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Amongst the annually transiting planets like Rahu, Kethu, Guru and Sani, the transit of Sani assumes great significance in comparison to others. An upcoming Ashtama Sani(Sani transiting to 8th house from the moon sign) or a 7½ Sani(Sade-Sati) evoke anxiety to the believers of astrology.

Lives of mankind are always prone to contrasting states like happiness, grief, troubles, loss, ascent, descent, darkness and illumination. All the creations in this universe do have such contrasting and opposing status.

Similarly, planets have also been classified by our sages into two divisions , the former as benefics, referring to the ones who give favourable results and the later as malefics referring to the ones giving unfavourable results to mankind.

In this classification, Sani alone has been identified to be a total malefic amongst in the list of malefic planets including Sani, Mangal, Surya, Budha associated with a malefic, waning Chandra and Rahu Kethu.

Our sages have clearly defined Mangal to be a three-fourth malefic, Surya to be a half-malefic and Sani to be a total malefic in their sequence of malefic planets.

The hidden sookshma (intricacy) in this fact is that though Mangal would function as a three-fourth malefic, he would also function as the provider of certain beneficial results to mankind in the remaining one-fourth of his nature and similarly though Surya is a malefic with a 50% maleficence, he is expected to provide beneficial results to mankind in the remaining role as a benefic.

Our scriptures indicate that amongst the waning Chandra and a malefic associated Budha, Chandra only when moving towards Amavasya(new moon) from Purnima(full moon) in the waning phase turns to be a malefic, but would remain a benefic in all other conditions.

Similarly, it has been clearly indicated to us that Budha would bestow favours as a benefic when placed alone or in company of benefics and on the contrary gives unfavourable results when associated with malefics.

Though the planets Rahu and Kethu have been classified as malefics, as they do not own any house and encroach onto other’s house, they would give enormous beneficial results to mankind ,when in certain situations such that they occupy the houses owned by natural benefics or the houses that are ordained to be subathuva(favourable) to them. Hence it cannot be concluded that the serpentine planets would always behave as malefics.

As our divine sages have indicated with utmost clarity without any doubts whatsoever, that Sani alone is a total malefic amongst all malefics, we will look deeper into my findings on Sani based on my indepth and diverse research for over 30 years.

We believe superficially that a stronger planet would deliver more favours. If we have the potential to understand astrology at its precisely intricate depths, it could be realized that our sages have never ever indicated anywhere that powerful planets would deliver only favourable results.

Our sages have indicated that powerful planets would impose their significations or in other words their functionalities or character strongly to the natives and not necessarily it means that results would be favourable when the planet is in its own house or in exaltation.

Also, having all the nine planets placed strongly in any horoscope does not do good to the native. A horoscope is considered lucky only when the ascendant lord or the planet that leads the horoscope and three of his friends, who guide him along, are powerful.

On the contrary, if the planets considered inimical to the ascendant lord or in other words the malefics to the ascendant gain strength, then the native would struggle to reach greater positions. Additionally, if the dasa (major period) of the powerful malefic of ascendant is also operational then his growth would be hindered. He would be unable to even enjoy the minimum comforts of a common man. He would be devoid of fortunes.

Amongst the horoscopes of human beings born, the horoscope of Sri Rama is considered to be supreme in our astrology. In his horoscope the five planets, Guru, Sukra, Surya, Mangal and Sani were indicated to be in exaltation.

(There are differences of opinion in the birth horoscope of Sri Rama. While he is presumed to be born on a Navami(9th day of waxing phase), it is not possible for Surya to be in exaltation and Chandra to also occupy his own house at the same time as per astronomy. Hence, according to one notion, the Chaitra month as referred by Sage Valmiki could refer to the month of Panguni or Phalguni. Hence, in the horoscope of Sri Rama the placement of Surya should be rightly in the sign of Meena).

As Sri Rama was born when four planets were in exaltation, he did rise to become a divine being and is revered by us till date as the human incarnation of the almighty. Even then, Sri Rama has never enjoyed the common pleasures of human life, like losing his father at an important juncture, when his guidance was utmost required and roaming in the forest at an age when he was to enjoy the comforts in the company of his wife at the palace. Even after vanquishing his enemy, he could not lead a peaceful life with his wife.

Above all, being unable to fondle his newborns, unable to be with them in their childhood and realising only during war that the opponents were none other than his own children are some of his misgivings.

Though he was an incarnation, he was bereft of nominal long lasting pleasures from wife and children at appropriate circumstances.

This was because Sani and Sukra, the malefics of Kataka ascendant, becoming powerful in the Kendra(angular) and Kona(Trinal) houses. Hence, malefics becoming powerful at Kendra-Kona(angular-trinal) houses does not give good results.

At the same time, just like there are two categories of natural benefics and malefics, in any horoscope there are two other categories of planets that are benefics or malefics of the ascendant.

As explained in the previous chapters individually on aadipathiya(implications of houses) and karakathuva (significations), if we try to intricately explain the concepts of natural benefics and benefics of ascendants, then it could be observed that if a natural benefic takes up the role of delivering malefic results as per ascendant and that planet happens to be placed powerfully in the Kendra(angular) or Kona(trinal) houses, then during its dasa (major period) it would do harm through its significations or functionalities.

Similarly, when a natural malefic owns beneficial houses in the natal chart and is destined to deliver favourable results, then even if he is placed in own or exalted house in Kendra-kona(angular-trinal), only attainment of subathuva (beneficence) or sookshma(intricate)strength would drive him towards bestowing good results during his dasa (major period).

Favours would also be bestowed through his malefic significations or through the functionalities that are not useful to mankind.

This is the sookshma (intricacy) in planetary strength.

Sani, who has been considered to be a total malefic by our sages, would only give negative results when becoming directly powerful by way of placement in his own house or in exaltation and is devoid of subathuva(beneficence) or sookshma (intricate) strength for ascendants of Kataka and Simha to which he is considered a bitter malefic or to any other ascendant to which he is the owner of evil houses.

To the ascendants of Rishaba and Tula, to whom he is a total benefic, attainment of direct strength like placement in his own house or in exaltation without attaining subathuva(beneficence) or sookshma (intricate) strength would not give good results.

As the lord of ascendant to the natives of Makara and Kumbha, his attainment of strength by placement in his own house or in exaltation in the 9th and 10th houses devoid of subathuva (beneficence) is not known to give good results.

To put it crisply, as Sani is a total malefic, he should attain subathuva(beneficence) or sookshma (intricate) strength. This is the condition for him towards delivering good results.

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