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As per Vedic Astrology, Mangal is a planet with masculinity while Sukra is a  feminine planet.  When the entirely masculine planet, Mangal, associates with a totally feminine planet, Sukra, then it leads to absolute weakening of Sukra.

The major or sub period of Sukra associated with Mangal would give contradicting results to a male or a female. In such situations, if the status of Sukra is powerful in comparison to that of Mangal, then the negative effects need not be expected.

On the other hand, if the Sukra is weak, Mangal is strongly malefic devoid of subathuva(beneficience) and the major period of Sukra is operational, then both the sexes would do indulge in emotionally hurting their spouses.

In such situations, depending on the degree of strength or weakness of  Sukra, actions like betrayal or immorality could be witnessed. In this context, it cannot be generalized that all those with an association of Mangal and Sukra would slip morally.

To give more accurate predictions at such situations, it is necessary to assess the suba(beneficial) and papa(maleficent) strengths of Sukra and Mangal very accurately.

When both of them have attained subathuva (beneficience), then this combination generates, Bhrigu Mangala yoga(Favourable combination of Sukra and Mangal) towards getting greater profits in earthly professions  like Real estate, builder of dwellings, food making areas etc.

Malavya yoga is one of the greatest yogas bestowed by Sukra. This yoga is felt when Sukra is placed in the angular houses  from ascendant, with an ownership or exaltation status. When the ascendant is weak and rasi(moon sign) takes over, then this yoga would shower benefits when in angular positions to Chandra too. But the angular houses to ascendant are only to be  primarily considered.

The placement of Sukra in Malavya yoga to any ascendant and operation of major periods of Sukra at appropriate ages , would bestow the native with significations of Sukra in entirety. While running the major or sub periods of Sukra, the native would be blessed with essential things like marriage, house, vehicle etc.

If we would like to look into the effects of Sukra to each of the ascendants, then to Mesha, as the owner of 2nd(family) and 7th(marital) houses, his placement in his own 7th house, with  an added strength of being in Mooltrikon, gives rise to this yoga.

Sukra being a natural benefic and since the occupation of angular house by a natural benefic gives rise to Kendradhipathiya dosha (maleficence owing to occupation of once’s own angular house), Sukra’s placement all alone in the 7th house to the Mesha ascendants will do more harm than good.

The placement of Sukra in the 7th house would additionally give rise to Kalathra(marriage related) dosha too. Hence, to the ascendants of Mesha, Sukra’s placement in the 7th house along with other planets reduces its maleficence and increases the beneficial effects.

At the same time the native is expected to be good natured, owing to the beneficial aspect of a planet like Sukra on to the ascendant. He would be a lover of fine arts and takes a likening for pleasures through women. During the dasa(major period) of Sukra he would be benefitted through avenues related to women.

When Sukra is placed in the first house to the natives of Rishaba ascendant, he would give rise to Malavya yoga due to ownership. This is a very good arrangement to the Rishaba ascendants. The favourable effects are amplified further, when Sukra is seated on Krithika star.

As the placement of Sukra in the 4th pada(leg) of Krithika star would lead to his attainment of vargottama ( planet occupying the same house in rasi and navamsa(9th divisional)), immense benefits  during Sukra dasa can be foretold.

If the Sukra dasa comes to operation to a native beyond  his 30 years, then it would bestow good effects like good house, high end vehicle, understanding spouse, field of fine arts, benefits through women, organizations with more women employees and profits from shop selling garments for ladies, hotel etc.

To ascendants of Mithuna, Sukra’s  placement in exaltation in the 10th house would deliver a lot of favours during his dasa. When the Sukra dasa is operational with this placement, then the native would derive all comforts right from a very young age. As indicated earlier for Rishaba, the native would be engaged in fine arts, restaurant, textiles etc. and derive profits through them.

To the Mithuna natives, placement of Sukra here would bestow a good beautiful spouse, nice house, luxury vehicle etc., either rduring the dasa of Sukra or during the dasa of planets placed in the houses owned by Sukra. It is important for Sukra to not get weakened with the association of a malefic or by any other means.

