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Guru placed in beneficial disposition in any horoscope would give positive results in the following areas.Good path, Good character, benevolent nature, spiritual inclination, purity of thoughts, children, money, elephant, well-built body, affection, biggest in anything, turmeric/yellow, life, spirituality without opposition, bank, judiciary, research, financial institutions, money spinning avenues, temples, minister, teaching, religion, yoga, sweet taste, palace, brahmin, temple and religious environment, goldsmith, fair debate, depth of knowledge, luck, brahmam(the supreme), not owning anything, asceticism, crores of money, Service of Lord Siva, building temple, priest, good natured spouse, golden colour, gold, soothe saying, Shastra, luxury, fortune, money lending, grocery store, nava dhanya(nine cereals), chana dal, departmental store etc. would be signified by a powerful Guru.

When Guru is rendered powerless, then he would confer the exactly opposite results to the significations as mentioned above. For example, while a powerful Guru would create a theist, a powerless Guru would raise an atheist.

Natives born in movable ascendants like Mesha, Kataka, Tula and Makara are the complete beneficiaries of Guru’s Hamsa yoga(favourable combination). Dual ascendants like Dhanu, Meena, Mithuna and Kanya are also bestowed with this yoga, but due to Kendradhipathiya dosha(malefic combination due to ownership of angular houses) this yoga would not be giving full benefits.

For moveable ascendants, Guru bestows Hamsa yoga by occupying the exalted position in Kataka while for dual ascendants, he gives the same yoga by being placed in Dhanu or Meena. As this arrangement adds strength to Guru, his positive siginifications would be granted enormously to the native.

To the natives born in dual ascendants, Guru would give complete benefits only when is placed in the ascendant. In fact, to any ascendant, placement of Guru in the ascendant is a very favourable condition. Though it is true that a natural benefic occupying the ascendant is rewarding, Guru’s placement in ascendant gives all the more positive results due to his placement with Digbala(Directional strength), the second most importantstrength amongst the Shadbala(six major strengths), which is equivalent to placement in own house or exaltation.

The positive effects double, when Guru is in an alignment to give Hamsa yoga andalso happens to be in Digbala. At the same time an exalted Mangal or an exalted Sani should not aspect the exalted Guru. This arrangement would harm the yoga and dilute the results.

As Guru does neither attain ownership nor exaltation in Kendra(angular) houses to the natives born in fixed ascendants like Rishaba, Simha, Vrischik or Kumbha, Guru does not bestow Hamsa yoga to these natives.  But Guru would still shower favours , when placed in 5th or 9th houses to these ascendants.

When Guru is associated with the 10th house or the house of professions, he would give income through, Chit Business, Chit fund, Banking or Judiciary.

Guru makes one shine in Judiciary. While the blessings of Sani are essential for one to be a lawyer, one needs the support of Guru to occupy the highest position in Judiciar, (i.e) to become a Judge.

All the noteworthy judges in the world history  revered for their landmark judgements, wouldhave had  a powerful Guru in their horoscopes. Guru creates a straight forward, ethical, honest Judge who does not falter in his judgement. A native with a powerful Guru in horoscope will never breach his conscience to support mistakes.

If Sani would make one a lawyer capable of arguing the case of his client, even if he is fully aware that his client is guilty, Guru in association with Sani would listen to the arguments put forth and use his discretion to either penalize or release the accused.

Guru is the significator for teaching profession. As the name suggests, Guru is the creator of fellow teachers, who are able to impart all their skills to  their disciples.

Teachers in a school, lecturers and professors in a college are all recipients of Guru’s favour. If someone shines as a teacher, it can be inferred that Guru is powerful in his horoscope.

As Guru’s colour is Golden yellow, anything golden or yellow are his significations.  Guru is also the significator of Gold. Jewelers, Goldsmiths and all others, who earn through gold worldwide, owe their livelihood to Guru. The fluctuation in the gold rate is also dependent on the strength of Guru.

Guru is the significator for one to earn through spiritual means. Guru must be powerful to priests and otherstaff running the temple, who offer services to god.

Also, the shopkeepers in the vicinity of famous temples selling pictures, photographs, pamphlets on the temple and other religious items, would have Guru associated with the 10th house or would be the lord of the ascendant.

For running a wholesale marketplace for nava dhanya (nine cereals) including rice, pulses and other grocery items, Departmental stores and places where all types of items are sold, it is essential to have the association of the businessman, Budha with Gurualong with the house of profession.

When Budha and Guru are associated with subathuva(beneficience) in the 10th house, as Budha is the proliferator of skill and Guru makes one an exceptional teacher, this combination creates builders of educational institutions.

To run a very big engineering college or a teacher’s training institute, it is essential to have the association of Guru and Budha with the 10th house in the horoscope of the native. But to run a medical college, Guru, Budha and Mangal should be associated with the house of profession.

More than all these, Guru bestows one with the good fortune of childbirth, bringing out the ultimate meaning of one’s living. If Guru is strong in one’s horoscope, then his children would be well placed.

When the dasa(major period) of a powerful Guru is passing, then his children would be in a good status. One would receive good news about his children during Guru dasa. As Guru is also the significator of finance and progeny, Guru dasa in old age would bestowincome through children and also peaceful living.

At the same time, if Guru happens to be placed in 6th or 8th houses or in inimical house or in  debilitation or in the aspect of malefics like Sani/Rahu or in total Kendradhipathiya dosha(maleficience due to placement in his own angular house), he would lose the ability to give either money or progeny. Under these circumstances, if the lord of house of progeny or the lord of 5th house is also weak, then it would be difficult for the native,  to beget a successor.

Formal Remedies for Guru….!

When Guru is weak in any horoscope,  then  it would do good to visit Alangudi near Kumbakonam, the primary place of worship for Guru amongst the worship sites for Navagrahas(nine planets) to seek his blessings.

As our sages have insisted that any remedial measure would be fully beneficial only when done on the day of one’s birth star, it is correct to visit the temples for  performing such remedies on the day when the star is the same as one’s birth star.

Also, the time we spend at temples is also important in strengthening the planet. As indicated by the sages to spend a night at SriKalahasti temple, temple wherein Kannappar donated his eyes, to overcome the hurdles, similarly, one should spend atleast one jamam or 2.5 hours inside the Alangudi temple.

For  those living at Chennai, visiting  Arulmighu Ramanadheeswarar temple at Porur, built by Great man Sekkizhar about 1000 years ago,  every Thursday would reward one with undiminished blessings of Guru.  This place is  also revered as “Vada Alangudi”(North Alangudi).

To those belonging to southern districts, visiting Tiruchendur, city fondled by waves, the holy abode of the reigning almighty, Senthil Andavar, who preached to his own father, would reward one with the blessings of Guru. There are other innumerable temples like Agastheeswarar temple at Padi, Thenkudi thittai etc. wherein Guru’s blessings could be received.

When Guru is weakened due to debilitation or association with Rahu, then the best remedies would be to donate “laddus”, having his taste and color at the sanctum of Dakshinamoorthy, gifting  gold for making of mangalyam(mangal sutra) or other yellow coloured objects to others are good remedies. But, when Guru is powerful or in neechabhanga yoga(nullity of debilitation) arrangement then such items should not be donated.

As remedies are related to the place of worship, colour, grain, vehicle, gemstone and nature of a planet, feeding an elephant(the vahana or vehicle of Guru) on a Thursday during the hora of Guru, with its favourite foods, would nullify the putra dosha(malefic combination leading to absence of birth of a progeny).

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