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Sani is depicted as the deadly enemy of Surya, the lord of Simha, in Vedic Astrology. With the same basis as brightness and darkness are opposites, our sages have indicated the highly luminescent Surya and the dark planet, Sani, to be inimical planets.

Sani is the owner of the houses indicating debt, disease and enemy(6th house) and of 7th house indicating wife, friends and partners to the natives of Simha.

The results from Sani is much the same for the Simha ascendants  as was told for other ascendants, inline with the rule that avayoga (malefic) planets when placed in upachaya houses like 3,6,10 or 11 would give beneficial results. Additionally, Sani being in subathuva (beneficence) or with sookshma (intricate)strength when placed in these positions bestows beneficial results to Simha ascendants.

Sani’s placement in his own 6th house is not considered favourable. In such situations, if the ascendant lord Surya also gets weakened then he would give severe problems during his dasa(major period) with respect to debt, diseases and enemies, the functionalities of the 6th house.

The most important significations of Sani being debt, disease and enemies, which also coincides with the functionalities of the sixth house would result in problems to the native by way of debts during his dasa(major period).

The sixth lord should not get strengthened in any horoscope. If he attains strength, then the ascendant lord should be even more powerful. While the ascendant indicates you, the sixth house indicates your enemy.  When the ascendant gets weakened and the sixth house gets strengthened then  it would only mean that your enemies are becoming powerful and additionally you would encounter difficulties due to debts and diseases.

If the ascendant lord is stronger than the sixth lord then the debt taken would be within limits. You would be able to rule over your opponents.

It is a placement in frinedly house for Sani to occupy the 10th . Further if Sani is able to get the aspect or association of a benefic, then the native would have a permanent job and income. Sani’s placement in the 11th house, Mithuna, is also considered favourable.

When Sani is seated in the 10th or 11th houses, his association with Budha, the lord of wealth to this ascendant and also a good friend of the ascendant lord is a very special configuration to the natives of Simha. But his association with Sukra in the 10th house would not yield beneficial results.

Sani in the association of 2nd lord when combined with Budha, but when associated with Sukra, this combination would spoil the lord of profession(10th lord). The association of Sani with Sukra is not favourable for any ascendant.

Though Sukra is a benefic at par with Guru, Sani’s association would reverse his favorable aspects greatly, even though he is a friend. Also, since Sukra depicts women, he would direct the native towards females and beget bad name too.

At the same time, Sani associated with Budha in the 10th house would turn the native onto a marketing professional and the one who earns through his speaking abilities.

When Sani is placed in 11th, as this configuration would represent the placement of the 6th lord in the 6th of the 6th house, he would do good if placed in the stars of Mangal or Guru, who are the yogadhipathi (principal benefics) to the natives of  Simha. It is a rule that all planets when placed n the 11th house would only give favourable results.

Placement of Sani in the ascendant is not favoured. As it is believed that the house where Sani is placed without subathuva(beneficence) gets darkened(devoid of light), the mind and body of the native would be affected if Sani is placed here with papathuva(maleficence). There would not be any significant praiseworthy character in the native and he would reflect the nature of Sani totally.

His placement in the friendly second house would also not give favours to natives of Simha. Sani when placed solitarily in the star of  lord of expenditure(12th lord), would cause to expend the family during his dasa(major period). Native could have a stammering in speech. Finance, family and speech would get completely affected during the dasa of Sani placed here.

Sani in the 2nd house would give financial troubles. Loss or decline in profession or business leading to financial troubles could be expected. These effects would not change until and unless he attains subathuva(beneficence). It is not good for a lonely Sani to occupy the second house to natives of Simha.

Sani’s placement in the 4th house would also give only harmful results. Sani placed here would strengthen the 6th house through his 3rd aspect, destroy the profession through his 7th aspect and would aspect the ascendant with his 10th aspect.

In the aspects as mentioned above, when the 6th house gets strengthened an increase in debts and diseases, a lowly profession through his aspect on the 10th house and the native would exhibit stubbornness , narrow mindedness, selfishness and inferiority  in his nature.

