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Some people suggest  that it is favourable to have Sani in exaltation and conclude that children born with an exalted Sani are lucky. This is completely incorrect.

Even if Sani happens to the lord of the ascendant, his placement in his own or exalted houses, is not a favorable disposition. The subtly intricate statement  made by our sages that if in any horoscope the natural benefics should be powerful and that the natural malefics should not get strengthened, is more relevant to Sani.

A solitary Sani in his own house or in exaltation devoid of any subathuva (beneficence) would induce drastically harmful results during his dasa (major period). If Sani should bestow favorable results, then he should be associated or glanced by Guru or  be in the association of any other suba (benefic) planets or the benefics to the ascendant.

An exalted Sani in retrogression,  that  totally demolishes the effects of exaltation only to confer a debilitation  and also with the aspect of a benefic planet,  would bestow a luxurious lifestyle.

If Sani is strengthened directly then according to his significations one has to work laboriously to earn his living. When he  gets weakened, one would get beget a wealthy life that does not require physical exertion, that’s all…!!

In a horoscope wherein Sani is directly powerful, he would bestow his evil significations very strongly during his dasa (major period). He would indirectly benefit the native routing through his evil significations, that are deplorable by mankind.

At the same time, strengthening of the ascendant lord Sani by direct means like occupying own house or exaltation would certainly strengthen the ascendant, but the native would imbibe the qualities of Sani. The unwanted significations of Sani could be observed in the native.

As Sani is the significator for all the unwanted things to mankind and bad behavior in particular, his dissociation with any ascendant including the one that he owns,  is a blessing. If he gets associated with the ascendant or attains exaltation as the lord of the ascendant, then he would give favourable results only when he attains subathuva (beneficence) or sookshma(intricate)strength.

(When Sani attains sookshma(intricate)strength and gets connected with ascendant or moon sign he would encourage a native to become a great spiritualist. Additionally the horoscope should have Guru and Kethu in a supportive state, for this probability. I would explain further on the spiritual states of Sani in the forthcoming chapters).

Sani associating with ascendant, devoid of subathuva(beneficence) or sookshma(intricate)strength would make the native stubborn. He would have a shorter stature, unlucky and be incapable of adjusting with anyone. Native would be selfish and clouded with inferiority complex.

Sani  fakes an ignorant person to believing himself to be expert in everything. There are some people who always do not respond directly but put forth a counter argument or make hollow statements and are always surrounded with “negative thoughts” or pessimistic thoughts. This is also due to Sani.

Is someone talking continuously without any substance? He would be certainly under the influence of a directly powerful Sani. If the short stature of a person is very obvious, then it could be concluded that he is greatly influenced by Sani.

At the same time, natives with such a directly powerful Sani that is devoid of subathuva (beneficence), would be extremely skilled in any one of the technical disciplines. Excellent automobile mechanics, technicians in a factory wielding a spanner performing intricate jobs are all produced by Sani.

Sani getting powerful by direct means without subathuva (beneficence) would make one to dismantle a vehicle or a machinery unto the last nail and be capable enough to reassemble the same back perfectly. That means he would be working strenuously with total involvement, adorning oily greasy clothes.

If the exalted states of planets needs to be further elaborated, it can be understood that it would have been unnecessary for our sages to classify the planets into two groups as benefics and malefics,  if all the planets that are in exaltation are destined to do good to mankind.

It was also not necessary to differentiate between the functionalities of planets as suba(good) or asuba(bad). It could have been simply stated that powerful planets would do good.

Nowhere in our scriptures, have the sages indicated that powerful planets would do good to mankind. They have only told that a powerful planet would bestow his significations or functionalities very strongly to the native.

In that case, what would Sani that signifies not only longevity but also scarcity, poverty, diseases, debt related problems, slavery, earning through physical labour, physical disability, working in dirty areas , would give when he becomes powerful?

Unlike the other benefic planets like Guru, Sukra, solitary Budha and waxing Chandra, the malefics like Sani and Mangal do not have the ability to give favorable results independently.

Sani is the Rajayogadhipathi (Principal benefic) to the natives of Rishaba and Tula. Amongst these two, he would be a Rajayogadhipathi devoid of badhakadhipathiyam (ownership of obstructive house) to the natives of Tula. In such a circumstance too, Sani attaining exaltation in the ascendant devoid of subathuva (beneficence) or sookshma(intricate)strength would give negative results only.

In the dasa (major period) of an exalted Sani, the native would be leading a simple life with a meagre salary, engaged as a mechanic or a technician in an industry or factory dealing with iron.

As in majority of the cases Sani is expected to only give difficulties, unlike in the case of any other planet our sages have restrained us from carrying home the prasad(offerings) from Sani and also to not look back while leaving the sanctum.

While we bring back home the prasad(offerings) made to all deities, but refrain from bringing the prasad or anything from the temple after worshipping Sani, only implies that we should not be possessing anything associated with Sani at home.

Even now you could have realized that in several ancient temples in order to avoid the direct vision of Sani on us, a shield is placed just in front of the sanctum of Sani. Even today Sani is worshipped by standing on to one side only.

What more?!! A mother scolds her child out of frustration only by calling his name…!!!

In reality, never in our holy scriptures has it ever been indicated to seek anything from Sani by worshipping him.

For example, what would you seek while worshipping Guru..? “Give me progenies… give me a lot of wealth” could be our demands… as he is in possession of these. He would also be able to give them to you.

To Sukra one could ask…”Give me good wife… give me house…give me luxurious life”..He would give. To Budha we could ask.. “Give me intellect”..From Chandra we could seek …”Give me a strong will… Give me the energy..”

What would you seek from Sani…?

Should we seek “Give me scarcity… Give me debt… Give me disease.. Give me physical disability…”?

What does he have to offer other than longevity?

When I am only having stale rice saved from previous night, what can I do if you would seek a wholesome meal on a plantain leaf enriched with all the six tastes….?

If you feel that you are worshipping Sani so that the ills as mentioned above are to be kept away from you, even then is it not easier that you could simply remain without doing anything at all..?

On one side when he is beating, trampling and thrashing you, would you like to get anywhere closer to him or alternately would like to run away from him…?

Only when Sani has been weakened, with his hands tied down, aspected by Guru, attaining subathuva (beneficence) and sookshma(intricate)strength by some means, will he bestow enormous wealth through his significations.

While the wealth obtained through the grace of benefic planets could be disclosed prestigiously, but the money received at the behest of malefics cannot be disclosed respectfully.

To the Tula ascendants, if the Sani attaining debilitation and digbala(directional strength) in Mesha is aspected by Guru, then the native would be blessed with lot of money and a luxurious living.

If Sani is powerful in the birth horoscope, then  during the transitory 7½ Sani (Sade Sati) period, he would cause lot of difficulties. If Sani is weak in the natal chart only then he would be unable to give harmful effects during the transitory 7½ Sani (Sade Sati) period.

With the decreasing strength of Sani in the horoscope, the lifestyle of the native would be proportionally getting elevated. When he is totally devoid of any strength and attains sookshma(intricate)strength, then the native would be blessed with an extraordinary luxurious life.

I have explained this earlier by citing the example of the horoscope of a very wealthy person in my article on,” Papa grahangal eppozhudhu palan seiyum(When would the malefic planets give beneficial results).

In none of the horoscopes having Rajayoga (beneficial combination equivalent to becoming a king) would Sani be powerful. If he is in exaltation, then he would have attained retrogression with a net result of being in a debilitated state. Or he would have attained subathuva (beneficence) or sookshma (intricate)strength by some means. This is certain.

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