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Sookshmas(Intricacies) of Guru…(EC-021)

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Guru has a unique place in Vedic Astrology unlike other planets. There is an indirect rule in astrology that even if all the planets are powerless in a horoscope, Guru alone should never get weakened.

 Another unspelt rule that could be realized is that, in any horoscope attributing Raja yoga(beneficial combinations that make one a king), would certainly have Guru aspecting its  ascendant or moon sign or atleast the ascendant lord or would be very powerful.

 It isthe  specialty of Guru that even in a horoscope with multipledoshas(harmful combination) and in whatever deplorable state they are in, a mere association or aspect of Guru to that dosha(harmful combination) would nullify the destruction.

The aspect of Guru that Vedic Astrology very distinctly regards as “Guru parka kodinanmai(Guru’s aspect bequeaths crores of benefits), is equivalent to “Veto power” according to me.

Just like in the U.N. organization wherein more than two hundreds of countries pass a resolution on a particular subject, but countries like USA, Russia, China, UK or France reject it through their “Veto power” and abolish the resolution, similarly the aspect of Guru would abolish the destructive arrangements in any horoscope with its aspect or association.

(The similar arrangement could be realized for Sani in any horoscope, sadesati(7.5 years sani) or ashtama Sani(Sani in 8th house from moon sign). But Guru would use its “Veto power” to do good while Sani would use the same for destruction. I will tell further elaborate in the article on “Sookshmas(intricacies) of Sani”).

Good conduct, good thoughts and discipline are some of the virtues of Guru. When Guru is connected with the ascendant in any horoscope, our scriptures laud the native to be good natured, peace loving, merciful and forgiving.

When Guru associates with the ascendant or the angular houses by ownership or exaltation is called as “HamsaYoga(favourable combination)”. This is a very special combination that is highly regarded in our scriptures.

But as I am determined to spell out predictions that are only  relevant to the present day, instead of terming one to be “good”because  Guru is placed in the ascendant, I tell that the person is gullible and naïve.

In this era that is moving fast under the influence of Rahu, wherein tact, lies, absence of conscience take the lead and mistakes are recognized to be part of life, it is important for one to be valiant rather than brilliant, a contemporary understanding of Guru is essential for one who is particular about making accurate astrological predictions.

Guru initiates spiritual thoughts about the eternal world beyond the present materialistic world. In astrology, spirituality is signified by a group of three planets, Guru, Sani and Kethu. Each one of them reflect different dimensions of spirituality.

If three planets are responsible for a particular attribute, then what would be there individual contributions? What type of spirituality will they give? What are the intricate differences in spiritualism as offered of Guru, Sani and Kethu?

Spirituality is the process of uniting with the almighty through thoughts and means,  herein Guru offers spirituality without expectations while Sani offers the same with expectations.

What is that spirituality with expectation or without? Doesn’t spirituality mean detachment and selflessness?

If in a horoscope Guru is powerful and connected with the ascendant, moon sign or 5th  or 9th houses, then he would pray to the almighty without seeking any personal favours.

If Guru is stronger than Sani at all situations,  he would be praying and working for the welfare of the world and its human beings without seeking anything for self. This is the state of asceticism or a state of enlightenment. 

If Sani attains sookshma(intricate)strength and is more powerful than Guru, the native in his prayers would be benefitted through his association with almighty and would keep seeking “Oh God!! Bless me with magical powers so that I can help the righteous things to survive in this world”. This is the mystic state.

While a powerful Guru would give asceticism without expectation , a Sani more powerful than Guru will produces a siddha(perfected individual with spiritual powers), who has expectations, possessing Kundalini strength, practicing transmigration of souls, contemplating on previous and next births and gets benefitted from his spiritual pursuits. Kethu would serve as a bridge between both these states.

As Guru is known to be bestow money and children, he is termed as the  significator of wealth and progeny in Vedic Astrology. In my article series on “Chaya grahangalin sookshma nilagal(Intricate states of Shadow Planets), I had indicated that any event or task cannot be attributed to a single planet.

An event or a task is accomplished by the combination or a group of planets. Not through a single planet.  Strangely,  while Guru is the provider of wealth, the pleasures gained through spending that wealth is attributed to his bitter enemy, Sukra. Also, only through the lust provided by Sukra does one gets the progeny, which is the attribute of Guru….!

Such intricate combinations bring out the contrasting situations in astrology and to also make us to realize that our lives are also built on such diversities. The ones  who are able to comprehend these are certainly superior.

As Guru and Sukra would always be on opposite sides to the earth, our learned sages have classified them to be holding opposite virtues and to explain this more clearly they are considered to be enemies, one as the teacher of devas(Guru) and the other the teacher of asuras(Sukra).

In the skies, Sukra is located in the inner circle between Surya and the earth, while Guru is situated in the farther side, in the  outer periphery from earth.  The assumption of inimical status amongst the duo is hence justified  astronomically with their existence in the opposite sides from earth.

What is the hidden Sookshma(intricate)explanation between sensual and heavenly pleasures?

What is the real meaning of pleasures being differentiated as sensual and heavenly?

Hinduism, the world’s eminent and our splendid religion, permits one to realise almighty through familial relationships or directly through asceticism without indulging in marital relationships.

Bhagwan Shri Ramakrishna is of the first kind while Kanchi deity Mahaswami  is of the second kind.

Horoscopes of both of these incarnations, have an exalted Sukra in the Meena sign.  As I have indicated earlier, as Mahaswami  had an exalted Sukra conjoined with Rahu and Chandra, the lord of house of pleasure, was debilitated, he was unable to get a sniff  a woman, but for the relentless chanting of  the name of Goddess Kamakshi.

Bhagwan Ramakrishna led a householder life. He saw the goddess in his wife. We are aware of certain of his soul experiences. Though Sukra is exalted, he gets debilitated in Navamsa(9th divisional chart), thereby getting decimated completely. Only feature is that he was first exalted and then became powerless.

The subtle meaning in telling that asura(demon)  teacher, Sukra  gives sensual pleasures and the deva teacher, Guru giving  heavenly pleasures is that….

Amongst the various pleasures available to mankind, the peak pleasure lasting for a few seconds at the orgasm during sexual intercourse, devoid of any thoughts,  is considered to be the supreme pleasure. Some of the world’s great dynasties have fallen for the sake of this pleasure. Events that have shaken the  world have also happened.

Sukra bestows this sensual pleasure lasting for a few seconds through lust. To attain this pleasure offered by Sukra, a man needs the company of a woman and a woman would similarly require the company of a man.

But, attaining the same pleasure without  the need for a female, through penance, meditation, Kundalini strength and divine visualizations,  to enjoy whenever a person wants and to rejoice for a longer time is considered as heavenly pleasure.

Sages drown in this pleasure forgetting themselves and unite with the almighty in ecstasy. This is endowed by the teacher of devas, Guru. Hence, it was told that while a dominant Sukra is required for a house-holder, a dominant Guru is necessary for a hermit.

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