To the natives of Kataka ascendant, his placement in his own and mooltrikon 4th house would do immense benefits. As here Sukra would also attain digbala(directional strength), this would give additional benefits but also the Kendradhipathiya dosha (maleficence owing to occupation of once’s own angular house) would operate leading to some disturbances.

Also to the ascendants of Kataka and Simha, even a well placed Sukra does not give good results. As Sukra considers the ascendant lords, Surya and Chandra,  as his enemies and his attainment of Kendradhipathiya dosha (maleficence owing to occupation of once’s own angular house) with his placement in fourth angular house for Kataka and the 10th angular house for Rishaba, seems to be the reason.

Though he is the Bhadakadhipathi(lord of obstruction) to the Kataka ascendants, his placement in the 11th house, which is the 8th house to his angular house, along with the benefactors of the ascendant does give good results.

Similarly, instead of bestowing Malavya yoga with his  lonely placement in his own 10th house, it does good if he is conjoined with benefactors of ascendant here or when he is placed in the 6th or 8th to 10th house according to Bhavath Bhava theory.

That is, his placement in his own 3rd house(6th to 10th house) or in the trinal  5th house(8th to 10th house), wherein any benefic planet would attain strength, would do good to bestow his significations to the native.

When a benefic planet with the possibility of a Kendradhipathiya dosha  gets hidden in the 6th or 8th or 12th houses to the angular houses  by way of ownership, friendship or exaltation, then the significations of the planet would be fully granted to the native.

This arrangement would apply to all planets and also at some other situations too. While predicting it is therefore necessary to apply the Bhavath Bhava rule to identify accurate results.

For example, though Guru is the Bhagyadhipathi (lord of fortune) to the natives of Kataka ascendant, as his mooltrikon house is Dhanu, which happens to be the 6th house, he would function only as a malefic in his capacity as the owner of the 6th house. If he is associated  more with the 6th house in comparison to the 9th or he is placed in 6th house or aspects it, he would give more negative results only.

But as per Bhavath Bhava theory, if he occupies the 6th or 8th or 12th to the 8th house, then he would not do any harm.

Further, placement in the 5thtrinal house, Vrischik, which adds strength a natural benefic like Guru, which happens to be the 12th house to his own 6th house or when Guru is exalted by placement in the ascendant (8th house to the 6th), the results of 6th house would diminish. In these two situations he would aspect his 9th house. Hence the effects of Bhagya house(9th house) would only dominate.

At the same time, when he is placed in the 11th house (6th to 6th house), even though he does not aspect the Bhagya house(9th house) , he would not give the ill effects of 6th house. At such situations the native would lead a debt and disease-free life.

Sukra alone does not have the evil effects of placement in 12th house. Why?

When in a horoscope, all the planets when placed in evil houses, like 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th, are expected to get weakened, Sukra  alone gets weakened only with  the placement in 3rd or 8th houses. Sukra when placed in 6th or 12th houses does not give evil effects. Further, Sukra does not get weakened with the placement in these houses.

While Sukra’s placement in the 12th house is not harmful, on the other hand it gives greater subathuva (beneficience) and strength to Sukra. Particularly, even to the natives of Tula ascendant,  being the lord of the ascendant, his debilitated and weakened  placement in the 12th house would continue to bestow all his his significations.

To the ascendants of Tula, he does not give negative results during his dasa (major period) even if the debilitation is not cancelled. Further, in this debilitated dasa of Sukra, the natives are blessed with his significations like a good house, nice vehicle, pretty wife, benefits from women, profits from hotel, textiles etc. without any reduction.

As Sukra attains exaltation in the Sayana sthana (bedroom, 12th house)  of Kalapurusha, the personification of our Rashi chart, his placement in the 12th house is considered favourable in general. At the same time it is to be noted that he attains exaltation in the 6th house to his own Tula ascendant.

Sukra has a unique status amongst the nine planets.  Earlier in the previous articles on Sukra, I had explained why Sukra alone attains ownership or exaltation in angular houses for all ascendants.

Similarly, Sukra is unique in attaining debilitation or weakening in his close friend’s house and getting exalted or attaining great power in his bitter enemy’s house.

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