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Budha is the significator of knowledge, wisdom and intellect and is also called as vidya karaka (significator of education).

If a native has to be intelligent, Budha in his horoscope should be powerful.  The first question asked by parents coming to cast the horoscope of their newborn child would be to find out what the child would study.  Budha is the significator of education.

One of the proverbs associated with Budha is that “Pon kidaithalum Budhan kidaikkadhu”(Even if gold aka Guru is found, Budha cannot be found). Here, the word “pon” refers to Guru or Ponnavan as indicated in astrology to be the bestower of money and child. This proverb can be explained as even if one is able to amass enormous money or beget children, it would be certainly very difficult to achieve  the intellect, which is the forte of Budha.

Budha is sole proprietor of all the inventions in the world thus far and the innovations likely to materialise in future. He is the creator of the modern day scientists.

He is referred to as “Nibunan(Expert)” in Indian Vedic Astrology considering his expertise in all the fields and manipulates  the world with his knowledge.

If Budha is well placed and powerful in any horoscope, whatever be the situation,  somehow the native would independently progress in life through his intellect.

Budha is a unique planet on all fronts. He has a dual benefic and malefic dispositions. Our fundamental texts,  consider Budha as a complete suba(benefic) planet, when is placed singularly and not associated with any planet.

In the geocentric hypothesis, Budha would always be seen along with Surya within our line of sight, as the planet Budha is in close proximity to Surya.

Very rarely, perhaps for about a few weeks in a year will he move slightly away from  Surya to  the previous or the next rasi(moon sign). In such situations, whenever he is not associated with Surya or with any other malefic planet, Budha attains the status of a complete suba(benefic) planet and gives very good results.

Budha, when placed all alone and without association with any other planet, has the aspectual power as much as that of Guru. I have seen this feature in a number of horoscopes during  my long experience with  astrology.

It is a subtle fact that when Budha and Surya are associated and Surya happens to be a benefic to the native,  then Budha would bestow good results, as Surya is his principal friend.

As written earlier with reference to Mangal’s intricacies that  while he aids a younger physique, Budha aids in younger mind.

Persons with powerful Budha, would be able confidently take on anything with a positive attitude. They would never get disheartened under any circumstances. Those blessed by Budha, are capable of turning their failures to success by learning from their past experiences.

For anyone to be a good speaker and to impress others with their speech, a powerful placement of Budha is essential. Big businessmen, professional speakers, judges of debates, comedy actors, people who argue intelligently, accounts personnel etc. have all been groomed by Budha.

When one of the  “fivesome including Mangal”, namely Guru, Sukra, Budha, Mangal and Sani as indicated in our texts, occupy 1,4,7 or 10 positions as the owner or in exaltation,  they give the “Panchamahapurusha yoga(combination of Five great personalities). Amongst them the yoga(beneficial alignment) of Budha is called “Bhadra” Yoga.

As lust is the main requisite for the birth of progenies and since Sukra is the significator of lust, Sukra is alone privileged to be the owner or in exaltation in the Kendra(angular)houses for all ascendants. No other planet is given this special status.

(I have explained this topic a few years back in an article on “Malaviya Yoga” . I will explain this further in the  forthcoming Chapter on Sukra)

Similarly, Guru, Mangal and Sani will get strengthened by exaltation or ownership in Kendra(angular) houses for the eight Chara(moveable) and Sthira(fixed) ascendants and would give favourable results.

But Budha confers  favourable results through its rarest of rare “Bhadra yoga(beneficial alignment)” only to the natives of only four ubhaya(dual) ascendants. He would be the owner or in exaltation only for four ubhaya(dual)ascendants.  This will highlight his superiority amongst the navagrahas(nine planets) and in a way stresses the importance of intellect in human lives.

While everyone is blessed with lust towards propagation of successors, intellect is bestowed only to a few based on their “Poorva Punya karma”(blessings or curses carried over from earlier births).

This is the reason why there are only a few intellectuals amongst us.

To emphasise that whenever wisdom takes control, there is no place for sexual pleasures, when Budha, the signifcator of knowledge, attains exaltation in Kanya, the significator of sexual pleasures , Sukra, gets weakened due to debilitation.

