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Sookshmas (Intricacies) of Mangal (EC-011)

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Let us take a look at Mangal, regarded as the significator of bravery, who is the owner of Mesha and Vrischik and is considered as a 3/4th papa(three- quarters of maleficience) amongst the nine planets.

I wish to convey these words in the beginning to those of you who are continuing to read and are following me.

The facts that I am going to indicate here could be completely in contrary and different  to what you have known. But nevertheless, these sookshma(intricate) aspects have been written by me a few years back.

In over more than 30 years of  my astrological research,  considerable time has been spent only in understanding and analyzing the papa(malefic)planets like Rahu,  Sani and Mangal and their activities.

Also, I do not write anything superficially.  I do not repeat any statement. I choose each and every word carefully. It would be very difficult for anyone to find fault in any of my writings.

Whomsoever one might be in astrology, It is utmost important to have the necessary competence to understand. I have often repeated that it is because of this reason that our sages have structured the important sookshmas(intricacies) to be revealed gradually.

The same concept has been mentioned in my article on “Badakhathipathi patriya rahasiyangal(Secrets of Badhakathipathi or lord of obstruction)” that “Saints and sages are not mathematics teachers…. to screw your ears and make you grasp the secrets of astrology..”.

In order to assimilate the sookshmas(intricacies) in astrology, Budha should be very strong in the horoscope. Our sages have configured some of the aspects in such a way that it could be revealed gradually with experience gained and on the basis of strength of Budha in the horoscope.

An astrologer has been permitted to know a certain sookshmas(intricacies) in this divine science, only on the basis of the strength of Budha in his horoscope. Hence, only some are successful as astrologers others continue to be disciples throughout their lifetime.

Next, it is an important tenement in astrology to give predictions suiting to the present context.

Our sages have clearly indicated that an astrologer should pay utmost attention to the situation, country and some other aspects while giving out the predictions.

For( e.g.), one verse says, if the horoscope foretells a Rajayoga(combination to become a king), one needs to consider his ancestry and then only make the prediction.

In monarchial era, even if a common man had the Rajayoga(combination to become a king) it was never indicated to him that he could become a king. Only to the descendants of the dynasty was it predicted that they could become the ruler. It was also exactly true then.

In the democratic era, when anyone can become the Chief Minister or Prime Minister, can it be told to anyone with Rajayoga in the chart, that he/she is not likely to become the Chief Minister or cannot aspire for Prime Ministership etc.? Hence, it is obvious that astrological rules also are subject to constant modifications with changing times.

At the same time, the basic tenements of astrology cannot be changed and will not change. It is impossible to introduce a tenth planet or a thirteenth sign of zodiac into astrology, beyond what our sages have suggested.

Now, let us move on to Mangal….

One of the important significations of Mangal is bravery or valor.

Valor is of two kinds as per changing times. In the ancient times, when the astrological rules were drafted  and  when there was no general law and order, a person wielding weapons, killing another person or destroying a group of people, towards protecting himself or his near and dear or his community was considered to be heroism.

But presently being in a democratic set up with strict enforcements of law and order, if a person hurts or kills another person,  instead of calling it as bravery it would be treated as a crime.

Then in the present century, will the same strong Mangal, which once created bravery, will it create a brave man now or a criminal?

I leave the reply is to your discretion.

When Mangal is gains power directly in the horoscope, negligence, short-temper and stubbornness will be the in- born characteristics of the native.

A strong Mangal would foster illegal activities and grant enough courage to carry out crimes and make him a scoundrel. As the native will be keen to beat and punish, he would find a career in the Police or Army.

I will strongly commit on one more thing…

While our scriptures hail a person with strong Mangal to be valiant and as one who is able to tear off thousands of heads in a war, a commander of army, very courageous, one who conquers the world, but it has been never indicated that this person would either be pleasant, soft-hearted, benevolent, wealthy, leading a luxurious life in a palace or the one who would enjoy the pleasures in this world in the company of beautiful women racing in a fast moving chariot or the one who talks philosophy and relishes the services to god, praying at his lotus feet and seeking eternal bliss.

Because of this reason, I strongly advocate the Mangal should not gain strength directly in any horoscope, as if he becomes strong, then the native would actually commit offense in the pretext of bravery. If he gets a sookshma(intricate)strength instead of a direct power, he would not commit criminal activities.

Only when we understand such subtle contextual changes in the disposition of a planet,  will we be able to make accurate predictions on the significations of papa(malefic) planets.

Mangal being a papa(malefic) planet should not become powerful in a horoscope directly by way of attaining sthana bala(positional strength) through ownership or uccha(exaltation). Even if he happens to be the lagnadhipathi(ascendant lord), his positional status as owner or exaltation will not give good results.

Fine… What is a papa(malefic) planet? Why has it been made a papa(malefic) planet? Under what conditions will this planet deliver benefits?

 will continue next week...(Published on 24/12/2020)

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