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Chandra Adhiyoga: 

While the Sakata yoga described in the previous chapter was when Chandra’s placement was in 6 or 8 to Guru, then a different perspective would be that Guru would be placed at 6 or 8 to Chandra.

This arrangement has been referred to as a favourable “Chandra adhiyoga(beneficial combination)” , and is indicated when a benefic planet like Guru, Sukra or Budha is placed at 6, 7 or 8 from Chandra.

Astrology indicates  Chandra to be the second most prominent luminous planet and since it reflects the radiance of Surya from close proximity to earth, the aspect or luminosity of Chandra is glorified here.

The sookshma (intricacy) in adhiyoga involving placement of planets in 6, 7 or 8 to Chandra is that though it is known that a planet will aspect the 7th house from it, some scattered portion of the radiance does aspect the houses before and after  it, (i.e) the

Generally, the strong aspect of a planet would be at the mid-point o  6th and 8th  houses too.

If the house with a deviation of  ± 10 degrees opposite to its placement. The next 5 degrees would have a moderately strong aspect. The aspect of the planet as indicated by radiant glow does not abruptly end at ±15 degrees or at the 30 degree span of the house.

This means that even beyond the ±15 degrees, the scatter of the illumination or in other words the aspect would still persist.

To put it more clearly, a planet, though views the opposite house with a 7th aspect,  based on the strength of the aspect its effect on the bhavas(houses) before and after the 7th, (i.e.) at 6th and 8th could be felt.

That too the aspect of Chandra,  would be even more predominant in the houses 6th and 8th(on either sides of 7th house) being in close proximity to earth and flooding us with its brilliance. This configuration is applicable to Surya too.

Sometimes the failure in making accurate predictions arise due to deficiencies in assessing such aspectual effects.

Further, a planet, in whatever state it might be, will powerfully aspect a planet placed at exactly 180 degrees to its placement. If the planet, that is being aspected, is about 170 or 190 degrees from the  position of the aspecting planet, then the effect of the aspect on the planet would decrease slightly.

If the range of the aspect extends beyond 10 degrees, then even if the horoscope chart superficially indicates an aspect, no aspect exists at all.

Astrological predictions generally fail when a planet is placed at a beginning or end point of a house or in other words placed at the point of intersection of two houses, with distorted aspectual arrangements.

Chandra adhiyoga is also intricate like this. When benefic planets that are weak and are placed in 6,7 or 8 houses to a powerful Chandra, they get energized due to the radiance from Chandra and become stronger. Here, it is essential for the Chandra to be powerful.

If Chandra is debilitated or afflicted and is with a weak aspectual strength, then Chandra adhiyoga does not give good results.

Guru Chandala Yoga:

The papa(malefic)planets Sani and Rahu, when are devoid of subathuva (beneficience), are supposed to signify menial jobs. When these two planets get associated with Guru, a Brahmin planet known to signify high ranking jobs, gives rise to the combination termed as Guru Chandala Yoga.

There are two significant subtleties in this combination. As it is said that when a calf accompanies a pig it would also eat like the latter, depending on the house of association and the proximity, Guru would lose his strength to Sani or Rahu.

This means that he would give away his goodness to them and thereby get weakened, in other words while making a cow out of a pig, would  cease to be a cow.

In the next level, being powerful and not in close association with Sani or Rahu, even while occupying the same house, would not lose either his power or nature  and instead would sanctify Sani to become a perfectly spiritual planet and thereby transform the native  to also become a complete devotee and a spiritualist.

When Guru is in proximity to Rahu in a house that strengthens Rahu and happens to be a weak disposition for Guru, then the power of Rahu would increase and the native would be a non-believer in God or a rationalist , as per the natural tendency of Rahu.

Dasa(major period) of Guru (in Chandala yoga)  with close proximity to either Sani or Rahu, does not give good results. But the Rahu and Sani dasas (major periods) would be abundantly beneficial.

As Rahu is known to grab the goodness of the conjoining planet and shower his significations, when Guru and Rahu are associated, during Rahu dasa(major period), Rahu would be totally transformed to Guru and would bestow his significations like bestowing abundant money and good children. In this dasa, Rahu would present the native with great rewards.

At the same time, if Guru is conjoined with Rahu within 8 degrees,  Guru dasa would lose its significance and the benefits attributed by Guru would be missed.

Similarly, when Sani is consecrated by association with Guru, during Sani the dasa the native would be showered with abundant wealth and show inclination towards religious activities. The malefic significations of Sani would disappear from the native. At the same time, these predictions would differ depending on the distance between Sani and Guru.

As the other malefic planets Mangal and Surya are friends of Guru, association of Guru with these planets would cleanse them of their maleficience and also  equally beneficiate Guru to result in good yoga (favourable combination).

The hidden subtlety here is that when a bad person gets associated with a good natured friend, he would become turn to become a good person. In that premise, the association of  Mangal with Guru gives rise to Guru Mangala yoga and the association of Guru with Surya gives rise to Sivaraja yoga.

Sivaraja yoga- the creator of a king

When Guru in severe retrogression is placed at 7th position to Surya, it is called as Sivaraja yoga.

As indicated in the previous chapter, if the sages have termed some yoga as Rajayoga then it would really mean that the beneficial combination would make one live like a king.

If in a horoscope, there are atleast a few yogas that are Rajayoga, as described in our scriptures and also additionally supported by Dharmakarmadhipathi yoga(association of lords of 9th and 10th houses) or a panchamahapurusha yoga( beneficial combination towards the making of a great personality) then one would really become a king.

As Rajayoga is an arrangement that really bestows one with an authoritative position, it is essential for Surya, signifying leadership to also be strong. Similarly, it is also essential for the other luminous planet, Chandra, to be powerful for taking correct decisions with a strong will.

In this connection, Sivaraja yoga involving  the direct aspect of Guru on the authoritarian Surya, is one of the significant Rajayogas.

Our sages have also indicated a subtle point through this yoga. That is, when Surya is aspected by Guru from 5th or 9th places, it is not set to give Sivaraja yoga.

Aspect of Guru in deep retrogression and placement  in 1-7 axis from Surya alone is supposed to give Sivaraja yoga.

Though all planets reflect the light received by them from the Surya, Guru, imbibes of radiance from Surya , consecrating it with its own radiation, mixing ,differentiating and reflecting it back to Surya, the father, to strengthen him and also strengthening  himself with the radiance from Surya, gives rise to this  this yoga that rules the world.

If this yoga should indeed bestow a true Rajayoga, then it is necessary that Surya and Guru be placed in good houses without enmity or debilitation and be powerful.

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