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In astrology, planets are divided into two teams. The first team is led by the Devaguru or Guru including Surya, Chandra, Mangal and Kethu, while the second team is led by the Asuraguru or Sukra and comprises ofBudha, Sani and Rahu.Precisely these teams are also referred to as: divine and materialistic teams. 

If Guru is a benefic in a horoscope and is also powerful, then the native would lead a principled life with his actions demarcated clearly and conferring to the principles.

 In horoscopes with Sukra as the benefic and if he also happens to be powerful, the native would be determined to lead his life at any cost irrespective of the path chosen. Success would only be his ultimate goal. He would not be worried about the path taken to attain the victory post.

To put it more clearly, while Guru defines the path with which one’s life should progress, Sukra would encourage one to lead a life by any means. This is the biggest difference between the Devaguru and the Asuraguru.

Sukra is very very unique amongst the nine planets. He has a very special significance in Vedic Astrology which others do not possess.

While the luminous planets Surya and Chandra are solely responsible to bestow Raja yoga(favourable combination) to make one a king or atleast wield authority equivalent to that of a king. I had indicated in the previous chapter that the support of  Pancha bootha(five elemental) planets , (viz.) Guru, Sukra, Sani, Budha and Mangal is essential for the Raja yoga(favourable combination) attributed by this duo.

Leaving alone Surya and Chandra, when the remaining five planets, also called as the “Gujadhi  Iyvar(the five some including Guja or Mangal), attain ownership or exaltation when placed in angular houses, give rise to “Pancha mahapurusha yoga(Five different combinations in the making of a great personality)”. The native with this yoga, would be significantly noticeable in his domain and would shine as a great personality.

The yoga bestowed by Sukra is called Malavya yoga(favourable combination), which is one amongst the noteworthy "Pancha mahapurusha yoga”. This yoga occurs when Sukra attains ownership or exaltation due to placement in angular houses from the ascendant.

Claims of a few that such yogas, to give beneficial results with placement in angular houses counting not only  from the ascendant but also from the placement of Chandra, is incorrect. These yogas are some special arrangements with respect to the ascendant only. In circumstances when ascendant is weak and the Rasi(moon sign) takes over to give the results of ascendant, then these yogas would also give beneficial results when the  placement is in angular houses from Chandra.

Amongst the Pancha mahapurusha yoga, revered by our scriptures, the Malavya yoga bestowed by Sukra alone would be giving results to everyone born in this world without any differentiation. None other planet other than Sukra has this uniquequality.

To put it differently, Sukra alone would attain ownership or exaltation in angular houses for all ascendants. None of the other planets have this specialty.

Why does Sukra have this specialty, which is not characteristic of even the principal benefic Guru? What is the reason for his unique significance amongst the nine planets?

(Our scriptures are divided in attributing the principal beneficiary status between Guru and Sukra. Great personality Kalidasa, has chosen to list Sukra followed by Guru, then Budha, followed by waxing moon to as the order of beneficiaries. I would give the intricate details on this topic subsequently when I find time. I would further elaborate only on the planetary intricacies here).

For example, Mangal and Sani own one each of a moveable and fixed signs and thereby attain ownership status or exaltation with placement in angular houses for eight moveable and fixed ascendants.

Surya and Chandra being owners of only one ascendant each, would attain ownership status or exaltation with placement in angular houses for eight moveable and fixed ascendants.

Being the owner of two dual sign ascendants, Guru, would attain ownership status or exaltation with placement  in angular houses for eight moveable and  dual ascendants. Though Budha is also a owner of two ascendants, but as he attains ownership as well as exaltation in the same house, he attains exaltation  and ownership status with placement in angular houses only in the case of four ascendants.

Precisely, while the five planets,  Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Sani and Guru are in a position to bestow the yoga only to eight ascendants and  the significator of intellect, Budha, would be able to bestow the yoga to only to four ascendants, Sukra alone is able to bestow the yoga to natives born in all the twelve ascendants as he attains ownership status or exaltation with placement  in angular houses for all the ascendants.

I had indicated earlier while explaining the intricacies of Budha, that he would become powerful when placed in angular houses only in the case of four ascendants.  Similarly, this intricacy of Sukra has been indicated by me a few years ago. But as it is important to elaborate further in this special article on Sukra, I would explain the details further.

As per a recent study, our earth, which is smaller than an atom in this infinite and boundless universe created by the almighty that is also constantly expanding at the rate of 5 lakh kilometers per second.

In this sub-atomic sized earth, why at all the much smaller human beings like us have been created?

What does our revered Hindu religion reveal on this aspect?

The human race has been created towards exploring some truth. It is moving towards that truth. This has been the prophecy of our revered religion to the world.

The entire human race is engaged in identifying this truth for which their life time as given by almighty is just not sufficient. Hence, every human being leaves behind hisreplica in the form of a son or a daughter as his representative.

That son or daughter would leave behind their children  or in turn their generation behind. Likewise, human beings continue to progress connecting links towards reaching the ultimate of this magnificent reality.

Hence, what is the basic objective of the birth of a human being..?


Isn’t it the philosophy of life for conjunction of a man and woman to beget a successor,  to nurture them through the righteous path and to depart from this world leaving them behind? Isn’t this the truth?

Desire is foundation of reproduction. If there is a lack of  desire neither me who is penning this is not there.. nor you who is reading this would be existing!!

As desire is primordial to a human being towards propagating his generation, Sukra, the significator of desire, becomes powerful at the Kendra(angular) houses for all the ascendants, irrespective of whether wealth, material, food or dwelling is bestowed.

Astrology identifies Sukra as the significator of Kalathra(marital bliss) and the provider of desire, which has to be realized with discipline by a man necessarily through his wife. The fact that Sukra is the lord of Kalathra(7th house) of Kalapurusha, which is Tula, further supports this argument.

At the same time, is not Guru responsible for the birth of progeny? He signifies children! If it is argued that he should be rightly given the special status, then it could be clarified that even though the birth of a progeny is a gift of Guru, but the means of the birth is through the desire provided by Sukra.

Only when there is a reason for desire, would there be any effort undertaken towards succession.  Making efforts is your duty. It is stressed here that the outcome or the birth of progeny is based on the almighty’s blessings and the destiny carried over from previous births.


Young Sukra spoils the family. Why?

The saying as above is quite popular amongst people who know astrology. This has been told to imply that Sukra dasa(major period) at an young age does not give good results.

There are some who interpret that if the youngest child in the family is born in the stars of Sukra, (viz.) Bharani, Poorvaphalguni or Poorvashada, it does not do good to the family. This is incorrect.

In Vedic astrology, which is  a magnificient astronomical science, our sages have never made superstitious utterances on the birth of an individual affecting one’s own family or neighbour’s family. Such comments are the mistakes of astrologers and not of the science.

Sukra dasa at an young age, even if Sukra is powerful and is capable of bestowing Malavya yoga(beneficial combination), would not give favourable results. As the major significations of Sukra happen to be women, desire, joy and luxury, the favours of his dasa would be wasted, when the body and the mind have not fully matured.

When the Sukra dasa occurs at an incomprehensible age, the native would be tossed with sexual thoughts and would drive him towards making abnormal, unrealistic and immature decisions.

In some cases, the native would commit gender related mistakes and bring in disrespect to the family. Hence, such saying the “young Sukra spoils the family” came into being. Also, Sukra dasa at an appropriate age when mind and body are mature, gives wonderful results.

will continue next week...(Published on 22/04/2021)

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