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Guru has a special distinguished place amongst the nine planets and hence the yogas (favourable combinations) ascribed by Guru also have a very significant place in astrology. We would see about some of them now.

Hamsa Yoga:

Panchamahapurusha yogas(five favourable combinations leading to making of a great personality) are five different favourable combinations that are ordained to elevate a human being to highest echelons in his field and thereby transforming  him to a great personality. Amongst these the yoga (favourable combination) given by Guru is termed as Hamsa Yoga.

 Why I am giving such a detailed explanation to the Panchamahapurusha yogas, that have been greatly revered in our fundamental texts, is because some people  exaggerate that even if one of these yogas (favourable combinations) is present then it would raise a king or would  bestow great benefits etc..

Actually, our divine sages have drafted this great philosophy, with the support of almighty, ensuring that not a single extra or ambiguous word finds a place.

If we are unable to clearly understand any concept  that have been divulged by our sages, it only means that our knowledge of astrology has not matured as yet. Misinterpretation of the concepts is only because of the inexperience and inabilities within us and not a deficiency of this divine doctrine.

Accordingly, these are Panchamahapurusha yogas (five favourable combinations leading to a great personality) only and not Panchamahapurusha Raja yogas(five favourable combinations leading to making of a king).

While our sages have clearly worded in the scriptures on the formal attainment of Neecha Bhanga(cancellation of debilitation) as Neecha Bhanga Rajayoga(cancellation of debilitation and making of a king), they have also  clearly delineated that barring the luminous planets Surya and Chandra, the mahapurusha yoga(favourable combinations of making of a great personality) are attributable only to the pancha bootha (five elemental) planets, viz. Guru, Sukra, Sani, Mangal and Mercury  when they are placed in lagna Kendra(angular house to ascendant) or own or exalted houses and this yoga is  simply a “mahapurusha yoga(favourable combination of making of a great personality)” and not a “Raja yoga(favourable combination of making of a king)”.

The luminous planets, Surya and Chandra, or some other special combinations of planets or the “Parvatha Raja yoga” (special combination of making of a king) can take the credit towards making one a king or equivalent to a king.

A king wields all kinds of authority. He would be able to gain whatever he wants at any given time. At the same time a billionaire is only a rich person. He is not a king. He is a subsidiary of the king.

Understanding such small differences amongst the yogas(beneficial combinations) would be helpful in perfecting the predicting ability.

Accordingly, Panchamahapurusha yogas(five favourable combinations leading to making of a great personality) would elevate the native in the respective domains. Would make him a great personality. If Guru is stronger, he would be a leader in the domains of Guru. If Sani is stronger and this yoga(combination) is in place, then he is a leader of the lower categories of employees. That’s’ all…. ! Never a king.

Accordingly, when Guru takes Kendra(angular) positions to the eight Chara(moveable) and Ubhaya(dual) ascendants, Mesha, Mithuna, Kataka, Kanya, Tula, Dhanu, Makara and Meena, Hamsa yoga(beneficial combination) occurs.

Another corollary to this yoga(beneficial combination) is that when Guru gets strengthened in the ascendants, then the native would be a good person, gullible enough to be duped by others. Generally, as Guru’s association with that ascendant would bestow virtues of  good thoughts, discipline, affection, compassion and forgiveness even beyond a certain limit, the natives would in general be good natured.

In some situations, it is a disadvantage that they are only good and not smart, since they would believe too much in the other person and get deceived. Nevertheless, as Guru is powerful, he would bestow good children and wealth prospects through Hamsa yoga(beneficial combination).

When Guru attains Kendradhipathiya dosha(malefic effect due to the placement in own angular house), for ubhaya(dual) ascendants, he would give very harmful effects. As in general it is good for a benefic to occupy a kona(trinal) house, the corollary is that a strongly placed Guru in Kendra(angle) gives adverse results.

