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Sani is inimical to Mangal, the lord of Vrischik. But he is not the enemy of Mangal.

I have explained the controversial relationships between Sani and Mangal in some of the research articles. Sani attaining debilitation in Mangal’s Mesha and Mangal attaining exaltation in Sani’s Makara is a very distinct contradiction.

When Sani is in Mesha and Mangal in Makara, mutual exchange between the exalted and debilitated states is very unique to these two malefic planets, which is not possible for any other planet.

Mangal is unique in undergoing mutual exchange when in debilitation with a debilitated Chandra. I would explain the hidden intricacies in this unique configuration of Mangal when I find time.

Our scriptures have delineated severe enmity between Sani and Surya-Chandra and between Guru, the Devaguru and Sukra, the Asuraguru.

Though such severe “uncomfortable” situations have never been envisaged between Mangal and Sani, as Sani is the badhakadhipathi(lord of obstruction) to the Mesha ascendant owned by Mangal, he would hold a dual status of friendship and enmity to the natives of Vrischik.

Sani owns the third house indicating courage,fame, good name, interest in music, younger brothers and the fourth house indicating mother, vehicle, pleasure, chastity, discipline and education to the Vrischik natives.

As a malefic would give beneficial results when owning upachaya and kendra houses, Sani would give positive results indicated by third and fourth houses when in subathuva(beneficence) and with sookshma(intricate) strength to the natives of Vrischik, eventhough he is not destined to give favourable results by way of not owning houses that are beneficial.

Though his placement in ascendant is not good, if Guru is placed solitarily in exaltation in the 9th house and aspects the Sani, then Guru and Sani dasas(major period) would indicate a lot of favours.

As Sani and Guru would be associated with the ascendant in this configuration, if there is  an additional association of this duo with Kethu and the moon sign is aspected by Guru or Sani then the native would be connected to spirituality.

In certain situations, it would elevate the native to very high levels in spirituality. The spiritual inclination commences from the Rahu dasa(major period) and the spiritual prowess would amplify towards realisation of the almighty in the subsequent dasas(major periods) of Guru and Sani.

At the same time, placement of Sani without subathuva(beneficence) does not give good results.

As the Sani with malefic strength placed in the ascendant would aspect the 7th and 10th houses, it would harm the house of spouse or family setup and house of profession.

Sani in the ascendant makes the native adamant, always takes a contraversial stand in conversation, independent nature and would have an unstable employment and profession depending on the strength of Surya.

As the second house indicating family is owned by Guru, Sani when placed here would decrease his harmful effects. But, as Sani would delay the formation of family and also cause monetary or financial losses, his placement in the 2nd house for any ascendant is not beneficial. Sani placed in the second house would not give good results.

As a malefic planet without favourable ownership would give favourable results when placed in 3, 6,10 or 11, Sani’s placement in his own 3rd house, Makara, would bring  good luck.

If Sani attains subathuva(beneficence) in this configuration with association  from Guru, Sukra, solitary Budha or waxing Chandra then during his major dasa, would elevate the native to great heights.

I had explained earlier on the subtleties associated with the placement of a malefic planet in the upachaya houses like 3, 6, 10 or 11.

As per that concept, when Sani is placed in 3rd or 11th houses to natives with Vrischik ascendant, he would have to be necessary placed in the stars of the Dharmakarmadhipathi( the lords of 9th and 10th houses) or in the star of the ascendant lord which is generally favourable hence positive results could be expected.

Sani’s placement in yet another upachaya house,6th house, in debilitation would only give favourable results to Vrischik ascendants.  But, he should not gain great strength by undergoing retrogression in this disposition. Also, a hidden exchange or aspect from a powerful Guru placed in Dhanu or Simha should be in place. At the least he should have the aspect of any one benefic planet other than Guru for ascertaining the beneficial effects.

While it is good for Sani to be in debilitation in the Rasi chart and attain exaltation in the navamsa(ninth divisional) chart and as this configuration for Sani is possible only when he is placed in the third leg of Sukra’s star Bharani, his attainment of exaltation in navamsa would be favourable only for foreign related issues.

