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In the previous chapters, I had explained how a single planet would exhibit contrasting characters based on its beneficial or maleficent status.

Likewise, e Sani, that is supposed to give all that is unwanted to mankind when getting strengthened directly, would give beneficial results to the native while attaining subathuva (beneficence) or sookshma(intricate)strength.

If the two aforementioned states of gradations of subathuva(beneficence) are understood clearly, then it can be predicted very precisely whether Sani is posited  to give beneficial or maleficent effects to the native.

The subathuva(beneficial) gradations of Sani could be listed in the order as given below:

1.       Aspect of a powerful Guru on Sani

2.       Conjunction of Guru and Sani

3.       Placed in the house owned by Guru

4.       Aspect of Sukra on Sani

5.       Aspect of solitary Budha

6.       Aspect of waxing or a total Chandra

7.       Conjunction of Sani with Sukra

8.       Conjunction with Budha

9.       Conjunction with a waxing Chandra

10.   Placed in the houses owned by Sukra or Budha

Sani’s placement with the configurations as mentioned above in a kendra(angular) or in upachaya houses like 3 or 6 or 11 and not in kona(trinal) houses, would result in top-rated subathuva (beneficence) giving utmost benefits to the native.

If one raises a doubt as to why a Sani placed in house owned by Guru is given the 3rd status in subathuva(beneficence) ladder, while it gets only a 10th position in subathuva(beneficence) when placed in the house owned by Sukra, Is it not true that Sani attains exaltation in Tula, house owned by Sukra etc.… then it only means that he has not yet understood Sani.

It must be clearly understood that while Sani in exaltation would only attain strength directly, whereas Sani placed in the house of Guru would attain suba(beneficial) strength.

Sani is a planet that is devoid of any beneficial luminescence. Hence, if he has to give benefits to human beings, then his harmful rays have to be filtered and be supplemented with luminescence from suba(beneficial) planets.

The extent to which Sani loses its harmful luminescence and replaces it with beneficial luminescence, would be the levels to which Sani would give favourable results.

Most importantly, the planet that provides luminosity to Sani should be powerful. Hence, while mentioning about the status of Chandra, I have clearly delineated as total and waxing phases.

Though the natural benefic, Sukra, is a friend of Sani in comparison to Guru, the association with the proximal Guru would attribute more subathuva(beneficence) in comparison to that of Sukra , which is quite far away. That too, the aspect of Guru is more beneficial  more than the association with Guru.

When subathuva(beneficence) and sookshma(intricate)strength conjoin, Sani would be determined to give totally beneficial results to the native. With a crisp explanation on the “Papa grahangalin sookshmavalu( Intricate strength of malefic planets)” theory, I am in the process bringing out a book based on further research explaining the degree-wise sookshma(intricate) status of Sani. The higher level accurate explanations on Sani could then be comprehended better.

Another contradicting feature is that the beneficial planet that is sanctifying Sani either by association or by aspect from 7th house, would lose its ability to give his designated favourable significations to the native.

Sani has an evil implication to Kataka ascendants, by virtue of being a deadly malefic owning the 8th house and also the 7th house representing wife, friends and partners.

When Sani is placed powerfully in the 7th house to Kataka and Simha ascendants, in Makara and Kumbha houses being his own and moolatrikon houses respectively, then he would spoil the ascendant denoting the self of the native, 4th and 9th houses denoting mother and father respectively through his evil gaze.

It is because of this effect  that he is considered deadly enemy of Surya and Chandra, the lord of Simha and Kataka respectively.

If Sani has to give favourable results to the natives of Kataka and Simha, then his eyes and hands should be tied down. Only in an extremely complex situation with subathuva (beneficence) and sookshma (intricate) strength would he be in a position to give any favours to  the ascendants of Kataka and Simha.

If we were to look into the states of Sani to deliver favours to the ascendants of Kataka, then the states with his placement in the upachaya houses like 3rd, 6th or 11th houses belonging to his friends, Budha and Sukra, the houses of Guru, who sanctifies him or when he has attained subathuva (beneficence) and sookshma (intricate) strength.

The intricacy on the significance of upachaya configuration, as stressed in our scriptures, is that when the planets evil to the ascendant, are placed in 3rd or 11th houses, they would be held in the stars of planets that are friendly to the native.

