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To Kanya, the other ascendant owned by Budha, Sani owns the beneficial 5th trinal house  and the 6th house or the Runa, Roga, Shatru(debts, diseases, enemies) house signifying debts, diseases or enemies.

As his moolatrikon(special) house, happens to the 6th house amongst the two that also indicates debts, diseases or enemies, he would mostly give the results attributable to that of 6th house in the first half of his dasa (major period).

If Sani should bestow favours to the Kanya ascendants then he should be totally connected only with the 5th house and not have any form of relation with the 6th house like aspect, placement or exchange.

In such a situation, when Sani is associated only with the 5th house and additionally receives the aspect from a benefic or attains sookshma (intricate)strength, then he would do lot more favours to Kanya.

When he occupies his own 5th house, getting hidden in the 12th from 6th house and gets the aspect of Guru or conjoins with Sukra or Budha or waxing Chandra or gets associated by any other means, then Kanya would gain through Sani.

Another subtlety here is in that Sani placed in his own 5th house would have to be necessarily placed on the stars of Uthiradam(Uthrashada), Thiruvonam(Sravana) or Avittam(Dhanishta) owned by Surya, Chandra and Mangal respectively.

All the three mentioned as above are inimical to Sani. Additionally, as Surya and Mangal are owners of 12th and 8th houses to Kanya respectively and Chandra is considered as a bitter enemy by Budha, the lord of the ascendant, it is highly unlikely that Sani placed in his 5th house would give completely good results.

It could be realized that the placement of planets on such stellar configurations, makes one conclude that  malefic planets with lordship of kona(trinal) houses like 5 or 9  cannot give favourable results like that of the benefic planets.

His placement in exaltation in the 2nd house to Kanya does not give good results unless otherwise he attains subathuva(beneficence). If he is exalted all alone, it would imply that the lord of 6th house has gained strength in the 2nd house, thereby indicating deficiencies with respect to finances during his dasa(major period).

At the same time, Sani placed here if conjoined with the ascendant lord, Budha or Sukra or is aspected by Guru, would give favourable results during his dasa(major period).

But, in any case strengthening of a natural malefic in the 2nd house signifying wealth, speech and family would fortell a delayed marriage and an unsatisfactory married life to the native.

His placement in friendly houses like in ascendant, 9th or 10th houses and with sookshma (intricate)strength in ascendant or 10th house would give beneficial results. As generally, Mithuna and Kanya are favorite houses to Sani, his placement in the ascendant would make the native adamant, bestow unconventional marriage and give lots of benefits during his dasa(major period).

When he attains subathuva(beneficence) with placement in the 10th house, he would bestow favourable results to the native through his significations. His placement in the 9th house is not good for Kanya ascendants. A lonely Sani placed here without favoruable aspects from benefics, one would be bereft of the support from father, ancestry and be unable to enjoy some special providences.

His placement in the evil 3, 6,8 or 12th houses is also not favourable to Kanya ascendants. When placed in an inimical 3rd house, his aspect to the 9th house would destroy the fortunes and fame of the native.

When he gets strengthened in the 6th house, the native would become a patient or debtor during his dasa (major period). In some cases, disabilities in the legs could also be envisaged. Though his placement in debilitation in the 8th house is good towards having a disease-free, debt-free living, but an evil aspect on the three important houses of profession, family and children would be cast, which is bound to destroy the fortune and fame of the native.

Also since the Sani debilitated here without subathuva(beneficence),  would become powerful and if also additionally in retrogression, would give drastically evil effects during his dasa(major period) through the three houses as mentioned above.

When seated in the 12th house, as it was indicated for the 8th house, his 3rd aspect on house of wealth(2nd house), strengthening his own 6th house with the 7th aspect and weakening the baghyasthana(house of fortune) with his 10th aspect. The dasa (major period) and Bhukti(sub period)of Sani in the 12th house would entail troubles and litigations.

When Sani is placed in the 12th without subathuva (beneficence), the native would be a liar. When he attains subathuva (beneficence) along with sookshma(intricate)strength, he would shine in professions that have a basis on lies like that of an advocate or in marketing sector, wherein an item is sold by reeling out smart lies.

Sani is the creator of advocate, who would dutifully argue in favour of a criminal, who has committed a murder or robbery and get him released with his ability to argue by reeling out lies to prove the innocence thereby upholding his professional ethics.

Most of the horoscopes of famous rhetoric lawyers indicate the placement of Sani in the 12th house to either ascendant or the moon sign and aspecting the house of speech or 2nd house or getting associated with the 10th house.

His placement with subathuva (beneficence) in 4,7 or 11 houses of Kanya ascendant would give reasonably good results. As the placement of a malefic in kendra(angular) house makes him powerful, his placement in 7th house would give digbala(directional strength) even while forbidding sthana bala(positional strength) to the natives belonging to Kanya and because planets placed in 11th house would never do any harm, these three configurations of Sani are supposedly good dispositions.

How did Sani become the significator of longevity?

In the last few weeks, my articles written on the character of a natural malefic, Sani, has evoked numerous callers through telephone seeking to know about whether Sani has nothing at all useful for mankind? Is he not responsible for longevity which is essential for mankind to survive? Does he not give longevity?

Having clearly understood that Sani has not be assigned any of the useful connotations to mankind by the almighty, I had written quite elaborately a few years back on the subtleties on why and how longevity is attributed to Sani.

Explaining here once again to the benefit of readers of Bala Jothidam……………

Most of our scriptures preach that we should not be born once again, surrender at the feet of almighty and attain salvation by conjoining with him.

Saints and Sages long for this “mukthi”(salvation). (This means that sages wish to leave this earth as quickly as possible).

The real understanding would be in realizing that human life by itself  is a burden. Our Sages and Saints have realized and have always indicated that there is something very much pleasurable after the death of man.

We have presently come closer to this earth  only to understand something that could not be comprehended. Due to our sins, we are unable to leave this earth and keep being born again and again. This is only a travel, that’s all.

Our longevity holds us back from going back to the good place where we came by retaining us here. The truth is that it is not a beneficial signification as many consider. Hence, this signification that is not useful to mankind, also rests with Sani.

Longevity is hence an evil signification of Sani, that holds us back from reaching the almighty and is indeed an unfavourable state of postponing the pleasurable experience further away.

In astrology, our sages have never mentioned anything explicitly, it would never be told and would never be understood even if it is told.

Hence to attain a state of understanding…

Astrology is also one amongst the intricate aspects which we are unable to comprehend until we attain a certain level, starting from LKG, first until twelfth standard in the school followed by graduation and post-graduation.

This is the magnificence of this great art.

If we could realize that the truth that all scriptures across religions emphasize on only thing, to avoid rebirth and get associated with almighty, we can comprehend the reason for longevity being bestowed by Sani.

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