Bettering that if Sani is seated in the third leg of Krithika star of Surya, the lord of profession, it would indicate the placement of Sani in the house owned by Guru in the navamsa (ninth divisional) chart leading to cancellation of effects of debilitation and giving rise to positive results. The placement of Sani in the first leg of Ashwini would lead to vargothama(placement of a planet in the same zodiac sign in rasi and navamsa charts) which is also very favourable, but Kethu should be in a comfortable disposition.

Sani’s placement in yet another upachaya house, the 10th house, is not favourable. Generally, placement of Sani in the Simha house reduces the capabilities for leadership and authority of the native.

It is not possible for a native to be strict if Sani is placed in Simha. Also it is not favourable for  Sani to be placed in the house of profession. Unless some powerful benefic planets aspect or get connected with the Sani placed here, only evil effects could be expected from Sani.

Also, as Guru placed in 2,4 or 6 could aspect the Sani placed in 10th house, I would never consider the placement of Sani in the 10th house to be favourable to any ascendant.

As the aspect of a powerful Guru is essential for Sani to bestow good effects and since the aspectual strength of Guru placed in the 6th house would be less powerful, Sani taking the 10th place is not good. Only when Guru that aspects the Sani is well placed would it be able to cause the beneficence.

Also, conforming to the statement that a benefic planet should not occupy a kendra(angular house), Guru when placed in 4th house would not be strong enough to provide subathuva(beneficence) to Sani and also since if Guru is placed in the 4th house it would be aspected directly by Sani which would weaken him, placement of Sani in the 10th house with Guru in the 4th house is not favourable to Vrischik ascendants.

Hence, if Guru is placed in the remaining 2nd house with ownership strength and aspects the Sani in the 10th house, then favours could be expected during the dasas of Guru and Sani .

Already, I have indicated that Sani’s placement in the 11th house is favourable. As the 11th house to the Vrischik ascendant, happens to be the Kanya sign that is very much liked by  Sani thereby place him in a friendly disposition and since the placement of Sani in any of the stars of Surya, Chandra or Mangal are favourable, placement of Sani in the 11th house without any other form of maleficence would give benefits to Vrischik.

As the Sani placed in the 4th house of Kumbha attains the moolatrikona strength and since it is good for a malefic to occupy a Kendra(angular house), he would do good to the natives of Vrischik if he attains subathuva(beneficence) and sookshma(intricate) strength here.

The beneficial Sani placed here would bestow favours with respect to house, vehicle, mother  and education during his dasa. At the same time Sani becoming powerful directly  with a mere ownership and moolatrikon strengths, devoid of  sookshma(intricate)strength would be cause of destruction of house, vehicle and mother during his dasa, as per my “Papagrahalin sookshma valu theory”(theory of Intricate strength of malefic planets). In this one needs to assess the status of Chandra for predicting the loss of mother and status of Sukra for predicting the loss of house and vehicle.

Sani’s placement in the 5th house is not favourable. Eventhough this happens to be the house owned by Guru, placement of Sani here would cause ill effects with respect to children. As the aspect of an exalted Guru or Guru placed in ascendant would only be able to control the Sani and reverse the effects of Sani, the Sani placed here should certainly be aspected by Guru.

As the 7th house is a friendly house of Sani and since he would attain digbala(directional strength)here, his placement with dasa being operational will do good to natives of Vrischik. But as he would aspect the ascendant from this position, it would cause hurdles in behavioural aspects of the native.

Aspect of a subathuva(beneficial) Sani to the ascendant would give rise to inclination to spirituality.

Eventhough the  8th house,  Mithuna,  is a friendly house of Sani, his placement here would merely attribute longevity and would additionally cause restlessness, separation, loss of family, financial disturbances, controversies, altercations, shame, accident, worthless travel in foreign country during his dasa. If at all he should give atleast a little benefit then he should be either aspected by Guru or Sukra or attain of subathuva(beneficence).

As the 9th house, Kataka, happens to be an inimical house and since under no circumstances should a malefic planet occupy a trinal house, Sani’s placement here would not do good. Additionally, if he is placed in the star Aslesha belonging to the 8th lord Budha, he would give maximum miseries during his dasa. His placement in the Punarvasu star of Guru or aspect or association of Guru would reduce the harmful effects slightly.

Sani’s placement in exaltation in the 12th house would do favours through foreign country, other states, exports and imports conforming to the rule that it is better for a malefic planet to occupy and evil house.

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