That means, the stars in the 3rd and 11th houses, would be owned by planets favourable to the ascendant. Further, these houses would also be a favourable destination for the planets evil to the ascendant.

As per this arrangement, Sani when placed in the friendly 3rd or 11th houses would give completely favourable results being  in the stars of ascendant lord(Chandra) or  lord of wealth( Surya) and the rajayogadhipathi (planet attributing favours equivalent to that of being a king-here Mangal).

Sani would also give favours when placed in the other upachaya  evil house,(i.e) 6th house, particularly in the last leg of the star Uthirashada whereby he gains power with  vargothama

 (placement in  the same house in rasi and 9th divisional chart).

Sani when placed in debilitation in the last of the  upachaya houses or the angular 10th house, he would attribute favours to Kataka. Additionally, his placement in the first leg of the star of Krithika owned by Surya which would indicate his placement in his own house Makara in 9th divisional chart would bestow a lot of favours.

But, his attainment of neechabanga(cancellation of debilitation) by conjoining with Surya or Mangal or gaining power by way of retrogression in this debilitated state, would reduce the good effects.

Placement of Sani in the ascendant is not favourable to the natives of Kataka. In this configuration, the native would be very adamant, highly principled, would be unable to adjust with anybody in the society and also be very selfish. Only if he attains subathuva (beneficence) in this configuration would he camouflage the above mentioned characters and be inclined spiritually.

His placement in the second house( Simha) would affect the status of  finance and family during his dasa (major period). Placement of Sani in the second house is never beneficial  to any of the ascendants.

His attainment of exaltation in the fourth house would also not do good to natives of Kataka. Attainment of  retrogression along with subathuva(beneficence) and sookshma(intricate)strength would only give favourable results. His placement in the 5th house would affect the benefits from providence and children.

His placement in the 7th house would result in a good married life only when he attains subathuva (beneficence) there. Otherwise,  he would ensure delayed marriage, no marriage or unsatisfactory marital life.

If he attains subathuva (beneficence) in the 8th house, he would facilitate the native to earn in a different country or state. But, he would encounter problems there too. Sani in the 8th house ensures longevity. His placement in the 9th house would affect the father. It would result in either death of the father at a very young age or father not contributing in any way or constant tussle with the father.

Sani placed in the house of expenditure( 12th house), being owned by his friend, would not do much harm. He would encourage long journeys and also contacts in other states and countries.

The most powerful Eswara Status from Sani…

While describing the supreme benefit of spirituality bestowed by Sani in the previous chapters, I had indicated that Sani is responsible for the supreme knowledge on spirituality involving magical powers, thought provoking questions that cannot be answered easily like what was I in my previous birth, where would I go after my death etc.

Our holy scriptures describe the attainment of 7th advancement in senses, as the attainment of state of Indra, which can be realized by way of penance and meditation by the mankind born with six senses that is higher than the state of animals with five senses.

When a human being elevates further to attain 8th advancement in senses bettering the state of Indra with 7 senses, he gains ashtama siddhi(attainment of 8th bliss) and becomes a siddha purusha

( holy man). When one attains this siddha purusha state, he becomes aware of tri kaala(past, present and future).

When one further enriches his spiritual knowledge while being a siddha purusha with 8 senses, he moves further forward to reach the 9th level of wisdom called as the status of “Eswara” or almighty, combining with him totally, to attain divinity. Our holy scriptures revert this highest state of “Eswara” is regarded as the attainment of ultimate knowledge.

The configuration towards elevating mankind to this highest state with 9th sense, is possible by the aspect or association of a powerful Guru with the ascendant,the  moon sign or Sani and association of another spiritual planet, Kethu. In such situations, Sani would be with a maximum subathuva (beneficence).

The other subtlety hidden in the spiritual status is that, a solitary Sani can never provide one. The association of the principal spiritual planet, Guru, with ascendant or moon sign can alone facilitate Sani to enthuse spiritual inclination in a person.

Also, Sani without the association of Guru or Kethu can never elevate a person to the highest echelon of spirituality. As Sani is a malefic, who is devoid of any favourable radiance, under no circumstances would be able to function all alone.

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