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Sani being the owner of 10th and 11th houses to the natives of Mesha, would attain the status of lord of house of profession and also the lord of badhaka(obstruction) house.

As he would attain debilitation in this ascendant and since as a rule, the ascendant should not have a debilitated planet, his placement in the ascendant house is not a favourable disposition.

If Sani is placed in the ascendant, then the native is expected to be adamant clouded with controversial thoughts.  Sani placed in ascendant would give encourage negative thoughts, narrow mindedness, sophistry, and argumentativeness. It would be favourable  for Sani to be aspected by benefics or attain sookshma(intricate)strength when placed in  the ascendant.

When placed in 2nd house that is friendly, he would delay the marriage. He would bestow unconventional marriage or an unsatisfactory married life. During his dasa (major period) or bhukti (sub period) he would bring about confusion and separation in the family along with financial difficulties.

Sani placed in the 2nd house could cause stammering in the speech and also make the native lie for even petty things. When attaining subathuva (beneficence), in his capacity as the Jeevanadhipathi (lord of house of profession) being placed in the house of speech (2nd house) , as per one of the significations of Sani, would give an increase in earnings through lies, like in the professions of law and marketing.

Placement of Sani  in the upachaya (growth)houses like 3 or 6 would give excellent results to natives of  Mesha. When placed in 6th house, he should not get associated with Budha. Sani’s placement in 3rd or 6th houses in association with benefics like Chandra, Sukra and Guru would give favourable results.

His placement in kendra-kona(angular-trinal) houses like 4th or 5th would not ensure good results. As Sani placed here would hold a inimical status with the owners of these houses , being Surya and Chandra respectively, he would destroy the functionalities of the houses like house, vehicle, mother and children.

For example, when he is placed in the 4th house and Chandra, the owner of this house and significator of mother, is also spoilt, then the native would not possess house, vehicle, education and support from mother. If Sani is in the 5th house, with a weakened Surya and Jupiter, the significator of progeny, then the native would not have children or be devoid of a male successor.

If he is exalted in 7th house with subathuva (beneficence) and sookshma (intricate)strength then he would engage the native in services dealing with public like that of a Tahsildar or as a Sarpanch of the village. Income would keep flowing through his significations illegally like swindling the public money etc.

If he is exalted with maleficence, then the native would be attracted towards elders.  In certain situations, illegitimate love could be expected. Delayed marriage and unsatisfactory married life are also predictable.

Another important result could be that when Sani aspects ascendant with subathuva(beneficence) and sookshma(intricate) strength,  then there would be born a truthful, faithful and noble spiritualist. Sani plays an important role in making one practice magical feats.

I have mentioned about such configurations, while explaining the intricacies of Guru. A combination of Guru, Sani and Kethu play an important role towards kindling the spiritual interest in a person. If the aforesaid planets associate with ascendant or moon sign powerfully with subathuva (beneficence) and sookshma(intricate)strength, then the native elevates to the highest level in spirituality.

If one has to get elevated in spirituality, then Guru should be placed either in the 5th or 9th houses and be connected with ascendant or the moon sign. Sani should not be placed in 5th or 9th houses.

Guru would make one an unconditional spiritualist, while Sani would shape up one to a spiritualist with expectations. As the intricacies in this have been explained in the chapters on Guru, the same need not be elaborated here.

When Sani gets associated with ascendant or the moon sign with sookshma (intricate)strength, then the native would have a quest for spirituality. Sani is the custodian of unfathomable questions particularly like, what was I in my previous birth, what would happen after my death etc.

In my article series on “Ungal Jathakam Yoga Jathakama?(Is your horoscope a lucky one)” published a few years back, I had explained on how a planet can behave in two contradicting states.

Likewise, Sani that is supposed to provide all that is not useful to mankind, when is weak directly but gets strengthened through subathuva(beneficence) and sookshma(intricate)strength, would push the native to pursue the most necessary exploration towards realizing the almighty, which is the ultimate goal of the creation of mankind by god.

