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Whom will Budha Bestow Favours?…(EC-019)

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Great Personality Kalidas in Uttara Kalamritha clearly states that  planets other than Budha, Rahu and Kethu, lose their individuality and strength while getting closer to Surya.

At the same time, Budha would lose his power altogether when he approaches Rahu within about 8 degrees. But this would not happen,  when he is separated by more than 15 degrees.  Also when Budha is away from Rahu by more than 15 degrees and Budha happens to be a benefactor to that particular ascendant, then favourable results could be expected during Rahu dasa(major period).

Another important subtle point is that as Budha considers Chandra to be his bitter enemy, Budha placed in Kataka would lose its individuality and not give his natural results.  It  would be difficult for a person to achieve completeness in his domain, with Budha’s placement here. At the same time, he would appear to be knowledgeable.

Placement of Budha in Chandra Kendra(angular houses of Chandra) and also in own house, exaltation, neechabhanga( nullified debilitation) or in friendly houses, would bestow the native with abundant knowledge in Astrology, Astronomy and Computational Sciences. He would also be able to master them.

If we have to look into the prospects of Budha for each of the individual ascendants, as Budha is a functional malefic owning the 3rd and 6th houses to the Mesha ascendant,  a powerful Budha running his dasa(major period) does not give good results.

When ascendant lord Mangal is weakened in the 6th house and a powerful Budha runs his dasa(major period), the native will suffer from extreme debts, diseases and enemies.

Budha dasa(major period) is never a favourable event to the Mesha borns. If he has to bestow favourable effects and avoid unpleasant events, he should be placed in the friendly 10th and 11th houses. Presence in 11th house is special.

Budha alone happens to be the benefactor and well-wisher for Rishaba. As the sixth house Tula is the mooltrikon(special house) for Sukra, the owner of Rishaba, only when Sukra gets hidden in the 6th of 6th house and gets exalted or hidden in 8th house and sits in his own house(ascendant), will he give favourable results. Otherwise during Sukra dasa the effects of 6th alone will be dominate.

As  Sani, the other yogadhipathi(benefactor) of Rishaba also happens to be it’s Badhakadhipathi(lord of obstruction), he will not give favours entirely. Budha alone when occupying 2nd or 5th house  without retrogression and with subathuva(beneficience), will give the greatest benefits. Budha’s  placement  in the ascendant, 9th or 10th house will also benefit the native.

Budha as the lord of the ascendant, is a giver of all prospects to Mithuna. When placed in own house Mithuna or is exalted in Kanya or placed strongly in the friendly trine houses of Tula or Kumbha, the native will be showered with all round happiness. When placed in Meena  with neechabhanga (neutralization of debilitation) status, while the first part of the life would be ruined, his raise to  great levels at the latter part is promised.

When he is in Rishaba, the 12th house,  his placement close to attaining digbala(directional strength, during his dasa(major period) would avoid unfavourable effects and rather push the native to amass wealth at far places.  But if he occupies Kanya, the 4th house, all alone and in exaltation he would give unwanted effects due to Kendradhipathiya dosha(evil effects due to occupation of self-owned angular house).

As Budha is a functional malefic to Kataka, being the owner of the evil 3rd and 12th houses, he would give good results only when placed in a complex arrangement. His placement in his own house or in exaltation will not yield good results to this ascendant. He should be placed in 10th or 11th houses to Kataka to  be beneficial during his dasa(major period).

He is the owner of 2nd and 11th houses to Simha ascendant and also considers Surya, the Simha lord, as his principal friend. Hence, placement in own house or exaltation would give excellent financial gains.

It is a significant placement when he is in the ascendant,  which is also the house of his intimate friend and additionally attain digbala(directional strength). If he is placed in the Uthiram (Uttaraphalguni) star of ascendant, he would bestow great benefits during his dasa(major period). Placements in 3rd and 10th houses are also favourable to Simha.

Being the lord of ascendant and lord of profession to Kanya, he is bound to provide all that is required for a decent living and hence direct placement in the ascendant without retrogression ,  also his own house, also his house of exaltation,  also his house of mooltrikon(special status) and also attaining digbala(directional strength) , takes the native to very great heights.

It is important for him to not get debilitated in Navamsa(9th divisional).Placement in friendly 5th or 9th houses and not being placed  in  the 10th house leading to Kendradhipathiyadosha(evil effects due to occupation of self-owned angular house)  will give favourable results.