Similarly to Kanya and Mithuna, as he happens to be the Kendradhipathi(owner of the angular house) and Bhadakadhipathi(owner of the house of obstruction), if he is strongly placed all alone in the 7th Bhadaka (obsructor) house, he would harm during his dasa(major period).

Gaja Kesari Yoga:

Gaja Kesari  yoga(Elephant-lion beneficial combination) is one of the finest yogas(beneficial combinations) of Guru. This yoga(beneficial combination) materializes when Guru and Chandra are in Kendra(angles) to each other. Our scriptures indicate that the native blessed with this yoga will be victorious over his enemies.

I have often repeated that our scriptures conceal each one of the sookshmas(intricacies) and permit their inner ideology to be revealed appropriately with increasing  levels of understanding.

Accordingly, when it is said that the persons blessed with Gaja Kesari yoga(beneficial combination) would win over his enemies, the  sookshma(intricately) hidden implication is that he would have enemies.

Also, “Gaja” refers to elephant and “Kesari” refers to a lion, further implying that the natives blessed with this yoga (beneficial combination) would have enemies equivalent or even stronger to himself. It is a hidden sookshma(intricacy) that he would himself create his enemies through his deeds and win over them ultimately.

Hence, it cannot be concluded that “Gaja Kesari yoga” would bestow favours altogether. Because, when a life without enemies is certainly peaceful, why at all should there be enemies and why to win them over? Guru would bless with such strange situations through this combination.

A significant fact here would be that a yoga or a combination of planets would be supportive towards answering an important question at certain situations.

For example, when a question is asked as to what would be predominantly affected when the dasa(major period) of the 6th lord signifying debt, disease and enemy, is running then to answer the question accurately, combinations like Gaja Kesari yoga would be supportive.

Under these circumstances, if Sani, the significator of debt and disease, is powerful, then during the dasa(major period) of the 6th lord, debt and health issues would predominate. Alternately, if the Gaja Kesari yoga is powerful than the Sani, then in that dasa(major period) the problems due to enemies would also be existing.

Is Sakata Yoga(beneficial combination) favourable or unfavourable?

There is a notion that Sakata yoga arises when Guru is placed at 6, 8 or 12 from Chandra. But according to our scriptures, placement of Chandra in 6, 8 or 12 to Guru  is only termed as Sakata yoga.

“Sakata” refers to a wheel and hence the native blessed with this yoga continuously faces ups and downs in his life.

In my long years of astrological research, I have seen many people sustaining in higher positions for a number of years or on the otherside the ones constantly dwelling with problems. Also, the ups and downs depend on the dasa(major period) and bhukti(minor period) system of the native. This does not depend on the planetary yoga.

The ‘ups and downs” indicated by this arrangement is no longer relevant in the recent times. In good old days the persons with this yoga could possibly have had such experiences or it could have been insertion of the self-proclaimed theories of some astrologers in the intermittent period.

I would like to stress upon an additional point here that as any yoga(beneficial combination) will eventually shower wholesome benefits only to the ascendants of the friends of the planet bestowing the yoga, the ascendants of Surya, Chandra and Mangal, who are friends of Guru, only benefit fully from the yogas of Guru.

As Sakata yoga is a combination that is not expected to give good results, to the ascendants of Kataka, Simha, Mesha, Vrischik of Surya, Chandra, Mangal and Dhanu, Meena of Guru would only experience the harmful effects.  On the other hand, to the ascendants of Rishaba, Mithuna, Kanya, Tula, Makara, Kumbha of Sukra, Budha and Sani, that are inimical to Guru, when Chandra is placed in 6,8 or 12 to Guru adverse results cannot be realised.

As another exception, it is told that when this yoga occurs with Chandra  in Guru’s house or Guru in Chandra’s house or when Guru or Chandra placed in their own house or exaltation, it is termed as ‘Raja Sakata yoga” or “Kalyana Sakata yoga” that would not do any harm but would give favourable results.

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