Why do predictions fail in astrology?

Any astrologer would never be able to make 100% accurate predictions, whatever be the method practiced  anywhere in  the world.

As astrology is a faculty to foretell the future, an astrologer would move closer to god when he is able to predict accurately.

As only the almighty is aware of the past, present and future, any astrologer would be unable to make 100% accurate predictions. However, an astrologer with a rich experience and an exclusive blessings of the almighty would be able predict accurately upto say about 70%.

Astrology never fails. It is only that astrologers and human errors that fail the astrology.

In the last few years, an industrialist, who was introduced to me by a V.V.I.P family, became a close friend of mine within a short span of time. He was a non-believer of astrology with a rationalist mind-set. Based on some of my successful predictions about his children, he rose to the level of debating and analyzing astrology with me.

He always had a grievance with me, that “though you are able to predict accurately for children, why nothing happens to me according to whatever you predict?”.

My predictions on his profession did fail for this entrepreneur of a famous fitness chain and himself a keen enthusiast in body-building.

At the time when we got introduced to each other, I had predicted that both his children would pursue medical education abroad. He negated by saying that both himself and his wife did not want to send their only son and daughter to faraway places, but strangely came to consult with me when his son completed his +2.

I had indicated with certainty that your son would join a medical college in an eastern country in the first week of September 2014. He rejected absolutely,  by telling that there was no chance of such a happening. Consequently, after passage of a few events, he raptly indicated that his son has got admission for pursuing medicine in Malaysia on the date as mentioned by me earlier. He further lamented that nothing predicted about him was successful.

Though outwardly appears very strong, when he contracted some serious illness, based on astrological analysis I predicted nothing unfortunate would happen. He was born with a Meena ascendant and was running the Dharmakarmadhipathi (combination of 9th and 10th lords) dasa (major period) and bhukti (sub-period) of Guru and Mangal respectively. But, to my utter shock he died all of a sudden falsifying  all my predictions.

It was certainly impossible for a person to die during the dasa and bhukti of Dharmakarmadhipathi (combination of 9th and 10th lords). Moreover, to the Meena ascendant, this is highly improbable as the Dharmakarmadhipathis, Guru and Mangal are friendly to each other.

My dear friend’s death usurped and questioned my astrological search leading to sleepless nights. Further detailed analysis, revealed an error in his birth time.

This is also another game played by the almighty. How much ever there be progress in science by mankind even to the extent of unravelling the secret of the universe, the birth and death cannot be wielded away from his hands.

I realized later that my friend was born at 13.30 hours instead of 12.30 hours on 25 December 1964. When the birth time was corrected, all my predictions fell in place. It only reinstated the fact that Vedic Astrology can never make mistakes.

When the correct birth time was known, his ascendant changed from Meena to Mesha. Answers to his well-built body, eagerness to fitness, short temper, being vibrant towards any issue and the health issues he was suffering from for the past few years could be predicted. As per the new ascendant, Dharmakarmadhipathi (combination of 9th and 10thlords) were in reality the lord of ashtama(8th) and  the lord of expenditure(12th). The lord of the ascendant placed in the 5th house aspected the 8th and was more appropriately behaved as the 8th lord and not as the ascendant lord.

The planetary transit at the time of death would indicate the extreme weakening of either lord of the ascendant or lord of moon sign or lord of 8th house. On the last day of my dear friend, his lord of ascendant and 8th, Mangal was conjoined with Rahu within 8 degrees and was totally washed out.


The question you might ask is, could you not have sensed this error in time of birth earlier means how much ever experienced the astrologer might be,  but he is also an ordinary man subject to wishful desires. His eyes would be tied down when his mind dislikes the death of his near and dear ones.

At the same time, the providences can be altered by remedial measures as permitted by the almighty. When it is not permitted, then the astrologer would realise the correctness of his predictions, only after the event has happened.!!

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