I have written earlier that malefic planets should not occupy trikona(trinal) houses. Sani placed here would be attributing malefic effects to children. Sani’s placement here would indicate a lower strength of providence to the native.

At the same time,  the evil behaviours of Sani would be diminished significantly when placed in the Dhanu house belonging to Guru. If he attains subathuva(beneficence) here, then the native could be a practising lawyer or judge in judiciary. The strength of Guru would decide whether it is lawyer or a judge.

It is worth mentioning that Sani in the 5th house would also delay the  childbirth and be devoid of  a male successor. At the same time, if the Sani aspects the 7th house with subathuva(beneficence) then he would beget a powerful wife.

When Sani is placed in the 7th house to Simha, he would be placed with a moolatrikon status considered the next best to exaltation. Sani  placed here would spoil the main significations related to mother, father and self of the native through his aspect on 4th, 9th and 1st houses respectively.

I have indicated earlier that only because of this arrangement that Sani is considered to be a bitter enemy of Surya. The indication of our sages that a strong Sani should not aspect Simha, is pointing to this “Kumbha Sani” configuration.

Simha house in general represents the professional aspects to any native. It is a general rule that if Simha is affected then profession would also be affected. As Simha alone would indicate if one would get authority and leadership abilities, hence Sani  should never be placed with a moolatrikona strength at an exactly opposite sign.

If Sani is with total maleficence here, then the native would have delayed marriage, totally devoid of marriage, more than one marriage and absence of peaceful marital life. Sani’s subathuva (beneficence) and sookshma(intricate) strength would decide on the effectiveness of the predictions as mentioned before.

Instead of presuming that the 7th lord Sani occupying his own house strengthens the house, it would be correct to predict that powerful placement in the 7th house destroys the house. If the Sani placed here attains subathuva(beneficence), then he would do good with respect to issues relating to wife.

When placed in the 8th, depending on the status of the 8th lord Guru, he would make the native earn a living in a western country during his dasa(major period) and bhukti(sub period). As Sani is a significator of petrol, the earning could be in  Gulf countries.

He would give a lot of sufferings to the native, if he is placed without subathuva(beneficence). There would be confusions and debts in the family during the Sani dasa (mjaor period). As the eighth house Meena is a watery sign, the native would contract drinking habits and get separated from wife and children. Legs would be physically disabled through acceidents.

When he attains debilitation in the 9th house, devoid of neechabanga(cancellation of debilitation) or retrogression and only attaining subathuva(beneficence) then good results are assured. As a proper neechabanga(cancellation of debiltiation) is equivalent to exaltation, he should not attain neechabanga(cancellation of debilitation) here.

As he would strengthen his 6th house, his placement in the 12th house is not considered good. But when he attains subathuva(beneficence) and sookshma(intricate)strength, in some situations he would give professions in judiciary involving speaking abilities or gainful foreign travel. The native would have to earn by speaking lies.

When does Simha get Rajayoga from Sani?....

As Sani with subathuva(beneficence) denotes places where more people gather, big crowds, a leader gaining popularity of the masses, issues related to public, Panchayat forum, municipal committees etc. when Sani attains subathuva(beneficence) and sookshma(intricate)strengths, would make one a king during his dasa(major period).

Further as Simha is identified as a kingsly zodiac sign, Sani when placed in 3rd house in exaltation would bestow emperorship to the native, when ascendant or its lord Surya, not getting weakened  and receiving suba(beneficial) radiance, Sani placed in exaltation in the 3rd house receiving the aspect of a powerful Guru.

As emperor in the present context could be related to MP, MLA, Minister, Chief Minister or Prime Minister, when Sani is in the configuration as mentioned above, depending on the gradation of  suba(beneficial) sookshma(intricate) strength of Sani, attainment of the post of Prime Minister down to Panchayat board leader could be expected.

This could occur when Sani, the 6th lord for Simha ascendant, gets exalted and also attains suba(beneficial) sookshma (intricate) strength with ascendant and its lord being powerful. When Sani alone attains exaltation and beneficence with a weakened ascendant and its lord, would only bestow negative results.

To enjoy any yoga(favourable combination) a strong ascendant and a strong ascendant lord is utmost essential.

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