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Guru Chandra Yoga:

The combination, when Guru conjoins Chandra or aspects it from trikona(trinal) houses, 5th and 9th, is termed as Guru Chandra yoga. If Guru bestowing this yoga is powerful, favourable results can be expected for almost all the ascendants.

 As indicated in the previous chapter that it is blessed to have the aspect of Guru either on to the ascendant or to the moon sign, Guru’s aspect on the moon sign or in other words the moon is a favourable disposition.

When the ascendant, its lord are all weakened and Guru is aspecting the moon, by being placed in the 5th or 9th to  Rasi or the moon sign, bestowing Guru Chandra yoga, then ascendant becomes almost dead and Rasi or moon sign comes to the fore. The horoscope would beexperiencing results only on the basis of moon sign and not as per ascendant. When this combination is powerful, the marriage and career would proceed as dictated by the moon sign.

Guru Mangala Yoga:

This yoga(favourable combination) occurs when Mangal and Guru are conjoined, mutually aspect each other or placed at 4th, 7th or 10th to each other.

In this combination, Mangal, the natural malefic, loses his maleficience, is sanctified by Guru and turns out to be a benefic to bestow good results to the native. A native with this arrangement would shine in the areas of significations of Mangal like Sports, Defence, Police Department, Medicine or in Real Estate. He would also gain benefits through aforementioned activities.

Two friendly planets, conjoined and powerfully placed in a friendly house that is not a inimical or causing debility gives the first rate yoga(beneficial combination). Additionally, if the planets giving the yoga are friendly to the ascendant lord then the yoga gives wholesome results.

On the other hand if the planets bestowing the yoga are enemies to the ascendant lord, beneficial results cannot be expected however good that yoga(beneficial combination) happens to be. If the planets bestowing yoga are in equal terms with the ascendant lord then moderate results could be expected.

Inspite of all these conditions if an inimical planet has to attribute a beneficial yoga, then such planets should be placed in  a friendly disposition in one of the upachaya houses or 3,6 or 10 or 11 house in thehoroscope.

Some scriptures have indicated that the mere placement of planets inimical to the ascendant lord in the houses 3, 6 or 10 or11 would give favourable results.

Based on my lengthy years of research, malefics with respect to ascendants, when placed in inimical houses as mentioned above give good results when in friendly disposition. If they are placed in own or exalted house, then they do more harm than goodness. Hence, the placement of malefics of ascendant in the inimical houses yield good results only when the planets are in friendly disposition.

Accordingly, only to the ascendants of Mesha, Kataka, Vrischik, Dhanu and Meena would  the Guru Mangal yoga(beneficial combination) give completely favourable results. For the other ascendants, the yoga would give good results when the ascendant is weak and as a result the moon sign taking over and this sign happens to be owned by Guru, Mangal, Chandra or Surya.

Ashtalakshmi Yoga:

If in a horoscope Guru is placed in Kendra(angular houses) or the 1stor 4th or 7th or 10th houses and Rahu is placed in 6th house, some scriptures suggest the presence of this yoga.

As the placement of Rahu in the 6th house nullifies the harmful significations of the house like debt, disease and enemy, it is an astrological corollary that the house would give favourable results to the native.

Under these circumstances, , when the 6th house gets strengthened positively,the native is supposed to be blessed with the yoga which foretells a contended life without the need to borrow and if the horoscope is also additionally blessed with a powerful Guru, then the native is bestowed fully with the eight incomparable possessions as indicated in our scriptures like money, grains, valor, victory, supremacy, knowledge, elephant and progeny.

As there are some subtle points embedded in this yoga, it does not give results to all ascendants. Also, experiences do not indicate this yoga to give accurate results.

Kela yoga or Koteeswara yoga(favourable combination towards making of a billionaire):

Kela yoga or the koteeswara yoga arises when Guru and Kethu are placed together in a house.

Generally unlike Rahu, Kethu does not completely ruin any house. If we picturize Rahu and Kethu to be a Serpent, then it has been told that Rahu would indicate the venomous head portion, while Kethu would depict the non venomous tail portion.

Unlike Rahu, Kethu does not grab the strength of the conjoining planet. Since Kethu is a planet symbolising total wisdom, its conjunction with Guru at certain circumstances gives rise to immense benefits.

Especially in houses wherein Kethu is strong like Vrischik, Kanya or in moveable signs like Mesha or Kataka, this alignment would give excellent results during Guru and Kethu dasas(major periods). If this conjunction occurs in moveable signs then the native would move to other states or other countries towards gaining good financial prospects.

Would the aspect or conjunction of Guru and Sukra give good results?

Though in astrology, Guru and Sukra are said to be the planets giving positive results, in order to bring out the enmity between them, our sages have clearly differentiated them to be Raja Gurus of two major groups like Devas(heavenly) or Asuras(demonly).

In the same lines, our sages have also indicated the existence of an unresolvable animosity between Surya, Chandra and Sani.

When it becomes inevitable for two bitter enemies to share a common platform, then it is only natural that there is some sort of tension, irritability and anger that develops between them.

Similarly, when Guru and Sukra conjoin in the same zodiac sign, depending on the nature of the sign and the proximity of the conjunction, both of them would lose their identity and the ability to bestow their significations.  In such a combination, each one will prevent the other from executing his designated task.  The same effect could also be felt when Guru and Sukra aspect each other from the opposite signs.

When Guru and Sukra aspect each other from opposite signs, then Guru would prevent the marital pleasures that are signified by Sukra and Sukra in turn would harm the birth of progeny, which is the attribute of Guru.

I have realized this phenomenon through my 30 years of research experience studying innumerable horoscopes. I can produce several horoscopes to justify this fact.

I cherish the appreciation and acceptance received in a public forumalong with blessings, to my conclusions on this research, from none other than the doyen, Great teacher, Jyothisha Parashara, Jyothisha Bheeshama Chinnalappatti Shri R. Thangavelu Ayya, who has more than 50 years of experience in this field.

If Guru and Sukra are conjoined within 10 degrees, then the native may not get married or if at all he is married then there might not be any children. Marital pleasures may be denied or he could be disinterested. When the conjunction is not so close, then these effects are not foreseen.

As another inference, there would be separation between the spouses during Guru dasa(major period) Sukra bhukti(minor period) or Sukra dasa and Guru bhukti. Depending on the benefic or malefic statuses of the two planets, the separation could be due to difference of opinion, husband’s career or foreign travel related issues.

Kalidasa, the great Personality, has indicated on this topic very precisely in Uttarakalamirtham, that Guru dasa Sukra bhukti or Sukra dasa Guru bhukti does not yield favourable results.

Depending on the nature of house where the planets conjunct, (i.e) own, exaltation or friendly to one amongst the two, the significations of the other planet would be curtailed. The one who is powerful amongst the two would spoil the significations of the other planet. When they are equally powerful, then both of them get weakened and lose the ability in bestowing their significations to the native.

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