He is the benefic to the natives of Tula, owning the 9th and 12th houses. Here he bestows the natives with excellent results . Powerful placement in the 12th house will provide benefits related to foreign countries. Placement in the ascendant or in friendly 4th and 5th houses is also good.

He is a strong malefic to Vrischik owning the 8th and 11th houses. When he is in the 8th house with subathuva(beneficial aspect),  he would send the native abroad to earn money. Even then he would not give him beneficial outcomes completely.

According to me, the Vrischik natives,  who would never get this dasa(major period) of Budha  during their lifetime are fortunate. When seated in 11th house with vigor, the native would be intelligent and would have a career with computers. He would not do harm, when placed  in friendly 3rd and 10th houses.

To the Dhanu ascendants, he would have the status of Marakadhipathi(lord of death), Badhakadhipathi (lord of obstruction) and Kendradhipathi(owner of angular house) by owning the 7th and 10th houses. It is better if he does not occupy his own house or gets exalted to this ascendant. He would give good results during his dasa(major period) when placed in 3rd, 10th and 11th houses with beneficial support.

To Makara ascendants, as he is the owner of two contrasting houses, 6th and 9th and since his ownership of Baghyasthana(9th-house of fortune) alone takes precedence, he would function as a complete benefic during his dasa(major period) to these natives.

But, in case he has occupied the 12th house, aspecting the 6th house directly, without any connection to Baghyasthana(9th-house of fortune),  he would inflict the evil significations of the 6th house like debt, disease and enmity during his dasa(major period) instead and keeps watching the fun.

Budha’s placement, association or aspect to 6th house is not good to this ascendant. When placed in ascendant or the friendly 2nd, 5th and 10th houses, he would give beneficial results.

As he is the owner of 5th and 8th houses to the Kumbha ascendant,  while occupying the 5th house and running his dasa(major period)  he would bestow beneficial effects, on the contrary, if he is in the 8th house in exaltation, he would inflict harmful effects to the native, like digging one’s own grave and to sleep in it. When he is in beneficial association/aspect in 8th house, one is blessed with a foreign trip. Placement in ascendant, 4th, 7th and 9th houses are beneficial.

Similar to that of Dhanu ascendant, he is the Marakadhipathi(lord of death), Badhakadhipathi (lord of obstruction) and Kendradhipathi(owner of angular house) to Meena ascendant and hence his placement in own house or in exaltation will not give good results. Instead running the dasa(major period) with placement in friendly 3rd, 10th and 11th houses  will give beneficial outcomes.

Can Guru Aspect Budha?

As Budha is a unique planet, aspect of Guru in certain situations is not favourable. The adage, “Guru parka kodinanmai(Aspect of Guru gives multitude of favours)” is not applicable at all circumstances.

Guru should not aspect Budha to have an impeccable intellect, expertise and holistic knowledge in any topic.

Budha is known for deep thinking and clarity of knowledge and hence an aspect by an inimical planet like Guru is not considered  favorable.

Budha alone is the planet responsible for one’s astrological trait. It is wrong by a few to consider the planet Guru, to contribute  to astrology. Guru gives the knowledge with respect to Shastra (scriptures).Guru alone is responsible for spirituality.

At times when astrology and spirituality were considered to be inseparable, the significations were attributed to the combinations of Budha and Guru. That was the time when the temple priest doubled as the astrologer.

But, in recent times when astrology is considered to be a science and capability of a person to be able to pursue astrology without any connection to religious rituals, Budha alone is the only significator of astrology.

When Budha and Guru are associated, the   comprehensive and distinctive nuances of astrology can never be  mastered. Also when Guru is more powerful than Budha and aspects Budha, one would learn very little in astrology but would be an astrologer giving gospels with the grace of almighty rather than formal horoscope based predictions and would also cherish  his predictions coming out true with the same divine grace.

When Guru is weak and gets associated with Budha by aspect or other means, it  would make one boastful, argumentative and illogical astrologer with a scanty knowledge in astrology.

Whatever I have spelt out here is a very subtle difference between Guru and Budha and hence a powerful Budha without even a tinge of association with Guru is essential to make one a holistic astrologer. It needs to be comprehended that  while Guru represents spiritual knowledge Budha represents scriptural/bookish  knowledge.

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