planets attaining exaltation in evil houses does not give troubles, the aspect of an  exalted Sani onto the 2nd house indicating family, 5thhouse indicating children and 10th house indicating profession would destroy the houses.

In this configuration, the native is likely to have a delayed marriage, multiple marriages, losing the spouse, delayed childbirth and erosion of profession. But, if a powerful Guru aspects this exalted Sani, then the evil effects would diminish.

Malefic Sani’s placement in the upachaya houses, 3rd and 6th , would give favourable results but his strong placement in the 8th house is not good. Also, if a powerful Guru has to aspect this Sani in the 8th house, he needs to be placed in the friendly Mesha house,  that is diagonally opposite.

But such a diagonal aspect is bound to weaken Guru also,  hence a solitary Sani attaining exaltation does not benefit Meena.

In certain conditions, when Sani attains subathuva(beneficence) he would pack off the native abroad to earn money during his dasa(major period). This is because this house(8th) denotes foreign land and earning in a foreign land is indicated, this being a movable sign.

But at the same his permanent stay or temporary sojourn abroad could be predicted only after ascertaining the status and placement of Sukra.

Sani’s placement in the 9th house would be in the house of enemy,  Mangal.  Also, the placement of Sani in the house of fortune is not considered favourable.  With this placement all the fortunes of the natives would suffer postponements.

A  malefic Sani placed here(9th) would spoil the affection and support from father. Father even if he is alive could be considered to be non-existent. In some situations, the native would lose his father at a very young age.

As the placement of Sani in the 10th house is considered favourable and when he is aspected by Guru placed either in Mesha or Simha, the native is likely to be occupied in professions relating to machinery or in judiciary. Depending on the relative strengths of Sani and Guru, the earnings would be based on the functionalities of either of the duo.

The placement of Sani in his own 11th house of Makara is favourable. As it is a good placement for a malefic to be in 11th house and as all planets placed in 11th house would be favourable, Sani  placed in 11th is a gentleman.

As any planet in a movable sign is considered powerful and placement of Sani in the 11th  house of Meena, is favourable since it is also a movable sign. An aspect of exalted Guru onto the Sani placed in this house would cause a combined aspect on to the ascendant. This configuration would encourage the native take up spirituality or be in a department connected to religion.

To conclude, Sani’s placement in his own 12th house with a moolatrikon strength with subathuva (beneficence), would lead the native to earn in a foreign country. This arrangement would occur based on the strengths of the ascendant lord Guru and Sukra. A suba(benefic) Sani in the 12th house would make one a lawyer or take up a higher position in judiciary.

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