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Exceptions to Mangal Dosha ….(EC-015)

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Just like other planets, as Mangal  is also expected to bestow good and bad results to the native only on the basis of his significations and ownership in any horoscope, which depend  entirely on the virtues inherited from previous births,  while “Dosha” can only be considered to be a concept carried forward  through the generations and cannot be accepted as a  profound rule.Very ancient text books do not portray Mangal to give negative results, when placed in aforementioned houses. Later on, through experience,  when it was realized that Mangal placed in these houses without attaining subathuva(beneficience) created trouble in the married life, this placement was attributed to  Mangal Dosha. But, in the recent times, this has been magnified and appears to be a frightening rule in astrology.

An astrologer requires a lot of experience to estimate the Mangal Dosha, (ie) to even confirm the presence of a Dosha.

Why am I stressing this point repeatedly is because, the exception that Dosha is cancelled when Mangal happens to be in the house owned by Guru or when is conjoined with Guru or when is aspected by Guru, has to be assessed precisely only based on the strength of Guru.

It is a unquestionable rule that Mangal placed in the houses owned by Guru like Dhanus and Meena, attains subathuva(beneficience).

But if Mangal is conjoined or aspected by Guru in houses other than Dhanus and Meena,  first and foremost the strength of Guru has to be assessed and later that of Mangal.

For example, in a horoscope with Mithuna as ascendant, exalted Mangal in 8th house in the company of debilitated Guru, during the dasa(major period) of Mangal, , causes difficulties to the spouse or family, as Mangal is a  malefic to the ascendant by way of being the owner of evil houses and also since Guru loses the ability to sanctify  this Mangal . But at the same time the association of Mangal with a debilitated planet  gives lesser negative effects. Ofcourse,  there will  be effects certainly.

At the same time, to a  Kanya ascendant when Mangal is placed in 8th house, being aspected by Guru placed in his own Dhanus house, will not give bad results. Eventhough,  Mangal happens to be the Rajayogadhipathi (Bestower of great benefits)to Kataka ascendants, his exaltation in the 7th house without attaining subathuva(beneficience) or sookshma(intricate) strength, is sure to spoil the 7th house and give  an insecure married life.

Hence, all the exceptions mentioned here have to be considered only by looking into their deeper perspectives, rather than terming a dosha merely with the presence of Mangal in 7th or 8th houses.   

But, there is no one here who admits his ignorance to the facts unknown to him. There are only a few people like that around here.

No one astrologer will ever be able to master all the sections in Vedic Astrology. While I have understood one of the most difficult faculty of being able to predict the future of a human being from his horoscope in this greatest ocean of astrological science encompassing Horoscope, Horary, Nimitta, Muhurtha and many other domains, my experience in an easier faculty of identifying a Muhurtha (muhurat- timing of an event) is very less.

While being able to accurately predict the timing of marriage in a horoscope, I will struggle to fix up an auspicious date for the wedding event. I do not know to pick auspicious dates for conduct of  marriage independently.

Even today I suggest the dates for wedding as indicated in the Panchanga(Almanac-Calendar indicating five parts of the day,(viz)name, star, tithi(based on status of Chandra), yogam(auspicious time), karana(based on tithi)).If asked to fix up standalone dates for marriage apart from those given in  a  Panchanga(Almanac), I would keep calculating forever.

In general instead of looking at an isolated aspect as dosha, as only when the bhava in which Mangal is placed has weakened significantly in many different ways will it cause to disrupt the marital life, it would be prudent to look into whether the bhava in which Mangal is placed has been damaged rather than looking specifically for the presence of  a Mangal dosha.

For example, only when Mangal  is placed in 7th house and its owner or the kalathra adipathi, being placed in evil houses like 6, 8 or 12 or debilitated or weakened due to conjunction with Rahu/Kethu,  7th house being devoid of aspect from subha(beneficial) planets and in the aspect or connection with Sani and when Mangal dasa(major period) or the dasa of the owner of 7th house, will the spouse of the native will be affected.

Hence, instead of accusing Mangal alone, it is better to look into other planets too.

It is a generic statement that the placement of Mangal in any house does not cause dosha to the natives born in the ascendants of Mesha, Vrischik, Kataka or Simha. This was stated because while for the first two ascendants Mangal is the owner and for the rest two, he is the rajayogadhipathi(ultimate beneficiary). The subathuva(beneficience) or sookshma(intricate) strength should be considered in these too. Mangal’s placement in 8th  house for Mesha, Vrischik ascendants and in 7th house for Kataka and Simha ascendants should be analysed carefully. In these placements if Mangal is favourably placed then he would not give adverse results. There is no Mangal dosha then.

Another exception that Mangal when conjoining with Surya  or Rahu or Kethu will not result in a dosha is also acceptable as Mangal will lose his strength in their company.

Even in very unfavorable placements of Mangal being in 7th or 8th from ascendant or rasi(moon sign) and he happens to be in the proximity of either Surya or Rahu or Kethu, he would not give negative results. At the same time, this conjunction should be as close as possible for Mangal to lose his power.

When coming in close proximity to Surya, Mangal will become asthangatham(combust) and lose his strength. A conjunction with Rahu or Kethu within 8 degrees would cause complete weakening due to eclipsing  effect.

Hence, instead of simply concluding that the  dosha is nullified when these planets are seen to be in conjunction with Mangal, it is necessary to ascertain the proximity of conjunction within the specified degrees in order to confirm the debilitation`.

Under certain circumstances, our predictions would fail when Mangal might appear to be weakened in conjunction with Surya, Rahu or Kethu, but actually there has been no loss of strength owing to the placements being apart by more than 20 degrees. Hence it is very relevant to look at the proximity of conjunction.

Also when talking about Surya-Mangal conjunction if an astrologer sings the verse “”Idukathir Sevvai koodi engirundalum, ival vaalibanthannil amangalaiyaval”( When Surya and Mangal are combined anywhere, this lady will become a widow at young age”) and keeps the horoscope aside, it would be  better to keep that astrologer aside.

There are  several women with Surya-Mangal conjunction, having died at  ages close to eighty five years  as sumangali(suhagin)wearing their mangalyam(mangal sutra), leaving  behind their ninety year old husbands in despair.

As indicated earlier, a majority of verses in scriptures like a “Jataka Alankara” and other explanatory texts, refer only to the combinations in the horoscope of individuals who existed earlier. The same astrological combinations or alignments are never going to reappear in the case of any other human being.

Very rarely, say in about 5% of the cases, would a lady have become a widow, due to strong placements of some other planets. At the same time, clinging on to age-old songs towards widening his knowledge base, does not glorify the astrologer further.

These verses have been indicated only as examples and not as profound rules. These songs have been scripted towards improving the abilities of an astrologer by analysing different planetary combinations.


 Is there a connection between Mangal Dosha and sexual pleasures?

I will give one more perspective on Mangal D osha.

In general, people with a strong Mangal display a great desire and involvement in sexual pleasures. They would have the required virility for the same. Also they would have strong urge and deep involvement towards having a vigorous relationship. In certain cases, they would be keen to have pleasures through  unconventional methods.

As Mangal is a significator of libido, in order to have a balance in the sexual relationship between a male and female is the status of Mangal in a horoscope adjudged.

That means, Mangal Dosha is analysed to judge whether the strength or the libido for sexual pleasures is matching between the couple or whether there would be imbalances in the sexual relationship or  in other words to analyse whether the desire of one is greater or lesser than that for the other.

will continue next week...(Published on 21/01/2021)

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