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There is none who would not be excited about the incoming Sukra dasa(major period).  When it seen that someone is progressing very well or has reached a significant height, it is customary to acclaim that he is running Sukra dasa.

 But in practice, we do see the beginning of fall of a person, who had been doing quite well prior to the commencement of Sukra dasa and subsequently slowly deteriorating to reach the abyss coinciding with the end of the dasa. Hence, we can debate if it is really correct to blindly believe that one is blessed to have the Sukra dasa in his life.

If we try to analyse the reason for this expectation, it could be seen that as per the concept of Dasa Bhukthi period in Vedic astrology gifted by great sage Parashara, dividing the  lifetime of human beings of 120 years into nine unequal segments to define the favourable and unfavourable phases, the major period of Sukra has been assigned twenty years by him.

It is significant to mention here that if Sukra dasa occurs in the life time of a human being, its influence prevails upon him for 20 years, which is much higher than that of any other planet.

If we can make an assumption that on an average a human being would live upto 80 years, it can be seen that a quarter of his lifetime would be prospected by Sukra. The expectation about the impending Sukra dasa is hence very high, as  Sukra would influence almost one-thirds of his lifetime, if we discount the immature phases of childhood and adolescence. 

As Sukra alone is the significator of a good wife, nice house, high end vehicle, luxurious life, extravagance and pleasures from everything including women, the impending Sukra dasa raises the excitement.

In the articles of “Jothidam enum Devarahasiyam(Astrology: the Divine Secret)” I had explained an important concept in a simplified manner.

I had indicated in the earlier chapters that there are hidden explanations behind  the personification of the planets, that are in predestined revolution in the outer space, with relationships such as husband –wife , father-son etc. as taught by our great sages.

The explanation of concept of friendship and  enmity amongst the nine planets by our sages are meant to guide us to assess with ease whether the major periods of these planets are favourable or not.

Likewise, planets Guru and Sukra, personified to be bitter enemies would not do good to each other’s ascendants. If they still have to deliver good results, then they must be constrained to do so.

Further, to the ascendants Rishaba and Tula of the Asura guru, Sukra, the Deva guru  or Guru would not give favourable results. Similarly, Sukra would not do good to ascendants Dhanu and Meena, belonging to his enemy, Guru.

Additionally, if they happen to own the 6th house denoting genesis of enemies, more harm would be done during their dasa(major period). This result could be expected wherein Sukra is the sixth house lord for Dhanu and Guru is the owner of sixth house of Tula.

To the ascendants of Tula, when Guru is exalted and aspects the 6th house, then unless he gets weakened by a different means, he would give the ill effects of debts, disease, enemies, argument, court case, imprisonment etc. very strongly during his dasa.

Similarly, when Sukra has occupied his own 6th  house or has strengthened the 6th house by other means, he would give unfavourable results to the native. Hence, Sukra dasa and bhukti does not give good results to all horoscopes.

At the same time, as per the the “Bhavath bhava”(second level relationship of bhava) rule, the owner of  a house when placed in 6th or 8th to that house would not do harm. In these lines, Sukra’s placement in the 11th house, that is 6th from 6th house, to Dhanu ascendants and similarly Guru’s placement in the 11th house to Tula ascendants, does not give unfavourable results.

Next to 6th house, Sukra would be owning the 8th house to the Meena ascendants. When Sukra is powerful during his dasa, he would send the native abroad or to other state and make him wander around for his livelihood. 

In some situations he might have to face dishonour and court cases due to woman related issues.  Similarly, when a strong Guru,  the 8th lord to the ascendants of Rishaba, would do harm when placed singularly and give results relating to foreign country and other states.

But, as 6th house is considered more harmful than 8th house and since the 6th house denotes the enemies and unfavourable aspects for the native, when Guru is weak to the ascendants of Dhanu and Sukra is placed in his own 6th house or becomes powerful by any other means, lots of unfavourable results could be expected during Sukra dasa.

Under such circumstances, it is not surprising if the Sukra dasa drags down the native down to a very impoverish state. I can present horoscopes with such arrangements, wherein Kethu dasa would have bestowed tremendous comforts of authority and material, but, would have been reprimanded for his misdeeds during the following dasa of Sukra, losing his position, stature and facing court case and imprisonment.

Also, Sukra signifies women, lust, luxury, extravagance and entertainment, Sukra dasa would give harm, dishonor and loss through women. Such a result can be expected by Tula ascendants with a  weak Sukra and a powerful Guru occupying his own 6th house.

To any ascendant, the 6th house lord should not be powerful when the ascendant lord is weak. This situation only indicates that our enemy being powerful, even while we are weak.

Our sages have suggested subtly without an explicit explanation that if these combinations exist in horoscopes, then the progress of the native would be hindered. I am repeating this in my articles and question-answer sessions.

Though, Guru and Sukra are considered to have opposite behaviours, our scriptures identify only Surya and Chandra to be Sukra’s enemies.

Hence, to the ascendants of Kataka and Simha of this duo, a powerful Sukra place alone would not give completely good results. In such an arrangement, while he would give positive results with respect to  his significations like house, vehicle and pleasure from woman, he would give negative results with respect to aspects relating to his ownership.

To the friendly ascendants of Mithuna, Kanya, Makara and Kumbha, Sukra dasa would give immense benefits. Even if Sukra happens to be weak, he would not give bad results to these ascendants during his dasa.

An important conjunction here is that as the planets, Guru, Sukra, Budha, Mangal and Sani have dual ownerships, the results during their maha dasa(major period) would also be contrasting and completely favorable or unfavourable results is not predicted.

If the planet gives good results during the first half owing to favourable ownership, the second half would see harmful effects due to unfavourable ownership.

If the planet happens to give unfavourable results in the first half, true to the saying that “adikkira kai than anaikkum( the hand that beats would only embrace)”, the same planet in the second half would erase the evil effects bestowed earlier and give favourable results. This is the secret of creation.

When this arrangement is considered for Sukra dasa and Sukra is favourably placed, he would give  favourable significations in plenty, during the first ten years.

Depending on the age of the native, he would bestow a good wife through marriage, magnificent house, high end vehicle, girl children, extravagant and luxurious lifestyle and benefits through women folk.

Similarly, Sukra dasa or bhukti at a young age would give intense romantic experiences. Sukra alone is responsible for sudden introduction of two unknown people born and brought up with different backgrounds, to get connected and entangled with romance.

As the basis of romance is lust, to those with a powerful Sukra, lust alone would be in the focus in the name of love.

Who excels in Fine Arts?

Sukra is the lord of Fine Arts. As he is the source for music, dance, singing, acting etc. he would encourage the native to pursue the art form pertaining to the house he gets connected with.

For example, Sukra would bestow interest in music when associated with the 3rd house and when connected with the ascendant or 5th house or 10th house he would create interest in dance, acting, producing movies and television serials. The native would be famous in these fields.

When one is running the dasa or bhukti of Sukra, he would naturally start showing interest in the fields of cinema and media. Particularly, as Sukra is the owner of 10th house to the Simha ascendants, the natives would be engaged with persistently in the domains of fine arts.

In the artistic domains, one could be a Director, Producer, Actor, Cameraman, Light boy, Track mover, Watchman of the studio, depending on the strength of Sukra and the strength of his horoscope.

If Sukra is not positive and unfavourably placed, then he would push the native to keep unsuccessfully pursuing in the artistic domain without being able to switch over to any other profession, thereby losing his prime years and repenting for the same later.

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