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Sukra is solely responsible for one to get legitimate and illegitimate pleasures in this world.

If Sukra is owning favourable houses and has a subathuva(beneficial) status, then the native would enjoy all the worldly pleasures at appropriate ages through legitimate routes. If Sukra is conjoined with malefics, owns an unfavourable house and has a strong papathuva(maleficience ) status, then he would make one enjoy his pleasures through illicit and illegitimate routes.

Being a natural benefic, Sukra is destined to give beneficial results under all circumstances, but it is not a favourable placement  for him to be in association with malefic planets like Sani, Mangal, Rahu or Kethu. As he is one amongst the trio of Surya, Budha and Sukra, it is an astrological corollary that he should most always function in conjunction with Surya.

Though our sages have indicated Surya and Chandra to be inimical to Sukra, as per the relationship rules governing various planets, in my experience his association with either Surya or Chandra does not give grave negative results.

But at the same time, when he is associated with malefics like Sani, Mangal or Rahu as indicated above, depending on the closeness of the conjunction and depending on the zodiac sign wherein the conjunction occurs, his true nature would undergo  a transformation and would encourage the native to seek illegitimate pleasures during his dasa(major period) or bhukti(sub period) or during  those of associated planets.

Precisely, the birth and life of all living thigs including the humans in this world are governed and are steered by lust. In the real life too, the married life of a human being begins on the basis of lust. Be it a man or a woman, they become complete only when they are physically ready for lust.

In the present civilized society, marriage is the route for appropriately channelizing this lust in making of a complete man. The support of a beneficial Sukra is essential for systematically getting the results as above.

At the same time when Sukra dasa is progressing with Sukra  being aligned or aspected with malefics like Sani, Mangal or Rahu or if malefics are placed strongly in Rishaba or Tula and their dasa(major period) is progressing, then the effects would be completely upside down.

Would one have a desire for sexual pleasures? Or not? By analyzing the 7th house in a horoscope, the extent of indulgence, by analyzing the 3rd house how effective and vigorously would anyone indulge and the pleasures and happiness derived from the relationshipcould be ascertained by studying the 12th house.

Paradoxically, when Rahu is conjoined with Sukra in close proximity, one would be denied any marital pleasures.

As Rahu is known to halt any pleasure or good fortune, Sukra when associated closely with Rahu, loses all his strength and becomes unable to bestow his significations like marriage, marital pleasures etc.

Delayed or unconventional marriages are due to association of Sukra and Rahu. But on the contrary, during the dasa of Rahu that has been associated with Sukra, one would gain pleasures through multiple channels. This would happen as per the astrological tenet that Rahu would give whatever he has taken away from any planet in his own dasa.

As at any circumstance the combination of Rahu with Sukra would diminish the significations of Sukra, their association would never do well. Such a result can be expected not onlywhen Rahu is associated with Sukra, but also during the major and sub periods of Rahu that is powerfully placed in one of the houses owned by Sukra.

In the same lines, the  association of Sani with Sukra is also not beneficial. Sani that gets associated with Sukra or a malefic Sani placed in Rishaba or Tula, would humiliate one throughunethical romantic or erotic overtures. He would feel ashamed.Under such circumstances, the native would be a slave to erotic pleasures.

With the term association here, I mean the aspect of Sani on Sukra or to be in his star. When a malefic Sani is associated with Sukra then the native would be a slave to lust. He would do anything for the sake of lust. He would be least caring about his name, fame, education, career or status. Under these circumstances, lust would engulf his mind completely.

Also a debilitated Sani without attaining sookshma(intricate) strength, in association with Sukra would be very troublesome. In this configuration, if either the Sani or Sukra gets associated with the  bhava(house) relating to profession, then the native would have an unethical career. These effects would change only when Sani attains subathuva(beneficience) or sookshma (intricate)strength.

Generally, even if Sani has attained subathuva (beneficience), his association or contact with Sukra is not considered to be good. In such a circumstance, if the ascendant lord is also weak, then the native would lose mental stability. A native with this configuration would be over-confident about all that he does and would not be bothered about what the world would think of him.

The ones with a powerful benefic Sukra would be liked and respected by women. To understand a female,  the presence of a beneficial Sukra is essential. At the same time, they are loveable to women at all circumstances, as they are considered protective and not definitely not due to infatuation or passion.

If the association of Sukra with Mangal, next most dangerous malefic after Sani, has to be considered then  it should be noted that Mangal is a predominant masculine planet. He would depict the physical, mental powers and expectations of a  typical male.  Mangal indicates unfulfilled desires and strange cravings with expectations in all fronts. Mangal  also bestows virility to the man and the woman.

When Mangal, the  male planet with authority, greed and without forethought, with unfulfilled cravings, discontented and choses difficult paths towards fulfilling the desire, comes in contact with a completely feminine and charming planet like Sukra, it would make Sukra lose its basic character.

What would Sukra do in a school going age?

When a powerful Sukra is malefic then he would initiate unethical love or romance,  in a school or college going youngster.

Additionally, if Sukra dasa (major period) or the dasa or bhukti(sub period) of malefics like Sukra associated with Sani or Rahu or Kethu is operational at that young age, it would surely cause unnecessary headaches to their parents.

As it is said that it is good for the milk to boil within its container and to not spill over outside the container, our elders have referred to “Kutty sukran kotty kavizhkkum(Little Sukra would spill and turn upside down)” to indicate a situation of Sukra dasa being a spoiler when it operates at an young age.

Already as I had indicated  in the articles on Mangal and Budha, that while Mangal keeps the body young and Budha keeps the mind young, Sukra being the idol of youngster, would keep their body and also mind young and fresh, making them enjoy all the pleasures with the vitality truly that of a youngster.

He ties down the youngsters in the world around in terms of romance. He is the custodian of love. A person with a powerful Sukra would make one a good lover. The native would be a romantic poet when the lord of literacy, Budha, combines with Sukra and become powerful.

Sukra creates emotional lovers. As the custodian of lust, he is responsible for planting the romance at an appropriate juncture towards overcoming the lust either with  the spouse or with the consent of the member of opposite sex.

When a boy or girl at teen ages,  gets into love and is distracted from studies, it indicates that either the person is running the major or sub period of Sukra or those of planets seated in the houses of Sukra or those of planets associated with Sukra.

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