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Next to Simha, to the Kanya ascendants, Sukra would be exalted in the 7th house giving rise to the special Malavya yoga(beneficial combination) and give favourable results. Sukra is capable of giving beneficial effects to this ascendant, even better than its ascendant lord, Budha.

As the ascendant lord of Kanya also owns the 10th house thereby contracting Kendradhipathiya dosha (maleficience due to placement in one’s own angular house),  Sukra gives immense benefits being the lord of 2nd (Dhana or wealth) and the trinal 9th (Bhagya or fortune) houses. Truly, Malavya yoga will give wholesome benefits to Kanya.

It is an added specialty that Kanya is the only ascendant that could be aspected by an exalted Sukra.  Kanya ascendants gain from the aspect of the exalted Sukra through status, respect and other special benefits. An exalted Sukra, without the weakening of Budha would do lot of favours to the Kanya ascendant.

As Sukra is a natural benefic and additionally  such a  placement gives special powers to his aspect, which makes it more powerful even from that of Guru. Those Kanya ascendants with an exalted Sukra have a beautiful and charming face, speaking ability with politeness and also are wonderful romantic lovers.

Eventhough our scriptures list the benefic planets in the order of Guru, Sukra, lonely Budha and waxing Chandra, it is important to mention that  Maharishi Kalidasa in Uttara Kalamritha has revised this order to be that of Sukra, Guru, lonely Budha and waxing Chandra.

Kanya natives with an exalted powerful Sukra placed alone without association of any malefic planets especially with the debilitated ascendant lord, Budha, or with the lord of expenditure, Surya, and with the major period of Sukra operational beyond 30 years, are truly blessed souls by almighty.

The major period of Sukra in this configuration, would enthuse the natives to take up professions relating to the significations of Sukra like food industry, lodging facilities, textile shop, items used by ladies, fine arts, travels etc. and give immense gains. Certainly, Sukra dasa is a super dasa to the natives of Kanya.

At the same time, placement of the exalted Sukra in the 4th pada(leg) of Revathi star gives rise to vargottama (placement in the same zodiac sign in rasi and navamsa(9th divisional))  and does not give good results. There is a veiled reference to this aspect in the scriptures written by our sages. I would elaborate further on the reason at another circumstance later.

Additionally, a Sukra dasa operational at a young age or beyond 60 years of age would not give beneficial results to the natives. Though Sukra would give benefits through legitimate means, he would also bestow pleasures and contacts with women, profits through women irrespective of whether the native likes or dislikes the same.

Hence, the Sukra dasa at ages where pleasures from women could be enjoyed would only give great results. Also, additionally Sukra would bestow luxury and entertainment.

To the natives of Tula, as Sukra is the lord of the ascendant, he would attribute Malavya yoga when placed in the ascendant. As he also owns the 8th house to this ascendant, during his major period of 20 years, he would give positive results in one half and not so positive results in the other half.

Generally to the natives born in Tula, placement of Sukra anywhere other than the ascendant does not give favourable results. As his exaltation would be in the 6th house to this ascendant, his placement in exaltation is also devoid of any great benefits.

When Sukra is connected with his own 8th house, his placement in the 10th angular house, (i.e.)the 3rd house to the 8th as per Bhavath Bhava, would lead to problems and deterioration in his profession during the second half of his major and sub periods. Hence to the natives of Tula, Sukra without any association with 8th house would only give favourable results.

Sukra being the owner of 7th and 12th houses representing wife and pleasures through wife, his placement in his own 7th house attributes Malavya yoga to natives of Vrischik ascendant.

When he is placed all alone as the owner of the house, it gives rise to Kendradhipathiya dosha (maleficience due to placement in one’s own angular house) and Kalathra dosha (maleficience in marital issues) as per the philosophy of Karako Bhava Nasthi ( A significator planet occupying the house signifying the aspect, nullifies the aspect). Hence, Sukra’s placement in the seventh house alone, does not give favourable results to Vrischik ascendants.

His placement along with Surya in this house, gives favourable and beneficial results. Due to the placement of Sukra in this house, during the dasa(major period) of Sukra, the native would benefit from women, joint ventures, foreign collaborations etc. Further based on other features in the horoscope, the native is likely to earn in other states or in other countries.

Sukra being the owner of the 6th and 11th houses to the natives of Dhanu ascendant, is a malefic devoid of any special status due to ownership and gives Malavya yoga with a placement in exaltation in the 4th house.

