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Budha is unique amongst the nine planets. It is a planet with dual nature. For the same reason, Mithuna Sign is depicted as twins. Amongst the planets, Budha is considered to be neither male nor female and is a eunuch planet. Budha is indicative of childhood, which is a combination of male and female characteristics and natures.

Budha placed all alone makes him a benefic. Also, he becomes a benefic when associated with a benefic and becomes a malefic when associated with a malefic.

When Budha is conjoined with Surya, it would be difficult to judge whether he would behave as a benefic or a malefic. Here, even the most experienced astrologer would get stumbled.

I will explain the intricacy in this…

Our scriptures indicate Surya to be a half papa(malefic), implying that he is half suba(benefic). I have indicated about this hidden subtlety earlier. Hence, Surya would take up the role of being either a benefic and malefic equally to any native.

Here, the status of being benefic or malefic depends on the ascendant. Surya would be a benefic to the ascendants owned by his friends and depending on his ownership. He does not give adverse results even if he happens to be a malefic to ascendants owned by his friends.

Meena ascendant is an example.  Surya is  the owner of the dreaded evil sixth house, but since he is a close friend of Guru, the lord of the ascendant,  he would not give drastically bad results during his dasa.

Under these circumstances, when Surya is unable to display his malefic strength, the conjoined Budha will attain subathuva (beneficience) and bestow good results. Briefly, when Surya is placed with a sookshma(intricate) beneficial status designated to give good results, the conjoined Budha would also become a benefic and would bestow good results.

To the ascendants of Dhanu, the conjunction of Budha and Surya in the tenth house giving beneficial result is only due to this supposition.

At the same,  to certain ascendants, if Surya is notorious malefic ordained to torment, the conjoined Budha, even if is destined to give good results, would do only minimal favours.

In one of the very exceptional books in Tamil explaining intricacies of astrology published in the recent years “Sriraja Jothidam”,  authored by  Guru Ayyampalayam Shri Era. Arulvel would have indicated Papa(malefic) as Kendradhipathi(owner of angular house) and Suba(benefic) as Konadhipathi(owner of trine house) to very easily explain the subtle intricacy to a beginner in astrology.

In his training classes he would clearly explain that when Budha is separated from Surya by 14 degrees both ways or when Budha has moved to the next zodiac sign, he can only attain the status of a papa(malefic).

As Budha rules writing skills, the blessings of Budha is essential to anyone to have the mastery in writing. Those with a powerful Budha will only be an expert to be able transform their thoughts effectively into words.

World famous poets have all been born with a dominating Budha. Further when born in conjunction to Sukra, he would be a great romantic poet.

Budha makes one interested in print media. A powerful Budha would facilitate successful publishing of a magazine. Budha is solely responsible for one to study journalism, become an editor, be a reporter or work in a publishing house. Do you enjoy working in the ambience of freshly smelling fluffy paper, then it means that you have been born with a dominant Budha.

At the same time, Budha gives a powerful intellect and forecasting abilities towards analysing and reviewing happenings in politics. To predict the events of tomorrow, politics would require the acumen of imbibing the present day happenings and to make an impartial assessment. This ability is bestowed by Budha.

As Budha is responsible for the expertise to predict on what would happen tomorrow, astrologers are in his domain.

Those born in the Budha’s ascendants, Mithuna and Kanya, are well known for their judgemental abilities and are intelligent enough to be able to accurately predict when and how the other person would behave.

Budha is the one and only motivator for a person to become a sculptor. Fine arts like drawing, sculpting etc. that give life to images belong to Budha. Students scoring centum in Mathematics also have a powerful Budha.

One more aspect on the duality of Budha can be indicated. In a horoscope  under certain circumstances when Budha is debilitated and dented in Meena but subsequently has the debilitation nullified, the native will face obstruction in studies and would only be a pass out from school.

But, at the same time,  he who has not even completed the schooling, would be having exceptional practical skill that even a college student would lack. He would have the expertise in all subjects. Also, he would have excellent proficiency in English and other languages in spite of not being educated in a college. These are the dualities of Budha.

Outstanding merchants are born out of Budha. Budha causes the expansion of  one’s business through impressive communication with their customers, as Budha signifies  speaking skills.

Kendradhipathiya dosha(maleficience due to owning an angular house) is generally predominant for benefic planets and moreso for Budha.  As he would be the owner of Kendra(angular) and Badaka(obstructor) house for Dhanu and Meena ascendants, a powerful Budha occupying 7th house without any association or aspect, would give tremendous problems in married life  and total destruction during his dasa(major period).

The same effects apply when he occupies the 4th or 10th houses  all alone to Dhanu and Meena ascendants. But the evil effects will magnify only when Kendradhipathya(ownership of angular house) is also complimented with the Badhaka(obstructor) effects.

To the ascendants of Kanya, he is also the owner of 10th house.  When he is placed all alone in this house, being the owner, he does not give very adverse effects. One of the reasons being that he is also the ascendant lord.

But, his placement alone  in his  own, exalted, mooltrikon 4th house, does not give good results. In my experience, the solitary exalted Budha would certainly attribute unfavourable Kendradhipathya (ownership of angular house) effects to the Mithuna ascendants. In this situation, the significations of fourth house like house, vehicle, mother, education etc. and also the significations of Budha will be restricted.

As Budha considers Surya to be  his principal friend, Surya dasa is never harmful to the ascendants of Mithuna and Kanya. With Budha capable of giving yoga(positive)effects and during his major dasa(period), he would lift the individual to very great heights. When he is associated with the 10th house in subathuva( beneficial status), he would encourage the native to be a teacher.

The horoscopes of administrators of educational institutions would have the association of a powerful Budha with the 10th house. Similarly, the managers of educational institutions and the employees therein would be connected to Guru in addition, by way of association or aspect, as Guru signifies teaching or lecturing.

Budha signifies maternal uncle. When a benefic Budha is connected to 7th house, then in all likelihood one would have his uncle’s or aunt’s daughter as the spouse.

As Budha also signifies messengers or conveying information, depending on the strength and subathuva(beneficience) of Budha in a horoscope, the native could hold the post as high as an ambassador in a foreign country to an ordinary postman or courier boy in cycle delivering letters.

Budha does not give bad effects when in evil or hidden houses… Why?

A subtle point about Budha is that even if he happens to be the ascendant lord and is placed in 12th house, he does not get weakened.

To explain this further, the houses 6, 8 and 12 are called as evil or hidden houses. These evil or hidden houses are useful in judging the first and foremost of Shadbala(six fold strength), (i.e.) Sthana Bala(Positional strength).

When a planet is placed in evil or hidden houses it gets weakened. At the same time, if these evil or hidden houses happen to be owned by enemy or the planet attains debilitation here, then it gets destroyed totally. This is an important tenet in astrology. Another important point is that when a planet loses its Sthana bala(positional strength), power can be regained if he is atleast gaining in digbala(directional strength).

Further, even if Surya or Mangal happen to be in debilitation in the 10th house, they would still be powerful, because they gain digbala(directional strength), which is only next to Sthana Bala(Positional strength), and would not get weakened.

When Budha, the lord of the ascendant in the case of Mithuna, occupies the 12th house, the owner being his second best friend Shukra, he would be close to ascendant (where he attains digbala(directional strength)) or in other words would be close to getting digbala(directional strength).

To the Kanya ascendant, when he occupies the 12th house, he will be in the Simha house of Surya, his principal friend,  and also closer to attaining digbala(directional strength) and hence Budha would function very effectively.

will continue next week...(Published on 11/02/2021)

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