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Surya and Sukra are friends of Budha. Sani is also friendly. But, he would consider Surya as his principal friend. Sukra is the next best friend. The houses owned by Sukra and Sani being Rishaba, Tula, Makara and Kumbha are considered to be his friendly houses. Budha placed in these houses will not do any harm.

Similarly Simha, the house of Surya will be a very distinct friendly house. Even if Simha happens to be the 6, 8 or 12 evil houses, the Budha placed in Simha is never weak.

I had explained in earlier chapters that Chandra is alone considered as the adversary of Budha. I had also explained the reason for the same. The remaining planets likeMangal, Guru, Rahu and Kethu will function as equals to Budhawith neither friendliness nor hostility.

Unlike any other planet, as Budha’s own occupation, exaltation and Mooltrikon(special status) occurs in Kanya, its first 10 degrees are considered as ownership state, the next 5 degrees to be strong in mooltrikon(special status) and the remaining 15 degrees to be powerful exalted state.

Another unique feature to the Mithuna ascendant belonging toBudha is that Rahu alone acts as a yoga karaka(significator of benefits), because under some situations, Budha would attain Kendradhipathiyadosha(evil effects due to occupation of self-owned angular house) and would lose the ability to confer good results.

As thebhagyadhipathi (lord of prosperity) Sani, also happens to be the ashtamadhipathi(lord of the evil eighth house), he would give harmful results. Sukra, the lord of 5thyoga(beneficial) house loses his status as a benefactor due to its additional ownership of the 12th house and is reduced to a mere favourablestatus.

Hence as only Rahu, which understands Budha, will have the status of yoga karaka(significator of benefits) to Mithuna, none of the states of Rahu does major harm to the natives of Mithuna.

Under very severe circumstances, either in association with the owners of 6 or 8, (viz) Mangal or Sani, or being placed in the house of Sani and associated with Mangal or placed in the house of Mangal with association of Sani, he would give unfavourable results contradicting his normal self.

Another subtlety is that when Budha is in debilitation in Meena, he would be in extreme debilitation only in the first 15 degrees. He will almost entirely lose all his strength at the 15th degree. Once he crosses the 15th degree in Meena, he would progressively gain normalcy from the state of debilitation.

A planet may appear superficially to be in debilitation, but when it crosses the point of extreme debilitation and moves forward towards its’ exaltation state, it relinquishes its debility. The planet cannot be considered to be weak at this point.

The planet will not be in complete debilitation in this state. The planet will have the ability to give its karakas(significations). The same phenomenon applies to exaltation too. The planet crossing the supreme exalted state will start losing its exaltation strength. The planet would not be able to give all its results in this state.

As Budha rules the nerves, a weakened Budha would bequeath the diseases of the nerve and nervous disorders to the native. Very rarely when Chandra is also afflicted fully and Budha is also weakened, the native can have a mental disarray.

In the DasaBhukti(major and minor periods) arrangement, Budha has been given 17 years next toSukra, Sani and Rahu by Maharishi Parashara. The native would make progress with his own intellect when Budhais suba(beneficially) strengthened and running itsdasa(major period).

Always, Budhabhukti(minor period) in Chandra dasa(major period) or Chandra bhukti in Budhadasa does not yield good results.  The same theoryholds good even when one of them turn out to be a beneficiary. But at the same time, ascendants like Makara, Kumbha, Rishaba, Tula, Mithuna and Meena, considering Budha to be their supreme beneficiary, Sukrabhukti(minor period) in Budhadasa(major period) or Budhabhukti in Sukradasa bestows a great deal of benefits.

To the five ascendants Kataka, Vrischik, Dhanu, Meena and Mesha that consider Budha to be a malefic, Budhabhukti(minor period) in Sukradasa(major period) or Sukrabhukti inBudhadasadoes not give positive results. Also, Sani and Rahu bhuktis in Budhadasa does not harm all those to whom Budha is a beneficiary.

A powerful Budha bestows good education, brilliant speaking ability, truth, extreme intelligence, research, truthful brokerage, poetry, books, stationery items, printing press, good advice, interior decoration, domain of Information Technology, posts, computers, software, astronomy, expertise in a chosen field, auditor, comedy acting, science, logical argument, trusted assistant, leadership, tact, changing with situations and  painting fine arts.

He would give benefits to the native through vehicle,  interest in mathematics, ability to shine in literatures, profit from green things, sculpting,  business acumen, astrology, moving towards northern direction, inheritance from maternal grandfather, gains from bronze, opportunity to study medicine, humility, sense of humour, not fearing under any circumstances, devotion to Perumal(Mahavishnu), earning in Telugu speaking regions, selling birds, neutrality, earning a living in village, desire in scriptures, emerald green, horses, grammar and maternal uncle.

At the same time when Budha is weak and is unable to give benefits, he would give negative results with respect to all that is mentioned above. When associated with his friends, Surya and Sukra, he would bestow abundant favourable significations during his dasa(major period).

When associated with contrasting planets like Guru,  Mangal and Chandra, he would give mixed results. The effects will be different based on the conjoining house and their proximity, when associated with Sani and Rahu. Association with Kethu does not weaken him.

Formal Remedies for Budha

If Budha is not strong in the horoscope, on the day of Janmanakshatra(birth star), one can visit the holy Thiruvenkadu shrine near Mayavaram(Mayiladuthurai), offering prayers to Budhato receive his blessings. There are three ponds in this temple, Surya theertham, Agni theertham and Chandra theertham. One should bathe in all the three ponds, then pray to the moolavar(main deity) and then offer prayers to Budha.

For people residing in Chennai, visiting ArulmiguSundareswarar Temple consecrated by Lord Sekkizharabout 1000 years ago, situated at KovvurenrouteKundrathur and Porur, every Wednesday and spending atleastone nazhigai or 24 minutes inside the temple is rewarding. This very powerful shrine is termed as Vada Thiruvenkadu(North Thiruvenkadu).

As horse is the vehicle of Budha,  during the Budha hora on Wednesdays  during 1-2 pm noon or 8-9 pm in the night, a horse should be fed with its favourite food by enquiring with its keeper.

Also wearing  a silver ring with emerald stone in the ring finger of right hand, will increase the prospects of Budha. For the ones with a debilitated extremely weak Budha and running its dasa(major period) or bhukti(minor period) , to keep green gram beneath their pillows on Wednesdays and donating green gram during Budha hora on Wednesdays are good remedies.

Worshipping Goddess Madurai Meenakshi, gracing like another Budhawith a green physique and holding a green parrot in hands, by visiting the temple of lord of Madurai, Chokkanathar every Wednesdayto pray at her holy feet or offer prayers to the portrait of the goddess every Wednesday for those who cannot visit the temple regularly, would amplify the favourable benefits to all those to whom Budha is a beneficiary but is in a weakened state.

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