As I repeatedly write, if Sukra is getting stronger to Dhanu ascendant, then the lord of the ascendant, Guru, should attain strength that is greater than that of Sukra. Only if Guru becomes powerful as indicated could any special results could be awaited. I have written about this in the article titled “Guruvin Sookshmangal ( Intricacies of Guru)”

Next, with Sukra in the role of Rajayogadhipathi (Maximum beneficiator) with the ownership of 5th and 10th houses, bestows Malavya yoga to Makara with the placement in his own 10th house. As Sukra is a benefic planet his lonely occupation in his own 10th or Kendra(angular) house is not a favourable placement.

Most often, he would conjoin with the proximal Budha, the owner of 9th house to this ascendant, to give Dharma karmadhi pathi yoga( a beneficial combination of the lords of fortune and profession) along with Malavya yoga and this combination would bestow great rewards to the native during the dasa (major period) of Sukra. But, association of Surya, the lord of 8th house, with Sukra would weaken the beneficial combination.

Hence, instead of Sukra being all alone, being associated only with Budha and the Sukra dasa operational beyond 30 years would engage the native in the artistic domains, restaurant, textiles, travels, garments etc. to earn profits and make him lucky.

Sukra is also the Raja yogadhipathi(maxium beneficiator) of Kumbha ascendants due to ownership of the 4th and 9th house and bestows Malavya yoga when placed in his own 4th house with digbala (directional strength) along with Kendradhipathiya dosha (maleficience due to occupation of own angular house).

Although it is not a good disposition for a benefic planet to occupy his own angular house and also attain digbala(directional strength) there, Sukra being the Bhadakadhipathi( lord of obstruction) by way of owning the 9th house, his placement in his own 4th house, which is the 8th house to the Bhadaka(obstruction) or 9th house, would do a lot of favours.

As indicated for Makara, association of Sukra with Budha, the principal trinal lord, would give rise to Kendhratrikonadhipathi yoga(beneficial combination of owners of angular and trinal houses) along with Malavya yoga and if Sani, the owner of the ascendant is also favourably placed with subathuva sookshama(beneficial and intricate) strengths then the natives would achieve great success.

Finally to the natives of Meena ascendant, Sukra being the malefic due to ownership of evil 3rd and 8th houses and also being the enemy of Guru, the lord of the ascendant, would bestow Malavya yoga with his placement in exaltation in the ascendant.

Generally, I have written that it is not recommended for Sukra to be powerful for ascendants owned by Guru. In the same line, if Sukra is placed powerfully with exaltation then Guru also attaining an equally powerful disposition would only give benefits to the native.

Otherwise, the association of  the debilitated Budha, the Bhadakadhipathi (lord of obstruction) to this ascendant, with the exalted Sukra,  who transfers his power and gets blunted, runs his dasa, then Malavya yoga would bestow benefits with constraints to the natives of Meena ascendant.

As Sukra is a benefic and since a benefic lord of 8th house would give foreign connections, during the dasa of Sukra, the native would go abroad to earn money or earn through international trades like export and import or earnings through foreign professions.

With Sukra in the ascendant, the native would be a true lover. He would do anything for the sake of love. Generally, when Sukra is exalted, they would be possess qualifications and a pleasing attitude that would be attractive to the opposite sex.

Can planets inimical to the ascendant become powerful?

To natives born in the ascendants of planets depicted as bitter enemies like Guru, Sukra and Sani, Surya, Chandra by our sages, it is not favourable for the inimical planets to get strengthened more than the ascendant lord.

If the inimical planets are strengthened and are in a disposition to attribute yogas (favours), then there would be some problems in important aspects of life like marriage, childbirth etc.

In the same lines, to the Dhanu ascendants, Guru should be placed with a better strength more than that of Sukra, if he is exalted. This means that Guru should also attain exaltation or if debilitated  then should be in a configuration leading to a formal cancellation of debilitation, like Sani, the house owner attaining exaltation or conjunction with an exalted Mangal or placement in angles to Chandra or placement in vargothama (planet placed in the same house in the Rasi chart and 9th divisional chart).

I have explained earlier in the article on “Neecha Bhanga Rajayoga (Configuration leading to benefits equal to becoming a king with the cancellation of debilitation)”, that when a planet undergoes a formal cancellation of debilitation, he attains a strength which is more than exaltation.

If Guru attains exaltation for Dhanu and he aspects Sukra, then due to the theory that “an exalted planet should not aspect another exalted planet”, he would weaken Sukra to some extent by making him lose his strength. This configuration is favourable for Dhanu ascendant.

On the contrary a native with a weak Guru and an exalted Sukra bestowing Malavya yoga,  without any of the above mentioned aspects, would be devoid of atleast one of the important fortunes in life.

Otherwise, the exalted Sukra placed here would bestow excellent results with respect to house, vehicle, mother, own pleasures and on the other hand would lead to disinterest with respect to his significations like marriage, lust or pleasures from females.

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