To stress upon the fact that when  mind  is blunted with sexual lust, there is no place for knowledge and wisdom,  Sukra the significator of pleasures attains exaltation while Budha undergoes debilitation at Meena, the ayana(shelter), sayana(bed), bhoga(pleasure) or the bedroom of Kalapurusha.

This is the exaltation-debilitation phenomenon of Budha….

Amongst the nine planets,  Budha uniquely attains  the three-fold  status of ownership, exaltation and moolatrikon(a strong base for the planet)in his own house and gets strengthened by placement in his own star even while in debilitation.

While all the other planets with dual ownership, get exalted in some other house, thereby can be considered powerful in three houses(2 own and 1 exaltation), Budha gets strengthened only in two houses and hence is able to bestow “Bhadra yoga(beneficial alignment)” only to the ubhaya(dual) ascendants.

Famous astrologers have all been blessed by Budha. People with a powerful Budha placed in Kanya or Mithuna or in neechabanga(nullification of debilitation) placement in Meena are renowned astrologers.

Budha  placed in a Kendra(angular) position to Chandra is very powerful. Great sage Kalidas says that Budha does not have asthangadha(combustion) dosha because he could never be considerably away from the Surya. Experience also says so.

Even when Budha is in asthangadha(combust), generally his significations do not get spoilt. But whenever he gets closer to Rahu, he loses all his might. He will give powerful Kendradhipathiya dosha (maleficience due to owning angular signs) only next to Guru.

The effectiveness of Bhadra yoga conferred by Budha will be diminished when he is in association with  Chandra, Mangal and Guru. Though it is said that “Guru parka kodi nanmai( Guru’s aspect brings in enormous goodness)”, under certain conditions, the aspect of Guru will minimize the individuality of Budha, as he dislikes him.

When Budha is solitary and in Kendradhipathiya dosha (maleficience owning angular house) , he would give lot of miseries to the native. It is important for him to not get into vakra (retrograde) in Kanya sign.

As vakra (retrogression) in exaltation is equivalent to debilitation, Budha will be unable to give good results when in retrograde in Kanya.

Budha is the significator of the currently flourishing domains of  IT(Information Technology) or  Computer Software related technologies. A majority of IT or software professionals are indeed born with a powerful  Budha in Mithuna or Kanya.

It is true in today’s world that if there are no computers or their software, there is no existence. To put it a little differently, it can be told that if there is no Budha then the world would not exist..

What is the intricacy in Budha’s birth?

Chandra is the ruler of one’s mind. Budha is the controller of intellect. Intellect is born from the mind. Hence, our divine sages have indicated that Budha was born to Chandra.

The relationship between Budha and Chandra is very distinctive from those amongst other planets. To Chandra, Budha is a friend. But Chandra is not liked by Budha. Budha considers Chandra as his enemy.

I have indicated in the beginning of this article series that the various stories narrated by our unparalleled divine sages have the very complex universal phenomena and subtleties of astrological rules deep rooted in them.

The story of the relationship of Chandra and Budha is an example to this.

Our scriptures have a story that Budha was born to Chandra illegally or illegitimately. There is an astrological truth hidden in this story.

Our sages have narrated this story of birth of Budha through illegitimacy of Chandra only to explain a difficult proposition of relationship between two planets in astrology, wherein one considers the other as a friend while the other considers the first planet its enemy.

It is true that the parents of the child will be always attached to the child irrespective of the nature of birth. Whereas, a child born illegally would brood inferiority due to the nature of his birth and from repercussion from repetitive public criticisms related to his birth and eventually would hate its parents.

The stories on the birth of Budha highlights the brilliance of our sages told for ease of understanding of a phenomenon and should not be confused as an example of illegitimacy as rumored by the rationalists.

Such stories told as examples to explain a concept  have subsequently  become ridiculous and unbelievable due to unwanted additions by followers, only  to be criticized by rationalists.  One who gets to know about this story of Budha, will never ever forget the relationship between Budha and Chandra.

will continue next week...(Published on 04/02/2021)

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